V7C1 Part 2

“What about Silent Water and the others?” Lin Xiang asked.


“Silent Water is taking care of Kaoru Suehiro and his father, and Dusty is cooking with Suehiro Kaoru’s sister.”

“I see, so where is Silent Water now?”


“Let’s go, I’ll take you there.”




Reidy led Lin Xiang to a room, she opened the wooden door, Silent Water was kneeling on the ground, holding her hands above Suehiro Kaoru’s body, releasing water magic. When Lin Xiang came, she just called “master” once, and she continued to help Suehiro Kaoru to heal.


Lin Xiang looked at Suehiro Sunao. At this time, he was already awake, but his body was in severe pain and he could not move at all.


“Lin Xiang, you are here.” Seeing Lin Xiang coming, Suehiro Sunao greeted him.


Lin Xiang felt something strange when facing Suehiro Sunao. Just a few hours back, Suehiro Sunao still took him as a liar, but he saved Lin Xiang and his two daughters just a few hours later. He was having complicated feelings at that moment.


“Uncle Suehiro, how do you feel about your body?” Lin Xiang leaned down and looked at Suehiro Sunao. His face was a little pale, he seemed to have lost too much blood, and the wounds on his body were also bandaged. However, as long as he took enough rest, he should be able to recover.


“Well, once people get older, their bodies get worse naturally.” Suehiro Sunao sighed, then looked at Lin Xiang seriously, “Lin Xiang, honestly, a few hours ago, I still treated you as an enemy, someone who’d lie to me. However, you saved us a few hours later and I really don’t know what I can do to pay you back.”


“Uncle Suehiro, you’re too kind. There’s nothing to pay me back. Also, I just killed a succubus, and that’s for the wellbeing of everyone too.”


“Sigh…I really think that I’m too dumb. I couldn’t see that Terayama Nagahiro was possessed by a demon. If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t be able to speak to you now.”


“It’s okay, it’s over anyway. Just think about how to live in the future. Uncle Suehiro, take a good rest.”


“Yeah.” Suehiro Sunao nodded slowly and closed his eyes.


Lin Xiang walked to Suehiro Kaoru. At this time, her face was very pale, and her rosy lips had become grey. Her whole body was covered by a soft layer of water, and there were some small blisters. She looked a bit painful, and Lin Xiang could feel his heart ache.


Freed told Lin Xiang that there were several times when the succubus wanted to scratch his body which had turned into an ice statue. It was Suehiro Kaoru who used her body to protect him, so that he didn’t become broken ice. She was injured as she wanted to protect him.


Lin Xiang stretched his hand through the water ball, touched Suehiro Kaoru’s face and asked Silent Water, “Silent Water, how is sister Suehiro?”


“Master, sister Suehiro’s situation is a bit bad. There is a surge of chilled air in her body, which is constantly eroding her body. My water magic cannot force that air out.” Silent Water wiped the sweat on her forehead and looked a bit embarrassed.


“A surge of chilled air? Is it because of the succubus?”


“Yes, it is indeed the residual magic of the succubus.” Yalide said.


“Do you have any solutions?”


“Yes, that is, you need to do something intimate with her, then…hehe.” Yalide had a filthy smile on his face.


“Go to hell. Seriously, is there any way to save her?” Yalide never changed his nature.


“Hey, can’t you be more polite? Even if I know, I won’t tell you.” Yalide was unhappy after Lin Xiang said so.


“Don’t…Yalide, you’re the best Dragon God. May I know aside from the way that you’ve said, is there any other ways to solve this?” For the sake of Suehiro Kaoru, Lin Xiang decided to be more polite.


“Hum…now you’re smart. Okay, the Succubus is a demon of ice attribute, what remains inside this beautiful lady is of course a surge of cold air. As long as she can absorb a surge of hot air that’s even more intense, then the cold air can be driven out.”


“Do you mean that I need to release my fire energy inside her body?” Lin Xiang seemed to understand partially.


“Stupid, do you want to burn her alive? The dragon’s fire is toxic to human beings.”


“Then, why wasn’t uncle Suehiro harmed when I released the dragon’s fire on him this afternoon?”

“What do you mean by your dragon’s flame? It’s at most ordinary flames. Dragon’s flames have to be converted by your dragon’s energy, and that’s the source of you releasing the fire.”


“Uh… well, can you just simply say what I can do to save sister Suehiro.”


“In the Demon Realm, there is a kind of fruit called Stove Fire Nut. It contains a certain amount of fire energy. If you can take it and give it to your sister Suehiro, then you can drive the cold air out.”

“Fire Nut?” Lin Xiang tried to remember this name firmly.




“Huh? Terayama dropped out? What’s the matter?”


“Yeah, why is it so strange? He was only transferred to school yesterday.”


Many girls felt surprised that Terayama Nagahiro dropped out of school so quickly, even Satsuki and Kamiki found it bizarre.


The fact that the Terayama family was possessed by demons was hidden by some upper-level figures. After all, it would be better not to let people know about demons. Otherwise, it would cause threat to them. They just announced that the Chester family was bankrupt and they had to flee with their money.


When the investigator at Suehiro’s house learned that Lin Xiang had killed a mid-level succubus, they were immediately shocked. A boy who was only about the first level of a junior mage killed the mid-level succubus. What’s up with that? Without further explanation, everyone knew that this guy was super talented, and many people soon knew about it. After Qian Libing knew about it, he immediately arrived at Pillar Nofu Academy and called Lin Xiang to the headmaster’s office through Ijima.

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