V7C2 Part 2

The scene appeared, it’s an ice and snow field, with a man and a woman standing in the center of the picture, they were looking around. In a short while, a dimensional rift appeared on the hill not far away, and at this time, a boy ran quickly in front of the two people…


Wasn’t this the video filmed before he went to the Demon Realm? Why did Ijima show it? Lin Xiang didn’t understand the intentions of Qian Libing while he was looking at the screen.


Aiko watched the video seriously. She seemed to have seen the boy in the video. She turned her head and looked at Lin Xiang. Oh? Would it be him?


Aiko knew that the appearance of the rifts in the different dimensions meant that there was a demon. She did not expect that this weak boy would have the courage to run to the two people. Oh? He also seemed to be talking to the girl. Could it be because he liked the girl?


Another boy ran over, and Lin Xiang started looking around. He seemed to be looking for the place where he’d fled. At this time, something came out of the rift. Could that be a demon?


Aiko clearly saw that what crawled out of the crack was a skeleton-shaped demon spirit. That spirit was not uncommon in the sky outside the sky. It was almost the weakest of the demons and was usually used as shield. However, when facing such a demon, she’d still need half of her strength to defeat it. It’s normal for these people to run. Aiko saw that when Lin Xiang brought that girl to flee, another boy happened to stumble. That’s too hilarious. Oh? And Lin Xiang returned to take that boy on his back, he seemed to be a responsible guy.

This is Aiko’s evaluation of Lin Xiang when she first saw him coming back for the boy. Although she found him such a spiritually weak boy, he’s got courage. Unlike other guys who always boasted about their power, yet flinched whenever they encountered some danger.


Aiko’s impression to Lin Xiang improved a little bit.


When Aiko was thinking about it, she suddenly realized and found that there were four more demon spirits on the screen. They were the defensive boulder demon spirit, the destructive flame demon spirit…What were they doing there? She remembered clearly that it’s some kind of battle room in the Pillar Nofu Academy, and since human beings were so weak there, four of these demons were enough to turn the world upside down. However, how come she’d never heard that there were students getting attacked and killed by demons?


In fact, such reports existed, yet no students ever died, and people quickly forgot about it. Also, since Aiko lived in the sky outside the sky, she couldn’t watch TV there.


On the screen, Lin Xiang led Satsuki and a boy from another class to walk through the isolation door, and Lin Xiang was staring at the four demons tightly. After a while, he ran out from the isolation door that was about to close.


After seeing this, Aiko didn’t get it. What was this guy doing? Was he getting himself killed? But he’s obviously still alive, so what or who saved him?

Aiko looked at her grandfather and Ijima, and found that they were looking at Lin Xiang on the screen full of appreciation. She was even more confused.


Those demons seemed to be discussing something, and finally the boulder demon jumped off the hill, talked to Lin Xiang, and activated the magic. Aiko took a closer look and found that the magic started by the demon was the stone of the sin.


In the sky outside the sky, boulder demons were quite common, and they were relatively intermediate demons. Not only did they have strong power, they also had amazing defensive power. However, they were relatively slower and that could balance things a bit. If a person is powerful, has amazing defensive power, and is fast, then how can the others fight against him? However, it was an intermediate demon that creatures wanted to see the least in the sky outside the sky, and although it’s slow, it could still use magic, while the stone of the sin could make up for its low speed. The attack power of the stone of the sin was incredibly fast and intense, anyone hit by it would have a hole left on the body without any exceptions. Now, Lin Xiang was facing the array of the stone of the sin and he had no intention to escape. Did he want to die? Then why would he still stand there?


At this moment, Aiko saw something which made her think that this video’s fake.


The stone of the sin was shot out from the array in high speed, but when it was about to hit Lin Xiang, he flashed aside at a speed faster than the stone. How…how was that possible? Was it even a human being’s speed? Could it be possible that he’s possessed by a wind-type spirit?

After the demon attack failed, there’s some black gas emitted from his body…could this be the breakdown of rocks?


Aiko didn’t believe that Lin Xiang could dodge the attack, but there was the video as evidence, and he was sitting right across from her now, which showed that this guy was indeed powerful. However, the demon was now using rock breaking and this is serious matter. It’s a skill that the boulder demons would use to self-explode, its speed was even higher than that of the stone of the sin and the range was much wider as well. What’s more important is that after the self-explosion, the demon would recover itself.


Aiko became more interested now, and she wanted to know how Lin Xiang could avoid the attack. However, Lin Xiang didn’t avoid it this time, he took a deep breath and exhaled an energy mass.


“Do you belong to the dragon’s race?” Aiko yelled. At this moment, she finally understood why Grandpa Ijima and her grandfather paid so much attention on this guy. Since he could face four demons alone and he hadn’t panicked, it already proved that he’s something.

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