V6C27 Part 2

“Huh? Only by depending on your speed?” Lin Xiang looked a little disdainful. Although the succubus almost hit Lin Xiang several times, it was just that Lin Xiang deliberately slowed down. He wanted to make the succubus think that his speed was not high enough and that he could actually be attacked, so that he could drive the Succubus away.


“Huh, don’t think that you’re so fast, I’m assuming that you’ve already reached your limit just now.” After the demonic air was completely integrated into Terayama Nagahiro’s body, there was a cold current surrounding Terayama Nagahiro suddenly. There was a cyclone in the center.

“Limit? Not yet. If you’re fast, then I will be a little bit faster than you.”


“Then, I have to rush back to the Demon Realm to celebrate the resurrection with the people, I have no more time to play with you. Go to hell!” The succubus disappeared with a whistling sound, Lin Xiang’s pupils shrank suddenly, and his body tilted. Suddenly, a thick layer of ice appeared in his abdomen, and blood continuously flew out of the ice cube, staining the blue ice cube red.

“Hahaha, your speed…are you really a human? Aren’t you a demon?” The Succubus, who had disappeared, reappeared ten meters away from Lin Xiang. He turned around, as if he’d seen an old friend, “what kind of demon are you? Shadow demon or wind demon?”


The reason why the succubus thought that Lin Xiang was a demon was that, Lin Xiang had used all the strength of his body to enter a state of wind speed under the wind and snow, and he took a sword and pierced Lin Xiang’s heart. Lin Xiang didn’t expect the Succubus’ speed to be the same as his own. His pupils shrank suddenly, and he had no time to escape, so he leaned his body, avoided the heart, and let the sword pierce his abdomen.


“I? I’m sorry, I’m a human.” Lin Xiang punched his abdomen, breaking the ice. Although his waist was less obstructed by the ice now and it’s more sensitive than before, his wound was bleeding continuously as there’s less freezing.


“Human? My brother, don’t be kidding me. I know that your ascendant is a dragon, and it’s your mistake to have pretended to be human. How could a human fight like that? It’s entirely impossible.”


“Oh, there are many things that you don’t know.”


“If you are not a demon, then I will not let your survive. Your speed is almost comparable to that of the Wind Demon.” A cold whirlwind appeared next to the succubus. He disappeared in the original position with a whoosh. At the same time, Lin Xiang also disappeared. In the empty courtyard, there were only two afterimages and blue ice foam was floating in the air.

The Succubus and Lin Xiang both confronted with the wind speed state, and they were in the same wind speed state. For them, it was as if they were having the same speed. The attack of the succubus was not fast, but it was not slow either, forcing Lin Xiang to retreat since he didn’t have any weapons.


Lin Xiang felt a lot of tension. He had never encountered a demon with such a high speed. Even the wind demon he encountered in the Fire Valley last time was not as fast. It’s hard to say whether he could fight back. Even if they were under the same speed, Lin Xiang had to use a lot of strength to dodge.


He thought to himself, no, I really can’t be nervous. I might hurt Silent Water and the others if I cal them.


“Hiss~” Lin Xiang was distracted, and his arm was hurt by the sword Qi of the Succubus. His arm was cracked open and a thin layer of ice was attached to the wound.


The demon’s attack power was incredible.


Lin Xiang pulled a distance quickly, took a deep breath, and shouted at the succubus who rushed over.


“Huh~~Ha!!!” The powerful energy marked a breakthrough of the battle. All this happened so suddenly. The succubus quickly raised the spirit sword in front of him, trying to block the destructive Dragon’s Roar with no attributes.


The Dragon’s Roar wasn’t a physical thing, it’s a kind of energy converted into a nihilistic roar. It hit the succubus completely unimpeded, and the powerful impact had also shocked the succubus.


The remaining energy hit the Suehiro Dojo, and the Dojo, which had managed to stay intact after hundreds of years of wind and rain, broke a big hole under the power of the Dragon’s Roar.

Lin Xiang fell to the ground weakly, panting, as maintaining the wind speed had consumed most of the dragon energy in his body as well as a lot of physical strength. The Dragon’s Roar that he’d just used basically drained all his dragon energy. Lin Xiang climbed to the corner, leaned against a nearby stone, looked at the destructive power of Dragon’s Roar, and secretly prayed that Suehiro family would not ask him for compensation.


Hearing the explosion of the huge object, Suehiro Kaoru’s soul seemed to be shattered. She had a really bad feeling. Could he…


Thinking of this, Suehiro Kaoru let go of her hand holding her father and she rushed back home.


“Sister!” Suehiro Choshi was startled when she heard the sound, and when Suehiro Kaoru let go of her father and starting running home, she immediately realized that Lin Xiang might have been killed. She couldn’t help crying and she followed her sister to rush back home.


“Kaoru, Choshi, come back quickly.” Seeing that his daughters were running back home frantically, Suehiro Sunao was taken aback. He only had these two girls left. How could he survive without them? He couldn’t care about the pain in his chest. He coughed a few times and followed behind.



“Lin Xiang!” After Kaoru Suehiro ran to Suehiro Dojo, she found that it had become a mess. There was a piece of ice on the east and another piece on the west. When approaching the dojo, there was a huge trajectory, like a meteorite landing, leading to the dojo. At this time, the entrance of the dojo had a big opening, and the cold sword was stuck in the ground not far away, flashing light from time to time.

“Lin Xiang, where are you?” Suehiro Kaoru couldn’t find Lin Xiang anywhere and she’s a little anxious.


“Sister, sister, where is brother Lin Xiang?” Suehiro Choshi panted with both hands on her knees, wiped her tears and she’s looking for Lin Xiang everywhere.


“Choshi? It’s dangerous here, you have to leave immediately.” After seeing that her younger sister was there, Kaoru immediately got near her. She was so scared of the Succubus attacking her sister suddenly.


“No, sister, where is brother Lin Xiang?”


“I don’t know, Choshi, get out of here quickly.”


“No, I need to look for…Ah!!!” Suehiro Choshi suddenly found that an ice-blue thing that looked like a gorilla flying out with its teeth and claws.


Kaoru Suehiro turned her head, the icy blue creature with fangs was already in front of her, and the creature stretched out its long nails, trying to scratch through Kaoru Suehiro’s chest.


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