V6C27 Part 1

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Simple Life of Killing Demons

V6C27_Fighting with the Succubus


“Cough cough.” Suehiro Sunao vomited a mouthful of blood. The Succubus’ kick was not to be underestimated.


“Hey, why did you come here?” Suehiro Sunao didn’t understand why this spiritually weak boy could get so fast. He was obviously still lying on the ground just now, could he just be pretending?


“If I didn’t come, could you survive now? Don’t talk anymore, get up quickly.”


“Son, I haven’t noticed before. You sound quite like a man actually.” Suehiro Sunao found the defense power of Lin Xiang quite unbelievable. He didn’t expect that Lin Xiang just vomited a mouthful of blood after catching him, and he didn’t even show any painful expression.


“My father, Lin Xiang, are you all right?” Suehiro Kaoru and Suehiro Choshi ran over and looked at them worriedly.


“We’re all right.” Lin Xiang pushed Suehiro Sunao, pulled out his feet and stood up.


“Well, I’m okay, Lin Xiang resisted most of the impact, but my ribs seemed…cough…one of them seemed to have broken.” Suehiro Sunao looked a little bit painful. He coughed, and some bright red blood splashed on his clothes.

“You have to get treatment soon.” Seeing that his father was coughing up blood, Choshi immediately held him down and didn’t let him stand up.

“Stupid human, do you think you can leave here now?” The succubus walked slowly towards Suehiro Kaoru and the others.


“Why not?” Lin Xiang wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and took a step forward. At this time, the succubus saw Lin Xiang. He was only focused on Suehiro Sunao and didn’t notice Lin Xiang. At this moment, although Lin Xiang’s eyes were dark like charcoal, he wouldn’t forget the eyes and the voice.


“To hell with you! I am gonna take your life!” The Succubus yelled and rushed toward Lin Xiang. He was incredibly fast.


As there were Suehiro Kaoru and the others behind him, Lin Xiang, in order to prevent them from being implicated, forced himself to face the Succubus directly.

When facing the Succubus holding the spiritual sword, Lin Xiang was naturally defenseless. He could only try to avoid the attack like meteor rain of the Succubus, using the speed that’s slightly faster.


“What’s the matter? Aren’t you competent? Come on. Come and kill me quickly.” Lin Xiang dodged the attack of the Succubus, while provoking the him with words. What he wanted was to attract the Succubus’ combat power, then let Suehiro Kaoru and the others leave the range of the Succubus quickly.

Apparently, the Succubus was irritated by Lin Xiang’s words, and his attack became even more intense, Lin Xiang was almost hit a few times.


“Damn human, don’t dodge if you can! Let’s fight on!” The succubus was furious. At this moment, he was not completely resurrected, but he was using the body of Terayama Nagahiro to move, so his motion wasn’t flexible enough. The demonic air behind him was his original body, he only had to wait until this air would be completely integrated with Terayama Nagahiro to get rid of Lin Xiang once and for all.


“Are the demons in the Demon Realm all so retarded? Have you ever seen someone who doesn’t fight back? Also, even if they don’t fight back, can’t you hide?” Lin Xiang wouldn’t be provoked by the devil, he gradually attracted the Succubus away Suehiro Kaoru and the others.


Suehiro Kaoru saw Lin Xiang’s figure gradually leaving towards the dojo, and she instantly understood Lin Xiang’s intentions.


“My father, hurry up, take advantage of the moment now.” Suehiro Kaoru did not care whether Lin Xiang was safe. There were only two things she could do now, which was to take her father to leave and to believe in Lin Xiang. She knew that if she were to help Lin Xiang now, it would not be a help at all, but to him drag him down.


Suehiro Sunao watched Lin Xiang flexibly avoiding the Succubus, there was a strange light in his eyes, he didn’t even hear Suehiro Kaoru’s words.


“Dad, hurry up. Brother Lin Xiang will surely defeat that nasty demon.” Suehiro Choshi looked at the distant figure of Lin Xiang, and crystal tears came out of her red eyes again. She didn’t comprehend Lin Xiang’s strength, but she felt that his spiritual power was weak, yet he always made people feel warm and he’s so reliable. That’s why they chose to leave knowing she and her sister probably couldn’t help much.

“He couldn’t defeat the demon alone, I can see that the Succubus’ action seemed to be limited, I guess he’s not fully resurrected.” Suehiro Sunao murmured while watching the Succubus.



“What’s the matter? Idiot demon, come quickly. Are you not very powerful?” After driving the succubus away Kaoru Suehiro and the others for a hundred meters away, the succubus suddenly stopped attacking, like a doll with its clockwork broken, and it’s not moving anymore. If it weren’t for the black devilish energy on Terayama Nagahiro’s body that was still drifting slowly, Lin Xiang would even suspect that time had stopped. After all, the atmosphere was really weird now, there was no wind, but he still felt that there’s chilling air.


“Hey, stupid devil.” Lin Xiang kept a distance from the succubus. Seeing that he hadn’t moved yet, he took a stone next to him and threw it at his head.


Soon after Lin Xiang did so, he was shocked. Before the stone even touched the Succubus’ body, it was already frozen. And it dropped to the ground.


What happened? Was it part of the Succubus’ plan? Not looking good.

“Human ghost.” The silent succubus finally spoke. This time his voice was very blurred, just like the voice of some phantom on TV, which gave people a chilled feeling. “I remember that you know how to use the Dragon’s Roar, right? Did you plan to drive me away from those three humans, so that you could use it?”

Lin Xiang, who was surprised that the Succubus knew what he was thinking about, looked at the Succubus more vigilantly, “that’s right, don’t you think that you can touch even their hair.”


Through the peripheral light, Lin Xiang could see that Suehiro Kaoru and others, who were 100 meters away, had stood up and walked out of the door. At this moment, he hoped to be able to hold the succubus for a few more seconds.


“Heh~you’ve fallen in love with those two cute girls, right? Don’t worry, after I kill you, I will let them go with you soon.” Terayama Nagahiro’s bloodless face showed a ghostly smile, the black gas on his body gradually disappeared. To be precise, it had flown into Terayama Nagahiro’s body.


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