V7C2 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons


“Grandpa, I’m here.” There was a voice like a silver bell behind Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang turned his head and saw a sweet-looking girl with bright eyes like spring water standing outside the door.


The girl had a quiet temperament, her black hair reached her waist, and a yellow ribbon was wrapped around the bunch of hair on the left. It added vitality to her elegant face.


A light-yellow cardigan on her upper body revealed the collarbone and skin on her chest, and under her clothes, her attractive figure was easily seen. Her lower body was matched with a short skirt and a pair of black stockings that stretched to the thighs, which did not match her temperament but was unexpectedly beautiful as well. There was also a cyan badge on her white arm, with a large English letter B.


Lin Xiang looked for a moment before he turned away his gaze.


“Oh, Aiko, why did you come so late?” Qian Libing asked the girl called Aiko.


“Something happened in the teleportation area today. It seems that a demon apostle has been found, so I took some time in queuing up. Grandpa Ijima, I hope that you’ve had a great day.” Aiko sat beside Qian Libing and she seemed familiar with it, and she greeted to IJima sitting next to her too.


“Is that so? This is really a troublesome thing. It seems that the demons want to extend their influence here. After all, the human strength here is relatively weak, so they think that they can bully them.” Qian Libing became thoughtful when he heard the news, Then, he introduced Lin Xiang to Aiko, “this is the powerful boy that I’ve mentioned before, Lin Xiang. And this is my granddaughter, Aiko.”


“Hello.” Lin Xiang saw Aiko and thought that she’s quite easy-going. He stretched out his hand.


Aiko looked at Lin Xiang, then at his hand and shook her head at Qian Libing, “Grandpa, this boy is really weak, he’s even weaker than those aunties selling vegetables, is he really as powerful as you’ve said?” The girl’s voice was as sharp as ultrasound.


Lin Xiang frowned and retreated. He didn’t expect a girl to talk about his shortcomings in front of the others. Although he didn’t really mind, as the others had all the rights to say whatever they wanted, Lin Xiang still felt a bit uncomfortable as she even refused to shake his hand.


“Aiko, how could you be so impolite? Xiang is someone important for me and Grandpa Ijima, how can he be weak? Don’t be misled by his spiritual power.” Qian Libing scolded Aiko, then smiled at Lin Xiang, “Xiang, don’t mind this, this kid grew up in the sky outside the sky and she’s a bit arrogant, she sometimes looks down on the others.”

Aiko stuck out her tongue after her Grandpa scolded her. Seeing her grandfather having such a good attitude to Lin Xiang, Aiko felt sort of uncomfortable. She pouted, “I’m just saying the truth.”


“That’s because you don’t know the real Xiang. Xiang, don’t be angry. Aiko’s temper is like that. After some time, you’ll find that she’s quite a lovely girl.”


After some time? No way, this kind of girl is even more arrogant than Reidy. Although Lin Xiang’s impression towards Aiko wasn’t good, he still said, “it’s okay, master Qian Libing.”


“Simply call me Grandpa Qian Libing. Actually, the reason why I called Aiko this time is because I want you to get to know each other. She’ll lead you to the sky outside the sky later.”


“Oh? Is this so. Then Aiko, I am looking forward to learning from you.” Lin Xiang heard that Aiko was going to take him to the sky outside the sky, and he stretched his hand again to show friendliness. All in all, he would have a lot of things to learn from Aiko in the coming days.


“It’s better to call my last name, since I am not familiar with you.” Aiko stretched out her slender hand reluctantly, held it with Lin Xiang, then quickly withdrew it, as if she was holding something dirty. That’s not the case of now, so if she could turn back time, she would be so much friendlier, and she’d try to be as polite as possible. Just like the handshake now, although she didn’t want to do so, she really regretted being rude now.

“Okay, sister Aiko.” Lin Xiang didn’t really care about Aiko’s attitude. As Qian Libing was a mage saint that’s widely known, it’s normal for his granddaughter to look down on the others.


Seeing that they could at least get along with each other, Qian Libing smiled, “Aiko grew up in the sky outside the sky and she reached the level B of exorcist. Lin Xiang, you should believe in her when she gives you hints during the trial.”


“Well, then thank you, grandpa Qian Libing, and thank you, sister Aiko.” No wonder this girl acted so arrogantly. It turns out that she’s in level B, it’s normal for her to be so proud since it’s a rare gem in her age.


“It’s nothing. Helping the weak is what the strong should do.” Hearing Grandpa saying that she’s on level B of the exorcist, Aiko raised her nose and looked very proud. She also deliberately touched the badge on her arm.


Qian Libing knew his granddaughter well, and he didn’t really care. All in all, he had to let Aiko know how powerful Lin Xiang was, or she wouldn’t be respectful to him.


“Aiko, do you know who is Xiang? His surname is Lin, so do you know who his father is?”


“Lin? Lin…Lin Fan!?” Aiko seemed to have thought of something. She opened her eyes widely and looked at Lin Xiang, “he’s the son of Lin Fan.”


“Exactly.” Qian Libing nodded.


“That awesome man turned out to be his father, I can’t believe it.” If it’s not her grandpa who answered her, Aiko would never believe that such a spiritually weak boy was the son of that legendary man.

“Whether you believe it or not, it’s a fact. Ijima, let Aiko see a movie.”


“Okay.” Ijima stood up, took out a CD from a drawer, turned on the power of the player, and put the CD in. Then, he sat back on the sofa.


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