V6C26 Part 3

“Dad, you know what? You’ve got old, and it’s the generation of the young.”


Terayama Manabu looked at Terayama Nagahiro with his eyes wide open. He couldn’t believe that his son was saying the same thing as he did, when he killed Terayama Kikai.


At this moment, he fully understood how his father had felt.


“You…if you want power, I can give it to you, but…”

“There’s less and less energy in the Cold Sword, but with the genes of the demon-killing heroes, you can replenish energy to the Cold Sword. It can make the succubus resurrect faster. Dad, think about it, with the Succubus resurrects, I will gain supreme power and I will become famous throughout the world. Then, won’t your death become meaningful?” Terayama Nagahiro touched the blade, and a ray of blue light emitted from it.


Terayama Manabu didn’t say anything further. He was just looking at his son who’s fully owned by evilness. He understood that Terayama Nagahiro had been demonized. The Succubus indeed resurrected, but the Succubus didn’t tell Terayama Manabu that he’s using the resurrection occurred inside Terayama Nagahiro’s body, integrating him into the human body.


“Ah, this incomparable power. Ah, I am feeling really wonderful.” Terayama Nagahiro closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of energy pouring into his body like a tide. There was a black breath on his body, showing the shape of a demon.


When Suehiro Sunao saw this, he knew something was turning bad. Without saying anything, he rushed to Terayama Nagahiro in a flash. He grabbed the steel sword in his hand tightly and hit it on Terayama Nagahiro’s head heavily.


“Dang!” Suehiro Sunao’s sword hit the head of Terayama Nagahiro. To be more precise, it hit the black demonic breath on his head. Suehiro Sunao felt a bit numb with his hand, but he still held his breath and continued attacking Terayama Nagahiro’s head.


The demonic energy was as hard as steel. No matter how Suehiro Sunao attacked, it remained still and showed no sign of drifting away. At this moment, Terayama Nagahiro’s eyes suddenly opened with a blue light, and a powerful air current shook Suehiro Sunao’s large body. With a roar, Suehiro Sunao hit the fence, and there was dust everywhere.


“My father!” Suehiro Kaoru ran up to Suehiro’s Sunao, checking whether her father was injured.


“I’m okay. Kaoru, hurry up and leave with Choshi now.” Suehiro Sunao wiped the blood dropping from the corner of his mouth, picked up the steel sword beside him and stood up. “Ah, this feeling of rebirth is just too great.” It’s the deep voice of the Succubus.


“What’s going on? A demon?” Suehiro Kaoru shivered while looking at Terayama Nagahiro covered by the demonic air, it’s a normal reaction of humans when facing danger.


“Brother Lin Xiang, hurry up, hurry up. Hurry up.” Seeing that Terayama Nagahiro was demonized, Suehiro Choshi quickly pushed Lin Xiang, hoping that he could stand up quickly.


“The ground is very soft, I don’t want to get up.” Lin Xiang, who was burnt all over, showed his white teeth and patted Suehiro Choshi on the head.


The close-distance shock of Terayama Nagahiro was very powerful. It had already reached a powerful state. If Lin Xiang was an ordinary person, he would have died when he was hit by the lightning ball for the first time. However, after having turned into a dragon human, Lin Xiang had already become immune to electric-type magic. After Terayama Nagahiro’s magic hit him, he was only feeling numb and couldn’t move in a short while.


After hearing what Lin Xiang had said, Suehiro Choshi was stunned for a moment, and then burst into laughter, “if that’s the case, then I’ll also lie down and see how it feels.” She felt inexplicably comfortable when Lin Xiang touched her head, as if she was touched by her father.


“It’s dangerous here, go to your father.” Lin Xiang didn’t expect that the timid Choshi would also be joking.


“How about you?”


“Me? My friend is still waiting for me.” Lin Xiang propped up his body with his hands, stood up with a bit difficulty, and watched the succubus screaming about how the beautiful world was after his resurrection.


“Devil evil barrier, hurry up and die, you don’t deserve to have the holy sword!” Suehiro Sunao rushed towards the succubus with a steel sword.


“Oh, human, how dare you challenge me? Very good, then I will try to see what effect this holy sword will have on you humans.” The succubus used the sword to block the full blow of Suehiro Sunao.


“Dang!” It was the sound of metal colliding, with the traces of spark, there was a hole in the steel sword of Suehiro Sunao.


“Well, good, the sword isn’t broken yet, meaning that you’ve got quite good sword spirit.”

“Stop talking nonsense!” Suehiro Sunao used four cutting attacks, using much higher strength than Kaoru.


“Dangdangdang!” The metal rang three times, and in the fourth time, Suehiro Sunao hit the succubus, the sharp end of the sword stabbed the succubus’s heart.


Suehiro Sunao stabbed the succubus, but it felt like he had stabbed a hard stone. “Pop!” The steel sword in Suehiro Sunao’s hand shattered into pieces.


“Asshole!” Seeing that the sword was broken, Suehiro Sunao still did not step back. He clenched his fist and attacked the succubus continuously.


“Ah!” The succubus made a painful sound, his body swaying with Suehiro Sunao’s movement, and the cold sword also dropped onto the ground.


It seemed effective to attack the succubus with fists. Suehiro Sunao started to see hope after he felt that he’d hit the succubus.


“Uncle Suehiro, be careful!” Lin Xiang shouted.


Suehiro Sunao didn’t really care about Lin Xiang’s warning. He thought that the defense power of the succubus was only effective to knives and swords, and it’s pretty useless for fists.

He believed that among the people here, he was the only one who could stop the succubus. He didn’t think that Lin Xiang, who was burnt and had weak spiritual power, could so the same.


“Har!” After a series of punches, Suehiro Sunao made a final blow to the demon’s head.


With a “bang”, his big fist hit on the succubus’ head. Suehiro Sunao thought that the succubus would fly out, yet it was still standing on the same ground, and his painful expression also changed into a weird smile, “haha, I can’t hold it anymore…do you really think that you could hurt me?”


“Huh?” Before Suehiro Sunao could react, he was kicked in the chest by the succubus and flew out instantly.


“Uncle Suehiro!” Lin Xiang already knew that the succubus could not get hurt so easily. At this moment, he didn’t care about the numbness of his body, so he ran over and caught Suehiro Sunao.


With the huge impact, Lin Xiang was unable to stand normally, he flew out together with Suehiro Sunao. They broke a big tree planted in the courtyard.


“Ka!” Lin Xiang spit out a mouthful of blood, “damn it, that hurts.”


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