V7C2 Part 4


“No, it was generated by themselves.”


“Are you saying that inside their bodies, there’s part of you as well?”


“No, they just own our energy. You still remember last time she told that she had a dream about you being hit by a car into the sea?”


Lin Xiang thought for a while, she did tell him that. “Yes, she was dreaming, and it’s very similar to what I experienced in another world.”


“You’re wrong, that occurred in the past. When we brought your soul to this world, Satsuki jumped into sea and wanted to save you, but we saw her and brought her soul too. She has since lived inside your body. Do you remember some time ago when you were pretty forgetful? At that time, I’d lied to you by saying that it’s because you have two memories. That’s actually not the case, it’s just because we didn’t want you to know that Satsuki from that world had come along as well. That’s why we tried our best to seal her memory and not to let you feel her existence, and that had caused your forgetfulness. Do you still recall having a dream about me fighting with Yalide? Well, I was trying to stop Satsuki’s memory influence you. However, now you aren’t forgetful anymore, and that’s because you’ve got to know Satsuki more. Her soul is feeling the existence of the main host, and it already returned to her body the first time you kissed. Do you understand?”


After Freed explained all this, Lin Xiang was silent. He looked at Satsuki with his eyes widely open and thought to himself, “no wonder when the nerdy Lin Xiang is alive, Satsuki is always scared, and after knowing him, she got a lot braver. So, that’s because the memory of that world had entered her body?”


“Yes, because her soul used to stay in your body, so there is a little dragon energy. Now the two souls are completely merged into one, consuming the dragon energy, so what had remained now became just a tiny bit, and had just recovered a little.”


“Is that so? So, can Satsuki use the dragon’s roar?” Her power would be greatly increased if she could.

“In theory, it’s possible, but the dragon energy in her body is not even one percent of yours, so it cannot be released at this time. However, if she absorbs the dragon’s soul, then it’ll be a different story.”


“The dragon’s soul?”


“I’ve said before that the dragon race is a special group, they can learn dragon’s roar, killing the dragon, absorbing dragon’s soul and obtain the dragon’s energy. Once Satsuki absorbs the dragon’s soul, then she’ll know how to use dragon’s roar. Since we’re in your body, the speed to increase the dragon’s energy is also much faster than other dragon races, and our energy is purer as well.”


“I see.”


“Well, let’s put this matter aside for now and make the people around you become stronger. Combats is the best teacher. Just like that arrogant girl…what’s her name again? Aiko? She’s so young, and I think she’s in the first grade, yet she already has the power of the second grade. And you know why? That’s because she grew up through lots of combats in the sky outside the sky. Now, look at you all, you’ve been sitting here all day, learning some useless knowledge about fighting. You’ve got the power but you can’t use it, so what’s the use? Also, combats can make you develop your potentials.”


“Well, indeed.”


“So, once you pass the trial, let Satsuki and the others know the existence of another world. Encourage them to train themselves and they’ll become stronger too.”

“Yes, you’re right, Freed. I really can’t be without you.” Freed was really my best partner. Since the transmigration, he’d never stopped helping me. Without him, I’d surely have the life that I’m having now.


“Don’t be so disgusting.”


“Hey, I am also the best, you can’t miss me, right?” Yalide interrupted.


“Yes yes, both you and Freed are the best.”


“Disgusting.” Yalide pretended to be vomiting.


“Do you want to die?” If he could, Lin Xiang really wanted to beat up Yalide.


“Satsuki, there’s something that I can’t tell you now, but just wait for me, I’ll make you, Yorikawa and the others stronger.”


“Okay.” After listening to Lin Xiang, Satsuki smiled widely. She showed her dimples.


“Oh, master is back.” After entering the classroom, Dusty saw Lin Xiang immediately. She told Silent Water behind her before running to Lin Xiang.


“Master, where have you been?” Dusty hugged Lin Xiang and all the boys in the class looked jealous.


Lin Xiang patted Dusty’s head and said helplessly, “Dusty, I’ve already told you that you can’t do this at school.”


“Haha, I’m just too excited~” Dusty laughed and sat on Lin Xiang’s lap.


After Satsuki saw this, she wasn’t as pissed off as before. It’s because Lin Xiang had already promised her that he’d never leave her, and he even promised her to make her stronger. It meant that Lin Xiang was always thinking about her. Also, although he seemed close with this girl, it didn’t seem like a romantic relationship, so there’s probably nothing to worry about.


“Hey, human, where have you been just now?” Reidy walked over. Although her tone was just the same, her attitude seemed to have changed.


“I was in the headmaster’s office and I was talking to the headmaster.”


“What is it about? We were just in the headmaster’s office and the old man said that you’d returned.”

“It’s nothing.” Satsuki was just there looking at Lin Xiang, and he couldn’t say things like “I’ll tell you when I return”. If he did so, Satsuki would surely get angry.


“There’s really nothing?” Reidy didn’t believe that nothing had happened.


“There’s really nothing.” Lin Xiang blinked and hoped Reidy knew what he meant.


Unexpectedly, Reidy thought that Lin Xiang was trying to attract her. She blushed and scolded him, “there is something wrong with your eyes.” And she stopped asking.

Silent Water just smiled sweetly at Lin Xiang. If Lin Xiang decided to tell her that, he definitely would. That’s why she didn’t ask him anything.

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