V7C2 Part 3


“So, Aiko, what do you think? Isn’t Xiang quite powerful?” Qian Libing laughed.


“Huh, so what?” She pouted her lips and looked cute. She’s the spoilt one in the family and had always been praised. Now that Lin Xiang was so much admired by her grandpa and she felt unhappy about it. It’s like he’d taken her grandpa away.


“Haha, it’s nothing, if it were you, can you do it?” Ijima smiled. Lin Xiang was Lin Fan’s son. Without certain strength, how could he be his son?


“I…” Aiko thought for a while. Indeed, she couldn’t do so. If it’s just a simple skeleton demon, then she wouldn’t be afraid, but with that boulder demon…


“Huh, I am going back now, now that he knows me already, I can leave now.”


Lin Xiang didn’t know why Aiko suddenly got angry, he just nodded, “Yes, we’ve known each other now.”


“Then it’s okay, I am going back now. Next week, I’m going to look for you.” Aiko left when she said so.


“Please, what have I done to make her angry?” Lin Xiang scratched his head and he didn’t understand.


“Xiang, you don’t have to care about that. She’s just unhappy after knowing someone is better than her.” Although Qian Libing didn’t stay in the sky outside the sky, he still knew her granddaughter pretty well.


“Okay, Xiang, let’s go back to the classroom, we’re going to have lessons now.” Ijima reminded him. He didn’t care whether Aiko was angry or not. For him, Xiang was the most powerful one among everyone of his age, and he could see Lin Fan in Lin Xiang.


“Oh, then grandpa Ijima and grandpa Qian Libing, I shall go back to class now.” Lin Xiang stood up.


“Go ahead.”


——————In the classroom.


“Xiang, why have you been to the headmaster’s office for so long?” When Lin Xiang returned to the classroom, lunch break was almost over. When Satsuki saw him, she immediately approached him and asked curiously.


“I just had something to discuss with headmaster.” Lin Xiang wasn’t going to tell Satsuki about the sky outside the sky. All in all, it was more dangerous there. When Satsuki could know, Lin Xiang would surely tell her. She’s the true love of the nerdy Lin Xiang.


“Is that so? Um…by the way, what happened to Terayama? And after he dropped off from school, the other two guys dropped off as well.”


“Ugh…I don’t know about it.”


After Ikeuchi was slammed by Lin Xiang, he hit the wall and broke his head. He was lying in the hospital now, and it looked like his brain was terribly shocked. The other guy called Ezaki also had disappeared.


“Is that so? I thought it had something to do with you.” Satsuki felt that their disappearance had something to do with Lin Xiang, but since Lin Xiang said that he didn’t know, she didn’t want to ask further. It’d be even better after Terayama was gone.


“Satsuki.” Lin Xiang called her.

“What…what are you doing?” Satsuki saw that Lin Xiang was looking at her seriously and she blushed.


“Do you want to become stronger?” Lin Xiang believed firmly that it was important for him to become stronger so that he could protect the important people around him. But Freed had already told him that he’s only one person, unless he always brought them along with him. Otherwise, there’s no way for him to care for so many people’s safety. This had reminded Lin Xiang. In case they encountered some danger and he couldn’t be there on time, then what to do?


“Eh? Why did you suddenly ask?” Of course, Satsuki wanted to be stronger, but she couldn’t understand Lin Xiang anymore. He looked so weak, yet he’s so strong. He even defeated the first one in the grade, and this had created a gap between Satsuki and Lin Xiang.


“When you are in danger, I want to protect you, but I am afraid that I can’t help you in time. If you are injured, I will be sad.” After knowing the existence of the sky outside the sky, Lin Xiang changed a bit. He had realized his responsibilities.


“Xiang, really, you have changed a lot from before. I don’t know what happened to you, but you really have changed a lot. You used to talk so little and now you know how to make jokes. You used to give way all the time but now you’re so brave, and you used to be so weak, yet you now can defeat the first one in grade. Also, there’re so many pretty girls around you. I am really afraid of losing you.”


“Silly, haven’t I told you that I’ll always stay by your side? Unless you hate me.” Lin Xiang patted Satsuki’s head.

“Hehe, that’s right, you are my good sister.” Satsuki gently kissed Lin Xiang on the cheek, since Lin Xiang had gotten used to it, he just smiled without responding. Satsuki blushed as well, and this kiss was somewhat different as well, since she didn’t do it to make Kamiki angry. That was a genuine, loving kiss. Just like the first time she kissed Lin Xiang and her heart was beating fast.


“Then, my dear sister, when will you make me stronger?” After a long while, Satsuki asked Lin Xiang who was deep in his thoughts.


“Huh? I’m thinking about it.” Although Lin Xiang wanted to make Satsuki become stronger, he couldn’t do it according to the pace of her natural development, so what exactly should he do?


“Well, there’s something that I need to tell you.”


“Huh, what do you mean, Freed?”


“In fact, Satsuki and the girls have part of our energy in their bodies.”


“Energy? What? Do you mean the dragon’s energy? Is it because of the kiss?”

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