Side Story Part 2

Before leaving, they were even discussing, “sister is pretty but her breasts are not big enough…”


At this time, flashes of lightning had appeared under the table. Upon seeing this, the tiger man squatted down and showed a smile, “sister, they’re gone. Don’t be angry.”


The first time she heard the guards talking about her chest, Reidy almost rushed out and beat them. After they left, they were still talking about her breasts. If it’s not for her remaining rational thoughts, she would have burnt those four guards alive.

“Humph!” Reidy snorted and crawled out from under the table. She patted her clothes, “those bastards, I must teach them a lesson when I return.”


“Sister, don’t be angry. Excuse me, are you sister Reidy that the Reiworth family is discussing?” The tiger man looked at Reidy with embarrassment and looked away.


Just now, such a beautiful humanoid spirit suddenly ran up to him and hid under his table. The tiger man was taken aback for a moment, and he still didn’t know what had happened. Then, the four guards from the Reiworth family walked over. After listening to their conversation, the tiger man realized that Reidy was the sister that they were talking about.


“So what, are you going to report me?” Reidy frowned and looked at the tiger man with some anger.


“No, no, I won’t. By the way, my name is Toby. Sister Reidy, it’s nice to meet you.” The tiger man seemed to have summoned a lot of courage to say this. He stretched out his paw.


“I didn’t ask for your name.” Reidy didn’t seem to have noticed the tiger man’s friendliness when he stretched out his paw. She took a large bottle of spring water for herself and said to Toby, “Hey, I will take a bottle away. If you want money, go and ask someone from Reiworth. They will give it to you.” Then, she left without looking back.


Toby, who was rejected by Reidy, didn’t really care. He looked at Reidy’s figure, then at the sky, and said somewhat worriedly, “sister Reidy, I won’t take your money, but it’s getting dark now. Do you want to stay in my place until it’s dawn?”

Reidy was silent, she walked forward as if she hadn’t heard anything. Toby was left staring at her back until her figure disappeared at the end of the street.

He thought, the humanoid spirit was so pretty.


Some spirits really yearned to become humans. Although humans were evil in their eyes, they were originally creatures in the human’s world, so they were still looking forward to becoming human beings.


Her separate delicate fingers, smooth body with little body hair, also a tender and nice voice.


Toby shook his head and withdrew his sight from the corner of the street, where Reidy had gradually disappeared from his sight. With a simple and honest smile on his face, he cleaned the stall excitedly. After all, it was the first time he met such a beautiful spirit. He would have a sleepless night that day.


The aesthetics of spirits were different. Smarter spirits, such as tiger humans, preferred human beings. However, for Argonians and Lizardmen, they didn’t think that humanoid spirits looked pretty. They thought that the opposite sex with enough skin bumps, thick saliva and a long tail would be the best-looking.


Reidy, who robbed Toby a large bottle of spiritual spring water, was walking quickly on the street at this time. She wanted to leave here, and she had to at least leave Delsa. This place belonged to the Reiworth family’s jurisdiction, and it was easy to be discovered.

After cleverly avoiding the guards patrolling several times, there were less pedestrians and houses on the road, and Reidy had come to the junction of Delsa City and the outside world.

At this time, the sky was getting darker, but Reidy could still see that at the junction of the city and the outside world, the color of the sky was obviously different. The sky inside looked clean, while that of outside was bright red, like blood flowing in the sky.


As the temperature dropped, Reidy shivered and walked to the gate.


The gate of Delsa was huge, it’s 80 meters high and 100 meters wide, there’s also another wall that’s 80 meters high. On the city wall, there was a blue magic wall, which had an obstructive effect, it’s used to prevent flying demons from attacking the city.


There was a city gate of about ten meters high. Next to the city gate, there were two guards and a large barrack not so far away. There were more than 300 city guards living inside, and their responsibility was to block all foreign creatures who wanted to forcefully break through the city gate.


At this time, it was almost dark, and the spirits who went out looking for materials started returning one after another. The two guards were responsible in maintaining the order. Others were walking inside, except Reidy who’s walking outside. This action had made the guards suspicious and they all blocked her way.


“Who are you? Why are you going out so late? You know, It’s very dangerous outside. Let alone the demons, the wild spirits will kill you. Aren’t you afraid?”  The guard hadn’t received news about Reidy leaving the city. If he knew about it, he would’ve stopped Reidy at all costs.


“I have my stuff to do. I must go out at night so that I can collect what I want.” Reidy said calmly, she sounded really determined.


In fact, if Reidy wanted to go to other cities, there’s no need to use the junction at all. She just had to go to the location for teleportation. However, she thought that Oyi and the others might be there waiting for her, that’s why she took the risk to reach another city by the far end.


“What are you going to collect?” The guard felt a little strange for the temperament of this girl. She was so gorgeous, yet she was wearing a set of ordinary clothes. He was wondering what kind a girl that was.


“You don’t need to know about this.” When Reidy finished, she walked outside the door. The guard immediately blocked the door and prevented her from leaving. “If you can’t explain why, we can’t let you leave, if something happens to you and if we’re blamed by the city lord, all of us will be in trouble.”


“I’ve been out so many times, why wouldn’t I know if there’s danger or not?” Reidy slightly raised her eyebrow, she looked as if she’d always been out.


“Then why haven’t we ever seen you before?” Although Reidy’s beautiful face looked so confident, the guard was still worried.


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