Side Story Part 3

“Isn’t that so? She tied the quilts and climbed down from her bedroom. Imagine, a girl climbing down from a place so high. She’s really got guts.”

“Yeah, yeah. Now all the guards in the fort have gone out to look for sister, and they’ve all ordered us to guard the entrance now, this sister is really an annoying one.”


“Well, we’ll never understand what big families think. Oh, the servant that just passed by seems quite pretty.”


“It’s true, her back seems quite charming. Why haven’t I seen her before?”


“We are working in the back, and we usually chop wood and move things. There’re many female servants that we haven’t ever seen.”


“You’re right.”


With an uneasy mind, I successfully passed the castle gate and came to the front yard. Just now, when those men were talking about me, I thought they discovered that I’d escaped. Later, they even mentioned about some servant that they’d never met. I secretly breathed a sigh of relief, as they were probably thinking that I was also looking for the “sister”. After listening to their conversation, I couldn’t help but sigh that Oyi and the others have gone too far. Even all the guards were out looking for me.


No matter what, I had to escape, I was going to die if I stayed there.

Along the road in the front yard garden, I came to a big iron gate, which was the only gate leading to the outside world. I thought about climbing the fence, but the fence was too high for me to climb. As long as I passed the gate, I was officially out of the castle.


The big iron gate was open, and on either side of the gate stood two guards in armor and a striking thunderbolt sign on their chests. Each guardian family had its own guard, and each guard had its own family symbol on its armor. As long as I could walk past them, I was free.


When I thought about my freedom, I lowered my hat and speeded up my pace. I couldn’t wait to get out of Thunder Castle, out of Delsa. I couldn’t wait to see new things and know new spirits.


“Stop!” Just as I walked out of the gate and breathed a sigh of relief, the guard behind me suddenly shouted.


They shouldn’t call me. I looked down at what I was wearing. They probably couldn’t find out who I was. I ignored the guards and continued to walk towards the flowing crowd.


“The servant in front of me, I told you to stop.” The voice of the guard became louder. They must have found something wrong with me. It’s normal, as they always guarded the door. They should have seen all the spirits entering and leaving the house. Seeing my new face, how could they not suspicious? Even if they didn’t think that I was the sister, they would take me as a thief.

When I thought about it, I stopped walking slowly, and I ran towards the crowd quickly.


It was evening, the sun had not yet set, and there were not many spirits walking outside. I couldn’t hide myself. The two guards were also chasing me. The situation was bad for me. I didn’t want to be caught before I left Delsa, at least not before I arrived another city.


The two guards were extra fast. One of them stretched out his hand and grabbed it to my side. I was almost caught by him. My hat fell to the ground when I was dodging him, and my tied hair also fell apart.


“Help, the guards of the Reiworth family are going crazy, help!” I shouted, all the spirits around me looked over. I yelled again, “help, hurry up! Can anyone please help me to block the two guards behind?”


At this moment, a few young wood spirits stepped forward. They stood out from the crowd. When I ran past them, they stopped the two guards.


“Hey, don’t you think that we’d be afraid of you as you’re the guards of the Reiworth family. How dare you do bad things even before the sun sets, aren’t you afraid to jeopardize the family’s reputation?”

“Get away, if she runs away, you all can’t afford the loss.” I turned my head and saw the guards watching me go anxiously. They all looked hilarious.


“If we leave, there will even be more serious consequences. The master of the Reiworth family is a good person, but you have hurt his reputation. Brothers, come on.”


As soon as the wood spirits finished talking, their original bronze skin appeared with the texture of wood. He stretched out his hand to block the guard’s Thunder Cut, and together with other spirits, they suppressed the guard together.


“Damn, you idiots.” The guard screamed frantically, fighting with the wood spirits…


I didn’t care what happened later.


After I left the range of Thunder Castle, I slowed down.


I was walking down the street for the first time, without the companionship of guards and servants. The feeling of being unattended felt so nice. However, there was also a bad thing. There were many male elves on the road constantly looking at me. Their kind of sight looked really disgusting. Of course, I admit that I’m a pretty girl, since I’ve inherited my mother’s beauty, but it’s so disgusting to be watched like that.

“What are you looking at?” I shouted, and the men slowly looked back. They were giggling at me. But after doing this, I got even more attention.


“Wow, look, that spirit, she looks just like a human. Her hair is so beautiful and soft. Isn’t she a noble?”


“I don’t think so. If she is a noble, how can she be wearing clothes of ordinary citizens? She should be a high-level servant.”


There is a big difference between noble spirits and ordinary one. Noble spirits are more like humans. For example, the Argonian who bought medicinal herbs in front of me was evolved from the Argonian spirits. He had yellow-green skin, a long neck, and a reduced version of the dragon’s head with two sharp horns. He also had two rows of sharp teeth.


The wood spirits not far away from him looked similar to the noble spirits, but they had slightly longer pointed ears, their skin was relatively dull, usually in bronze or lime.


Although I looked like a human being and I had features that they didn’t, I really didn’t like being watched at continuously.


Just when I wanted to curse again and tell them not to look at me, I saw a guard with the logo of the Reiworth family approaching in the distance.


If I had to fight with two, there should be no problem with my lightning and thunder magic, but now there were four of them and my magic power would get significantly reduced even if I defeated them. I’d have issues walking out of Delsa. It’d be better to keep low profile unless I wanted to be discovered.


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