Side Story Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

Reidy’s Escape (2)


“Ted told me that sister went to that direction, and we all walked here from Oshinli Street, why haven’t we seen sister?” The four spirits that looked like human beings looked around. They were wearing gray armor, with a thunderbolt sign in the center of the armor. They were chatting and looking around at the same time.


“I don’t know, maybe they haven’t looked carefully, or that wasn’t even sister?”


“Impossible, it can’t be wrong. Think about it. Sister is so beautiful, all of us know how she looks like. I also know that many guards dream about her.”


“Yeah, yeah, my sister is so beautiful, even the mist family in Casilda has proposed to her sister. Needless to say, even people from other cities know about her beauty.”


The four Thunder Castle guards, after receiving the notice from the chief of the guards, immediately dispatched to look for Reidy everywhere. After a while, they walked to Oshinli Avenue and received a short message from their companion using the Philosopher’s Stone. Sister ran out of Thunder Castle and came to Rai Avenue, so they immediately came from the Oshinli Avenue, as they all wanted to take Reidy back. However, after walking for a long time, they still couldn’t find Reidy. At this moment, they felt a little tired and stopped at a stall and bought some spiritual spring water.

The Spirit’s Country had a rather vast land in the demons’ world, generally possessing wisdom, and the spirits with certain characteristics of human beings belonged to the citizens of the Spirits’ Country. Of course, those spirits who did not have wisdom and still retained the animal form were considered as nationals too. However, they did not know that they were citizens of the Spirits’ Country. They only lived according to their instincts, and they’d attack creatures they deemed threatening. People called them the wild spirits.


The spiritual spring water, a common source of water, could instantly help spirits get rid of fatigue and achieve a refreshing effect. It was generally obtained in some ancient magic springs in the mountains.


The four guards were standing at the stall which sold this spiritual spring water.


The stand was simply constructed from some wood, it’s about one meter high, on which there was a long layer of cloth, and on top, there were bottles of spiritual spring water of different volumes.


“Ha, after walking for so long, we are all thirsty. Hey, boss, bring us four bottles of spring water.” A guard knocked on the table and said.


The owner of the stall was a male earth tiger. The tiger was two meters tall and had a rough figure. At this time, he was looking up and down. He was so scared by the guards that he quickly bowed his head and asked with his thick but trembling voice. Said, “excuse me, what do you want?”

“I said, give us four bottles of spiritual spring water. How do you do business? How can anyone get distracted when they’re selling?” The guard was a little amused at the tiger man’s reaction.


“Ok…Okay, right away, I’ll give it to you right away.” There were two bottles of spiritual spring water on the table, and the tiger man shakingly took out two bottles from the stall and placed them on the table.


“Hell, why are you shaking? We are the guards of the Reiworth Castle. We are not bad guys. We will pay you.” The guard took four bottles of spring water and distributed them to the other three partners.


“No, I won’t take your money.” The tiger man’s feet trembled slightly. Fortunately, the cloth on the table was long enough to cover his feet, otherwise the guard would surely laugh at him.


The guard who was distributing the bottles heard what the tiger man said, and he looked at him with some confusion, “tell me, what are you afraid of? We will give you money and we won’t ask anything for free. We know that this sprint water is only found in the ancient forest outside the city. It’s quite dangerous to collect spring water. And we’ll surely give you the money, you know? We are members of the Reiworth family, do you know Reiworth? It’s the most famous one among the three big families in Delsa.”


“I know, I know.” The tiger man nodded quickly, signaling to the guard that he already knew.


The four guards shook their heads, laughing secretly that the tiger man knew so little about the world.

“Hey, what were we talking about just now?” After opening the bottle, a bearded guard asked with his head up.


“It’s the eldest son of the mist family in Castelda. Taroma came to propose marriage to sister from another city.” The guard who bought the spring water reminded.


“Yes, we were talking about sister. She is so beautiful, Wind Chime of the wind family is not as good-looking as sister, and she isn’t as elegant as sister either.” The bearded guard recalled Reidy who looked both charming and elegant, and he showed a delightful face.


“No, the daughters of the big families are all gorgeous. Wind Chime of the wind family is so attractive, but she’s always a bit weird. She always likes to tease people, and she doesn’t behave like she’s from a big family at all.”


“Isn’t it? I remember that another family also had a daughter, but because of that incident, the family of the current patriarch was asked to leave the Spirit’s Country. Otherwise, I think there should be another beautiful woman in Delsa.”

“That incident? Oh, I remember that many people died.” When talking about “that incident”, the guards all looked thoughtful.


“I will never forget that fire.”


“Okay, let’s not talk about that. After this, let’s continue looking for sister.”

“Well, by the way, it seems that our sister has small breasts;  at least not as big as those of Wind Chime.”


“Huh!” The table on seemed to have been hit by something, and the swaying bottles filled with spiritual spring water all fell down.


“Huh? What’s the matter?” The guard looked at the tiger man in a puzzled way. The tiger man was sweating profusely, and he smirked, “Sorry, I…I didn’t mean to do this…”


“Huh, I thought that it’s something serious.” The guards shook their heads one after another, and they weren’t suspicious at all. After all, the tiger man was a very big one, he’s more than 2 meters tall. It’s normal for him to accidentally kick the table. After drinking the spring water, he put the bottle on the table and paid. Then, the four guards left with a smile.


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