V7C1 Part 3

————In the headmaster’s office.

“Xiang, you really gave me a big surprise.” Qian Libing and Ijima were sitting on the sofa, when they saw Lin Xiang coming, they immediately smiled at him.


Lin Xiang hadn’t realized that some important figures already noticed him, and he asked in confusion, “may I ask what happened?”


That day was a Friday, and Lin Xiang almost totally healed. Although he still felt painful sometimes, he still went to school. He didn’t want his classmates to worry. After all, Terayama dropped out of school, and if he didn’t show up, Satsuki would become suspicious. Lin Xiang was planning to go to Demon Realm during the weekend, and although the situation of Suehiro Kaoru wasn’t good, Yalide told him that she could at least make it another week. Lin Xiang persuaded himself not to rush and to wait for the weekend.


“Ha, you kid, I like how low profile you are.” Qian Libing laughed and pointed to the sofa opposite to him, telling Lin Xiang to sit down.


Seeing Lin Xiang sitting down, Qian Libing continued, “when you faced so many demons by yourself, and you didn’t flinch, I already knew how powerful you are. Now I’m even more excited after knowing you killed an intermediate succubus. You have to know anyone without the title of B-grade exorcist would not be confident in fighting against a succubus.”


“Uh…I don’t really understand.” Lin Xiang was stunned when he heard it and didn’t quite understand what Qian Libing meant.


“Okay, now you have a certain amount of strength, it’s time to talk to you about the sky outside the sky.” Qian Libing took a sip of tea and smiled.


“The sky outside the sky?” Lin Xiang heard this term for the first time, and even Yalide and Freed had never heard of it.

Seeing how surprised Lin Xiang looked, Qian Libing found it interesting. Lin Xiang has always been very casual in front of him. Even when he knew that someone of dragon’s race was looking for him, he didn’t react much. Finally, he reacted quite a bit after hearing the term “sky outside the sky”.


“Yeah, the sky outside the sky. Xiang, I was also shocked the first time I heard this term.” After Ijima saw Lin Xiang’s expression, he laughed.


“Grandpa Ijima, can you please explain to us what this means?” Freed and Yalide wanted to know too. As they wanted to know what’d happened one thousand years after they died. They urged Lin Xiang to ask more.


“Hey, why don’t you ask me? I know even better than Grandpa Ijima.” After seeing that Lin Xiang asked Ijima, Qian Libing was a bit jealous.


“Uh…well, then Master Qian Libing, can you explain to me?”


“You know about Heaven right?” Without answering him directly, he asked if Lin Xiang knew about the Heaven.


“Of course, the angels live there.”


“No, no.” Qian Libing shook his head, “you’re wrong, there aren’t any angels anymore, they’re all living in the sky outside the sky.”


“What? Freed was shocked. Has his own people left the heaven? And they were in the sky outside the sky? What was it all about?

“Master Qian Libing, what’s going on?” Lin Xiang was also surprised. Why did the angels leave the Heaven?


“According to ‘The World’, isn’t the Dragon God dead? What’s not recorded is that after the Dragon God died, the Heaven began to crack and it was no longer suitable for angels to live. And at that time, a strange space tunnel appeared. The archangel sent people to check and found that it was a whole new continent. We have three different levels – the demons, the human, and the heaven, while there are only two levels over there, one is the heaven and the other is the hybrid of both the Demon Realm and the Humans’ World. The area of ​​that continent is much larger than our three realms combined. There are all kinds of creatures, humans, demons, aliens…”


“Let’s not talk about the demons, you said there’re aliens?” After hearing the word “alien”, Lin Xiang found it a bit strange. What aliens? Did he mean those in movies?


“The simple ones are tauren, cat, tiger, pig, etc., human beings in animal form.”


“What? Are there such creatures?”


“Yes, when I went there, I was completely shocked.”


“Excuse me, what other creatures are there?” Lin Xiang was very curious about this unknown place.


“Dragons, dwarves, etc. Oh, the most important thing is that there are spirits. The spirits there are huge in number, just like the animals in our human world, and they live in the wild. Of course, there are also humanoid spirits, but they have a certain status and you can’t easily contract them. They are like other races and can be seen everywhere. As long as they choose someone, then they will contract with that person. If not, don’t even think about it. Then, aliens are like us humans, they live and reside there. That is a whole new world.” Qian Libing sighed a bit.

Lin Xiang thought, could it be what’d happened to his parents? Then this sky outside the sky…


“Hey, Freed, do you know about these things?” Lin Xiang communicated with Fried secretly.


“No, we don’t know about these at all. Before we died, there was no such thing as the sky outside the sky. It seems that after our death, a lot of things have changed in this world. ’


“Okay, let’s not talk about this now. Xiang, before you defeated that…uh, what’s his name again? He seems to be the first one in your grade. I told you that you have to get the title of the exorcist.” Qian Libing recalled the purpose why he’d call Lin Xiang over.




“Then it’s the good moment now. Later, go pass the test. However, that kind of test is a bit difficult for ordinary people, but for you, it’ll be quite easy. Once you pass it, then you’ll be an exorcist.”


“Uh, no problem, do I need to take this in the sky outside the sky?”


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