Side Story Part 3

“I used to go via the east gate, never been to the west gate.”


“Why not?”


“You’re so annoying! I am going to leave now!” Reidy was tired of the guard’s questioning. Since she dared to talk to the guard like this, all the spirits that had just returned were all looking at her.


When all the spirits looked at her, Reidy was even more irritated. She tightened her fists and there were waves of golden lightning. She punched the guard’s chest and the other hand released an electric snake, hitting the second guard’s arm.


The guard didn’t expect Reidy to hit him and he couldn’t react at all. The one with his arm hit was ok and he just felt a bit numb. However, the one with his chest being hit got himself bumped directly on the gate and there was a loud and deep noise.


The captain of the guard who heard the voice came out of the barracks. They saw their companions lying on the ground and howling, and they were furious, “who! Who did this?!”


All the spirits there were looking at each other, and a sheepman, who’s relatively close with the guards, said, “a spirit that looks like a human being.”


“So where is he now?!” The captain roared, as no one ever dared to hit his men. Who the hell was this electric spirit?


“She ran out of the gate.” The sheepman pointed to the city gate.


“Bastard! I hope that she will see some demons and die outside! Damn it, how dare she hurt my men.” After confirming that his companions weren’t in danger, he commanded, “ask the people outside to come in quickly, I am going to close the gate. Damn it…next time whenever you see a humanoid electric spirit again, catch them at all costs.”

The captain of the guard was irritated. If he knew that the one who hurt his brother was the daughter of one of the city lords, the daughter of Reiworth, he’d probably react differently.


And Reidy, who ran out of Delsa, was walking slowly on the dark magic forest. She was scared at times by the sounds of birds on the trees.


“These damn birds, why are they making such noises? Don’t they know that they’d suddenly scare the others? Also, it’s so dark here.” Reidy slowly raised her hand and lightning was flashing in her hand. A lighting ball formed, and she was relying on its light to walk forward.


The magic forest was very quiet, as it was a place close to the city, so there were no dangerous creatures. Reidy walked for a long time and felt tired, so she found a flat area and sat down. She put the bottle of spring water aside, looking up at the bloody moonlight slightly obscured by the dark clouds, She sighed. Gradually, her bright eyes closed and she started snoring. She was asleep.


The temperature outside of the Spirits’ Country was very low at night. Reidy, who’d never slept outside before, woke up in the cold. She used her lightning to cut a tree and burn it to get warm, then fell asleep again.


When I got up in the morning, the weather was clear. Although Reidy couldn’t bear the blood-red sky, she didn’t care anymore. Taking a sip of spring water, she walked aimlessly. Looking back now, I seemed to be walking too anxiously, not preparing maps, clothes, or Thunder.


After walking for a while without knowing the direction, Reidy came to a stream. There were some shrubs near the stream. Among them, several peculiar-looking inverted triangular yellow grasses grew near the rocks. Reidy took a look, stepped on the rocks of the stream, and walked through the woods on the opposite bank.

When she got up in the morning, the weather was clear. Although Reidy couldn’t bear looking at the bloody red sky, she didn’t care anymore. She took a sip of the spring water, then started walking aimlessly. Looking back now, she seemed to have left in a rush. She didn’t even bring a map, a new set of clothes or any thunder crystals.


After walking for a while without knowing the direction, Reidy came to a stream. There were some shrubs near the stream. Among them, several peculiar-looking, inverted, triangular and yellow grasses grew near the rocks. Reidy took a closer look, stepped on the rocks of the stream, and walked through the woods on the opposite bank.


“Huh? This feeling? Could it be a demon?” After walking for a while, Reidy was a little tired. Then, she had suddenly felt the energy of a demon and she instantly forced herself to pay attention. The demon should be nearby.


Was she unlucky or lucky? She encountered a demon…well, whether it’s a demon or not, she’s confident that she’d finish it with her lightning. Then, she walked toward this demonic energy.




“You… damn… demon!” Reidy exhausted her last effort to release a falling thunder. However, since she hadn’t taken any thunder crystals, she felt exhausted and her energy had really reached the limit. In her confusion, she felt that her cheeks hurt, and it’s because the boulder demon which was 2 meters tall was grabbing her face.


Was I going to die?


Such a thought flashed through Reidy’s mind, she didn’t want to die…


The trees struck by the falling lightning started a raging fire at this time, which made Reidy’s cold body feel a little warm again. Suddenly, a gust of wind passed by, Reidy felt loose and she fell on the ground. Something seemed to hit the tree and the demon cried out of pain.


What happened? Who’s that?


Reidy saw a human vaguely, and she shook her head in front of the fallen tree. Then, this human ran to her very quickly, he held her instantly and ran.


How painful! Reidy was going to faint, yet she was instantly awakened by the pain.


What was it that squeezed her right chest?


Reidy opened her eyes weakly, she saw a big hand grabbing her breasts, deforming it a little bit.

Bastard, what is this human being doing? How could anyone touch my breasts so easily? Damn it, so painful…


Reidy wanted to reach out and rub her chest, but at this time, she didn’t even have the strength to speak, so she had to endure silently.


The human took her to a cave, and after putting her on the ground, Reidy immediately felt thrilled. A few minutes ago, she felt that it would be better if she died. No one had ever touched her chest like that, and she couldn’t describe the pain that she had just now. Now that her chest was finally “liberated”, she gradually closed her eyes and fell asleep.




When Reidy woke up, she felt as if she’s full of power, but she still felt a bit stuffy, it’s like someone was breathing on top of her. She looked up, it was a handsome guy. Reidy, who’s both embarrassed and pissed off, slapped that human, who woke up immediately…


On Reidy’s birthday, a rather special day, she met a human being that would change her life forever. From that moment onwards, he’d entered her life, she got to know the feeling of jealousy because of him, and she was also willing to change herself for him.

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