V7C1 Part 4

“Yes, there is a large continent. There is more spiritual power than we do here. So, there are also many empires. One of them is a village specializing in training exorcists. There is a place called the ancient path labyrinth, as long as you can get out of there and bring back the relevant clearance certificate, then you will be considered as exorcist level D. And when you return, the Human World Defenders will give you relevant things.”


“Is that so? So, what kind of organization is the Human World Defenders?” Lin Xiang didn’t care too much about the ancient path labyrinth, what he cared about was the peculiar organization called the Human World Defenders.

“That is the organization that protects humanity from demons.”


“No, I’m not referring to its literal meaning, but it’s real meaning.” After Lin Xiang said these words, Qian Libing squinted his eyes. He up and down Lin Xiang, then smiled, “okay, son, you’re smarter than I thought. I was just telling you a bit of the sky outside the sky, and you’ve already known the use of the Human World Defenders. It’s just like what you’ve thought, on the surface, they protect against the aggression of demons, but in fact, they also make sure the evil power of the sky outside the sky can’t enter.”


“What does it mean?”


“Listen to me, Xiang, the demons we have here are like spirits to those in the sky outside the sky.”


“What?” Lin Xiang opened his eyes widely.

“Yes, they are like spirits, contracted by the demons, and enslaved by the demons. The demons there are like humans, they’re with strong limbs, huge bodies and a more developed mind. However, the demons here look ugly, not many of them have limbs unless they’re some high-level demons or special demons. Otherwise, they can’t think, and without their demonic energy, they’re just like spirits.”


“Um…” Lin Xiang didn’t expect that there would be such a thing. He originally thought that he was already powerful to have killed the superior demon. It turned out that the superior demon was a small potato compared to the demons in the sky. No wonder Freed said that the demons nowadays are very different than those in the past…wait, then what’s the relation between the sky of the sky and the Demon Realm?


“I know it’s hard for you to accept this fact. Seventy percent of the people in the world don’t know about things in the sky outside the sky. It’s because people without spiritual power still make up the majority. If you tell them that that the demons that we’re having now are nothing, and there are even other races that could cause threat to them, then who can still live a normal life? Everyone will be so worried. Now that you’ve known, we expect you to become stronger. Don’t disappoint us.”




“Well, in the sky outside the sky, their lives are completely different from ours. There is no high technology, and high technology cannot be used there. In fact, you will think that high technology is useless at all there. The residents living there all have spiritual power, even if they sell vegetables on the street, they all have spiritual power. And most of them are on level D of demon hunters.”

“Level D of demon hunters? As long as I can reach level D of exorcist, I’ll be thrilled to death, and the people there have reached level D of demon hunters?”


“Yes. After all, the demons there are very fierce. Without certain strength, nothing will work.”


“Is that so? I didn’t expect that there is such a place besides the Demon Realm. Then, how many people do you send to participate in the test every year?”


“Then you have to ask Ijima.” Qian Libing moved his gaze to Ijima.


“Well, regarding this, since you have been enrolled this year, so I don’t know if there will be an honors competition in the second semester. As long as you reach the top 50, you can take the exam. You know, the sky outside the sky is a dangerous place. Without certain strength, we would not dare to let students go. As for demon hunters, among the second-year students who are going to be promoted to the third grade, we have to pick the top 0 of the whole grade to participate in the test.”

“Is that so? No wonder I didn’t know about the titles of Exorcist and Demon Hunter before, I only know that you have to first reach grade two to do that.”


“Yeah, after they graduate from third grade, they don’t go to University, you know where those senior brothers and sisters have gone?”


“The sky outside the sky?”


“Yes. After they graduate, they can choose to stay here, or they can choose to go to the sky outside the sky to further develop. Just like Meiko, she’s getting trials there now.”

“So, when will I go to take the exam?” Lin Xiang missed her a bit when he thought of Meiko, and she was very friendly to the nerdy Lin Xiang before, “perhaps next week. It’s going to be summer holiday soon, and you should pass the trial before that. All in all, you have to leave here when summer holiday comes.” Qian Libing leaned on the sofa, and his eyes never left Lin Xiang.


“Eh? What’s going on? Why should I leave here?” Lin Xiang was very confused about Qian Libing’s words.


“Dragon race, do you still remember? If my friend wanted to come to look for you, he would’ve been here by now, but I told him to come again in summer, so that you’ll have more time to train yourself.”


“Uh…honestly, I don’t really want to go.”


“Why? If you go there, you’ll grow even more powerful.”


“Uh…” Seeing Lin Xiang hesitating, Freed said, “that’s right, son, just go. I think that you’ll learn more different Dragon’s Roar when you’re there.”


Since Freed said so, Lin Xiang could only agree, “okay then, I’ll go.”


At this moment, there’s a clear voice behind Lin Xiang, “Grandpa, here I am.”


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