Side Story Part 1

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Simple Life of Killing Demons (Short story of Reidy)

Reidy’s Escape (1)


“La la la~” I was humming and sitting in front of the dressing table, making myself look beautiful. Although tomorrow would be an important day, I still can’t wait to make myself look nice.


“Sister.” At this time, I heard the maid, Oyi’s old voice outside the door. “Master’s matter has still not been finished, and he can’t come back today.”


“Oh, he should be able to come back tomorrow, right?” I smiled at my beautiful self in the mirror.


“Tomorrow…he can’t…it’s because, he told me that he wouldn’t be able to come back these days.”


Hearing this news, my smile in the mirror instantly froze. I angrily swept the things on the desk to the floor, “How long has he stayed at home since he came back? And he’s still not coming back? Also, has he forgotten what tomorrow is?”


“Sister, there is no other way. After all, the master has his matters to deal with.” Oyi’s voice was pretty helpless. She’s an old servant and she had been serving the Reiworth family for two hundred years. She had been caring for my father all along and he had to listen to her. It’s just that I’ve never heard her lecturing him about how long he could stay outside.


“Does he have anything to do? How big is the spirits’ country? How come he’s so busy?” However, even if Oyi watched my father grow up, I knew she was not qualified to teach him. However, I was really angry, as I’d be turning 16 the next day. He had promised me to organize a birthday party to me, how come he’d forgotten?

“Sister, you don’t understand, the Spirits’ Country is much larger than you think. We are just a subsidiary city here, not really the Spirits’ Coutnry itself.”


“I know, but…” Huh, of course I know about that. I knew already how big the Spirits’ Country is.


The Spirits’ Country had a total of five major cities. Each city was guarded by three spirits of different elements. The city where I lived, Delsa, was located in the west of the Spirits’ Country, and was the closest city to the Spirits’ Country. The families in charge of this place were water, fire and thunder families.


Reiworth was one of the three big families in charge of this city. My father, Reggie was the patriarch of the Thunder family. Since his grandfather gave up his seat, he has been traveling all day long and had no time for me.


“Sister, please forgive him, our Master. He did this for the safety of the spirits.” Oyi sighed, and I know why she did.


Fifteen years ago, when I was one year old, my mother died in a disastrous fire…


“Well, let’s not talk about him anymore. How about my brother then?”


My brother, Reiworth Raymond, was a very powerful spirit. He possessed excellent thunder magic. He was selected as the imperial guard that many dreamed of, namely the Thunder Guard. With the other seven guards, they assured the safety of the palace where the king lived.


My brother may seem indifferent and staid to outsiders. But in private, he wasn’t like this at all. He’s very loving to me.


“Sorry sister, he probably also…”

“…” After hearing Oyi’s embarrassed tone, I knew that my elder brother was not coming back. I felt really lonely, as no one would be there to celebrate my birthday…


“I see…it’s okay, go to work then.” I sighed and walked to the window.

“Then I will leave first and go to prepare dinner, sister. If there’s anything, please call me.” Oyi’s footsteps gradually disappeared outside the door.


I opened the window and looked down from the height of the castle. The flowers, trees, fountains, I was already tired of seeing all these. Then, I looked up at the things outside the front yard, the tall and uneven buildings, the residents walking around like ants, I felt like I was looking at all living creatures. But then, I looked into the distance, there’s blue sky, the mountains were so tall that they seemed to be touching the sky. It reminded me how small and insignificant I was.


I decided to go outside for a walk.


Suddenly, an unprecedented thought came to my mind. I have never left Delsa before, and I suddenly had a crazy idea.


Ever since I knew about more things, my father told me that there were endless dangers outside. Bloodthirsty demons, evil spirits, cruel dragons, terrible natural disasters and greedy humans.


These five unstable factors have been disturbing the safety of the surrounding areas of the Spirits’ Country, and I think my father was probably dealing with these things.


However, he hadn’t been back for so long. Even if he did, he would at most stay for a few days. He also wouldn’t talk to me since he’d be busy dealing with other things. Didn’t he already prove that he cared more about the outside world than me? Apart from my brother and Oyi, I had no other people to talk to. The only spirits of the same age I knew were a bit crazy. The daughter of the guardian family of the neighboring city, Windy chimes, and the eldest son of the annoying fog family who came to propose marriage a few days ago, Taroma…there’s also my servant, Ping, who stood outside the door all day and took care of my daily needs. Aside from them, I couldn’t think of anyone else.

In the eyes of outsiders, I may be lucky to have such a huge home and enjoy the finest Thunder Crystal. However, did anyone know that I want to be like them, chatting with friends, hanging out and running on the land? Why not take this opportunity to go for a walk and meet new spirits?


While I was thinking like this, I launched my escape plan.


During dinner, I asked Oyi to take the Thunder Crystal in and told her to go out. At first, she thought I was angry, and she wanted to stay and talk to me. After I repeatedly refused, she left finally.


I leaned against the door, listening to Oyi’s footsteps disappear, I immediately opened the door and asked Ping to bring me some quilt. I dared not ask Oyi to do it, as she raised me and she knew what’s weird with me.


Ping was very puzzled by my request. Although she didn’t understand what I wanted to do, she still obeyed my order.


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