Side Story Part 2

Soon, Ping brought in several stacks of quilts, and I asked her to put the quilts on the bed. After Ping did it, she gave me a strange look and went out. Although I saw her puzzled look, I was not worried that she would tell Oyi about my abnormal behavior, as Ping has been following me for many years.


I tied a knot between the quilts, and after making sure that it was firm, I tied it to the window. The length of a few quilts would be far from enough, as it could only reach half of the castle. When I asked Ping to bring me some more quilts, she asked aloud, “sister, what do you want so many quilts for?”


“Ping, are you questioning me now?” I deliberately showed an angry face and stared at Ping. Sure enough, after I showed her that I was angry, Ping was a little afraid. She shook her head, showing that she dared not to. Then, she said something that shocked me, “sister, please just tell Ping what you’re thinking. If I don’t know what sister is doing, Ping has no ways to bring you the quilts.”

Seeing Ping’s shy but determined appearance, I suddenly discovered that my previous understanding of Ping was wrong, and she still cared about me very much.


“Well, Ping, I actually want…” I told Ping what I thought. She was very surprised when she heard that and her eyes widened. At first, she didn’t agree with my idea of ​​leaving the castle, but after hearing my complaint and finding out how lonely I felt, she reluctantly accepted it.


Ping brought me a few more quilts. After we tied them together, the quilts could reach the ground finally.


My room was in the upper level of the castle. Although I was going to slide down with the quilt, I couldn’t do it when that moment arrived.


Looking at the distant ground and the passersby like ants, I shuddered.


No, it’s too high. If the quilts weren’t strong enough, I’d fall.


Ping also noticed my concerns and persuaded me, “sister, don’t go down. It’s too high.”


“No, I must leave here.” I had already decided to leave, how could I stop at this critical moment?


As soon as I gritted my teeth, I climbed up the window tremblingly. This act had scared Ping. My heart was also beating extremely fast, the castle was really too high.


“Sister, Ping is very worried. It really doesn’t work. Let’s change a method. I’m afraid that you’ll fall.”

“Well, since you said so, then let’s think of another solution.” Ping was right, what if I fell?


Seeing me coming down from the window, Ping breathed a sigh of relief. Then, she walked to the window and started collecting the quilt.


“Sister, you see, it’s getting late, so why don’t you think of a method tomorrow?”


“No, imagine if you go tell someone now, then won’t my plan go invalid?”


“Huh? No, Ping won’t do anything like that, I won’t sell my sister.” Ping shook her head quickly, promising me that she would not.


“No, no. We put the quilt down just now, and we may have been seen by the guards of the castle. If we want to escape, we must take advantage of the moment now.”


“But…” Ping was thinking about something, but I interrupted as I thought of a better way.


“Ping, go find me a set of citizen’s clothes.” I was wearing high-end aristocratic clothes made of Laiya silk. If I escaped in such luxurious clothes, people would spot me right away.


“Huh? What does sister want these clothes for?” Ping pulled up the quilt and placed it under the window.

“You don’t understand this, go find me a normal dress first. Oh, I also need a hat.”


“This…OK, I’ll go now. Sister, don’t do stupid things.”


“Don’t worry, I won’t leave without you coming back.”


After hearing this promise from me, Ping was ready to leave.


After Ping went out, I re-attached the sheet to the window and threw it down. Then, I put a shoe under the windowsill, creating the illusion of me climbing down, and then quickly hid in the closet, waiting for Ping to come back.


After a while, the door of the room was opened. Through the seam of the closet, I saw Ping coming in with the clothes in her arms. She first called “sister”, and when no one responded, she felt a little strange. She looked around and soon she seemed to see shoes I left under the windowsill. Then, she quickly ran to the windowsill and took a look. With an exclamation, she stopped looking and ran out in panic.


After a while, I heard the voices of many people, and Oyi’s somewhat hoarse voice was in the noisy crowd.


“What the hell are you doing? Why didn’t you tell us that your sister has left?”

“I… my sister told me not to tell you.”


“Then sister didn’t suddenly disappear, were you planning to hide from us and help sister escape?” Oyi’s voice trembled, and she seemed to be getting furious.


“Sorry, Grandma Oyi, I…”


“Forget it, I can’t blame you. This is what the sister wanted, and we can’t change it. I watched her growing up and I’m familiar with her temperament.”


“What should I do now?” Then, Ping brought a group of people into my room. My heart started pounding.


Don’t get yourself discovered. I prayed secretly.


“What to do?” Oyi walked to the windowsill, poked her head, looked out and sighed, “now we can only hope that sister hasn’t walked far. Lippi, take all the members out to look for sister. Don’t come back until you’ve found her.”


“Yes!” Lippi nodded and left. He’s the chief of the guardians at home.


“Grandma Oyi, I…” Ping didn’t look well, as she’s blaming herself.

Sorry, Ping, I had to do this, because if you helped me escape, then you’d be punished too. It’s the best outcome for you now.


“You regret it now. Well, since you do, then go and look for her with them. Let me check with the guardians at the entrance.”


After they made the decision, Oyi and the others walked out of my room one after another. I left the closet and searched for the clothes that Ping brought me. I didn’t find them after searching for a long time. Then, I realized that Ping had probably taken the clothes with her…and I had to steal them from the servant’s room.


The servant’s room was in the basement of the castle. After walking down the castle and hiding all the way down, I found that there were only a few men watching the door of the Thunder Castle. It looked like everyone else was looking for me.


After avoiding their sight, I went to the basement and walked into a room randomly. I took a normal dress and put it on. I also put on a hat and walked towards the door nervously.


“I’ve heard that sister had left the castle?” A tall male spirit asked his partner.


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