V7C1 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C1_The sky outside


Seeing the succubus being turned into ashes by the flame, Lin Xiang suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. He knelt on the ground weakly, supporting the ground with both hands and panting.


He was exhausted. Maintaining the wind speed requires both dragon energy and physical strength. The power in his original body was close to being completely exhausted, and he became inflamed again, which really overwhelmed his body.


Although he was tired and wanted to sleep, Lin Xiang knew that he couldn’t. Suehiro Choshi was okay, she fainted because of excessive consumption of magic power. However, Suehiro Sunao was seriously injured, and Suehiro Kaoru was also very close to death. It’s really not look good.


“Silent Water, Silent Water, I need you, please come over here now.”


Lin Xiang felt Silent Water attentively, hoping that she could respond to him.


Ordinary spirits, as long as they are contracted, live in the master’s magical world, which is the spiritual world, but the humanoid spirits are different. Lin Xiang didn’t let Silent Water and the others enter their spiritual world, nor did he ever try. He couldn’t just summon his spirits anytime and anywhere. But this was also good for him, as it would take a certain amount of magic to summon the spirits from their spiritual world.


Silent Water was still cutting vegetables, and she actually felt something strange calling her. She closed her eyes and tried to feel it.


“Silent Water, come over here now. I need you.”


“Master?” Silent Water looked surprised. She put down her kitchen knife immediately and cast a teleportation magic. In an instant, she appeared right in front of Lin Xiang.


Reidy, who was tidying the living room, saw that Silent Water leaving quietly and she felt that something bad had happened. She quickly closed her eyes to locate where Lin Xiang was and teleported herself over.


“It seems. He is. In trouble.” Valarie glanced at the place where Reidy disappeared, then continued to watch TV. Then, she looked at Dusty next to her, “aren’t you going too?”


“Huh?” Dusty saw sister Reidy suddenly teleported away, and she didn’t know what’d happened. After hearing this, she realized that her master might be in trouble. She tried to release the teleportation magic with some difficulty and appeared in front of Lin Xiang.


When Dusty was there, she saw that everything was in a mess. Her master was in Reidy’s arms, and Reidy was still cursing about something.


“You damn human, do you think you are very powerful? Why didn’t you tell me that you were in danger? What do you think I am? I am…I’m your envoy.” After saying the last sentence, Reidy’s eyes turned red. Freed and Yalide had repaired Lin Xiang’s organs, but he still looked terrifying on the surface. She could faintly see his ribs through the flesh and the blood.


“Silly, if you were here, I’d worry even more. This demon is insane. You can’t fight it.” Lin Xiang smiled and patted Reidy on the head. Now that Reidy became his spirit, the gap between them also disappeared.

“Oh~ you are great, you can win, my master is the best.” Reidy said sarcastically.


Although Reidy sounded sarcastic, for Lin Xiang, he was inexplicably moved by Reidy’s attitude. She was initially quite a bad-tempered girl, yet she could say something like “my master is the best”, one could imagine the power of it.


“Hey, what are you doing? Don’t think you can take advantage of me only if you are injured. When you are cured, I must give you an electric shock.” Reidy was not used to Lin Xiang’s way of looking at her. What was he staring at? Didn’t he already know that I’m pretty?


“Uh… I’m sorry.” Lin Xiang smiled, focusing on Silent Water who helped Suehiro Kaoru and the others her water magic to heal the wounds.


“Master, what’s the matter? How did you become like this? Did those bad guys do it this afternoon?” Dusty squatted in front of Lin Xiang, licking Lin Xiang’s wound with her tongue.


“Heh~ don’t think about it now, anyway, the bad guys have already been finished.” Lin Xiang touched Dusty’s head, leaning comfortably on Reidy’s chest. He looked at the clouds dyed red by the sunset in the evening, and vowed to become even stronger.


This succubus was an intermediate one, but the strength was already stronger than the superior demon he had encountered before. Although he didn’t exclude the fact that he hadn’t used the holy fire, Lin Xiang didn’t expect him to “win” so miserably. He would still encounter many strong enemies in the future, and if holy fire became his only weapon, he would surely die in the end. The only way was to become stronger and not to rely on holy fire. He had to rely on his own strength to defeat the others, that’s the only way to protect himself and the others.

Lin Xiang clenched his fists and slowly closed his eyes.




When Lin Xiang woke up, it was already 10pm, and he slept for four hours.


Lin Xiang opened his eyes and saw Reidy quickly retreated, she blushed.


“Reidy, why are you here?” Lin Xiang sat up, spread the quilt covering him, and found that his original wound had been bandaged.


“I, I was afraid that you would die, so I was right next to you. I didn’t do anything.” Reidy lowered her head and she dared not look at Lin Xiang.


“Uh…okay.” Lin Xiang didn’t know what happened to Reidy, he patted her on the head and stood up.


“You, your body, is it okay?” Reidy also stood up and followed Lin Xiang, she’s scared that he would fall or something.


“Of course I’m okay, I am very strong, remember?.” Lin Xiang hit on his chest and made an “okay” sign, but when he did, he still felt it’s painful and he coughed a few times.


Seeing Lin Xiang like this, Reidy smiled and said, “huh, you just like pretending.”


Lin Xiang opened the wooden door and came to a long corridor.


Lin Xiang remembered that this was the corridor of Suehiro Kaoru’s house.

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