V6C27 Part 3

“Danger!” Lin Xiang suddenly emerged from a corner, blocking Suehiro Kaoru.


As early as when he was resting, Yalide had already told Lin Xiang that the Succubus was still in the dojo. After the conversation, Lin Xiang heard Choshi screaming and he saw an ice blue creature quickly rushing towards the two sisters. Lin Xiang exhausted his physical strength and entered the state of wind speed, then blocked Suehiro Kaoru before the creature attacked.

“Bah! (sound of sharp blade penetrating something)”


Before Suehiro Kaoru could fully react, she saw a tall figure standing in front of Lin Xiang, with two blood-stained sharp nails penetrating his chest.


“Pop!” The tall figure hit with an elbow, knocking the ice blue creature aside.


“Lin Xiang!” Suehiro Kaoru cried and she was heartbroken. She didn’t expect that she would harm him by returning to the Dojo.


“Why…” The blood gradually flowed out of Lin Xiang’s chest. After a while, the blood became ice, and the ice layer slowly spread throughout Lin Xiang’s body.


“No, no, don’t scare me, Lin Xiang, don’t be like this.” Suehiro Kaoru saw Lin Xiang gradually turning into ice.


” Brother Lin Xiang…”


“Hey, don’t cry, Choshi, you have to smile.” Lin Xiang showed a smile and stretched out his hand to stroke Choshi, but before touching her head, his hand was completely frozen. Then, he turned into an ice statue the next second.


“Lin Xiang…” After Lin Xiang became an ice statue, Suehiro Kaoru’s head buzzed and she couldn’t think about anything. She got up with red eyes, looked at the icy blue creature, and she had only one thought in her mind, and that was to kill it.

“Brother Lin Xiang! Wu Wa!!!” Suehiro Choshi cried loudly. She waved her hand strongly and a blue-violet lightning bolt flew towards the Succubus. Although the succubus had completely changed back to its original form, and it was injured by the Dragon’s Roar, it didn’t become slower. With a side jump, it avoided the lightning. The land struck by lightning left a pit, and the blue-violet lightning was still floating in the pit.


Suehiro Kaoru’s attack came after the succubus jumped sideways to avoid the lightning. She drew out the cold sword before Choshi attacked. Although the blue cold sword became a wooden one when it reached her hand, Suehiro Kaoru didn’t care at all and knocked on the head of the succubus.


The succubus took a blow, and although it was not injured, it still felt a sharp pain. It swung its sharp claws, accompanied by a touch of ice, and swept it horizontally.


Suehiro Kaoru took a step back and escaped the attack.


… so cold…


“Freed, am I going to die?”


“Almost, the succubus injected ice energy into your body, and it’s now entirely frozen.”


“Really, is there any solution? My chest hurts so much. “


“Well, you still say that you feel painful. You actually have to thank the Succubus who froze you, or you would’ve been dead by now. I am going to use the Dragon’s energy to quickly treat you.”


“I am really sorry since you have to save me every time.”


“You don’t need to say anything. Saving you is just like saving ourselves. Okay, we’ve simply treated the injured internal organs. Let’s unfreeze and get rid of the damn succubus. Or the Suehiro sisters will die.”



“Damn it, if I can activate this sword…” Suehiro Sunao panted, he was holding the wooden sword and confronting the Succubus. His clothes were torn, his skin was ripped apart, and his chest was painful, he’d completely exhausted his physical strength.


Suehiro Sunao looked at Suehiro Kaoru who was dying in the corner, and at Choshi, who had fainted over the use of magic. He’d made up his mind not free his daughters even if it means he had to sacrifice.


“Human, if you promise to let me enter your body, I will satisfy one of your requirements.” For Suehiro Sunao, the succubus meant no threat at all. Lin Xiang, the only threat to him, had turned into an ice statue at this moment. If Suehiro Kaoru who was obstructing just now, he would have already scratched the ice sculpture with one claw.


“You ugly demon! Don’t even think about it!”


“How dare you say that I’m ugly?” The succubus seemed to be agitated by Suehiro Sunao’s insult.


“Yes! You are an ugly demon!”

“You’re so courageous. I hate the spiritual energy of men. I’ll enter your daughter’s body and absorb men’s spiritual energy!” The succubus rushed to Suehiro Sunao with a sullen face. It couldn’t stand being called “ugly”.


Since ancient times, succubuses have had extremely ugly appearances. They have never been recognized by other demons. Since then, they had learnt the captive magic to capture humans’ heart, turning them into their slaves.


“I won’t let you succeed!” Suehiro Sunao shouted and rushed toward the Succubus.



“Human, go to hell.” The Succubus raised his sharp nails and aimed at Suehiro Sunao who had lost his attack power, all ready to penetrate his heart.


“Kala~” “Huh?” The succubus closed his paws and turned his head to look at the source of the sound.


Lin Xiang, who’d turned into an ice status, had cracks on his body at this moment, and the succubus could see that there was a flame burning inside the ice statue. The human’s original brown hair had also turned red.


A chill of fear surged from the succubus’ heart, he took a step back and looked at the ice sculpture.


“Pala!” with a loud noise, the fire blazed into the sky, and the raging fire wrapped the human. The flame caused the ice on the ground to turn into steam.


“Human…you…” The succubus couldn’t believe that this human could break through his freezing, and he seemed to have even changed attributes.

Lin Xiang didn’t look at the succubus. He looked around with deep eyes, and Suehiro Kaoru was not far from his feet. At this time, she slightly opened her eyes, she looked at, Lin Xiang with a smile on her face.


Lin Xiang could feel that Suehiro Kaoru’s breathing very weak, and she was dying. Suehiro Choshi on the other side was relatively normal, and seemed to have passed out in a coma. He walked to Suehiro Kaoru, squatted down, and said softly, “I’m sorry, sister Suehiro, I made you wait for a long time. Now, I want to fulfill my promise that I’d made to you the rooftop and defeat Terayama Nagahiro. Please wait.”


Suehiro Kaoru blinked slightly and seemed to agree.


“In that case. Then…”


“You, don’t come over, I still have a hostage here. This is the girl’s father. As long as you come over, I will smash his head.” Seeing Lin Xiang, the succubus stood up and quickly used the giant palm to squeeze Suehiro Sunao’s head.


“Okay, I won’t go there.” Lin Xiang closed his eyes. Just now, he realized a move that he could use. Although he didn’t know if he’d succeed, he was willing to try.

Seeing Lin Xiang closing his eyes, the succubus thought that Lin Xiang was letting himself escape, but would he do so? No, even if he wanted to, he had to kill this human first.


The succubus grabbed Suehiro Sunao’s neck with one hand and leaped towards Lin Xiang, he wanted to use his other hand to penetrate through Lin Xiang’s head by his sharp nails.


Lin Xiang suddenly opened his eyes. With a flick of his hands, an ultra-high temperature flame flew out instantly.


Lin Xiang murmured to himself, that uncle Suehiro was not his enemy. He was watching the flame flying towards the succubus. The succubus in mid-air saw the flames flying towards him, and hurriedly used Suehiro Sunao as a shield.


With a sound of “soo~”, Suehiro Sunao’s clothes fell to the ground with something in charcoal, while the succubus rolled on the ground with flames all over his body.


“Ah!!! You damn human! What the hell are you!!!”


“Me? I’m just some rubbish with super low spiritual power.”


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