V7C3 Part 1

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Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C3_The big lake in Demon Realm


“Sister Suehiro is sick, so she can’t go to the battle room.” After school, when Yorikawa came to gather from the next class, Lin Xiang told Satsuki and the 2 other girls.


“Is she sick? Is that serious?” Satsuki asked with care.


“It’s okay, it’s not serious.” Lin Xiang smiled and shook his head. The situation is actually pretty critical, and he had to gather some information in the Demon Realm.


“Did Terayama hurt Suehiro?” Kamiki was pretty smart and she instantly knew more or less what’d happened.


“No, no, didn’t the others say that it’s because their family had gone bankrupt, and they all emigrated?” Lin Xiang was a bit scared by Kamiki’s accurate reasoning.


“The news is not reliable.” Kamiki stared at Lin Xiang, as if she wanted to notice something weird in his eyes. She had a feeling that both Suehiro getting sick and Terayama dropping out of school had to do with Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang felt a little guilty when Kamiki looked at him, he laughed, and said to Yorikawa, “Yorikawa, is your father better?”


“Well, he’s better. Thank you for your concern.” Yorikawa was happy to see Lin Xiang caring about his father. He had never asked her father before, and she thought Lin Xiang must have forgotten about him.


“Next time when you’re free, let’s go see your father together.”




Kamiki knew that Lin Xiang was trying to change the subject, but men usually don’t like suspicious women, Kamiki knew this very well, so she’d rather not interfere if Lin Xiang wasn’t willing to.


After sending Satsuki and the others home, they brought Silent Water to get some vegetables in the supermarket and brought them home.


——————On their way.


“Well, Master, let’s make a burger tonight. I want to eat burgers.” Dusty said so while walking in front of Lin Xiang.


“Hamburger? You didn’t say so in the supermarket. We haven’t got the ingredients to make one, let’s make it next time.”


“No, master, I want to eat it. My master’s burgers are the best. I want to eat burgers before going to the Demon Realm.” Dusty said coyly.


“Okay. Then you go back first, I’m going to buy the ingredients, okay?” Lin Xiang handed the bags to Silent Water.


“No problem, Master, be careful.” Silent Water took the bag and responded gently.


“Um, I’ll go back soon.” While Lin Xiang said so, he walked to the supermarket across the road.


“Wait, buy a piece of toothpaste, as I ran out of toothpaste.” Reidy reminded.


“Got it.” Lin Xiang nodded and walked across the road.


Lin Xiang went to the supermarket again, picked the ingredients to make hamburgers and toothpaste, paid and walked out.

In the evening, there were a lot of people on the road. Lin Xiang was walking on the road and wondered, “how come Dusty likes hamburgers all of a sudden?”


She used to not have much interest in burgers before, but Valarie liked them the most aside from fish…oh? Could Dusty be demanding it for Valarie? After all, Valarie was tagging along if they were to head to Demon Realm the next day. It seems that they were pretty close.


While he was thinking about it, Lin Xiang suddenly bumped into a girl.


“Ah.” The girl yelled in a nice voice after she was hit, and after a few steps back, the big sunglasses on her face fell to the ground.


“Ah, I’m sorry.” Lin Xiang didn’t expect that he would bump into someone, so he squatted down and picked up her sunglasses.


“Your sunglasses.” Lin Xiang stood up and handed the sunglasses to the girl.


The girl was wearing a peaked cap, and she pressed the hat very low, so Lin Xiang couldn’t see her face.


The girl had black hair and pure skin. It was summer but she was wearing a lot, it’s like she’s trying to avoid people from seeing her, just like the celebrities.


The girl took the sunglasses and slowly raised her head. Lin Xiang’s eyes met with a pair of bright ones. At that moment, the girl’s eyes seemed to have given Lin Xiang an electric shock.

The girl was quite beautiful, and she’s as pretty as Silent Water, she’s got perfect skin and there were absolutely no flaws on her face. Also, her facial features were very delicate, and everyone who’d seen her would never forget her. Her eyes were especially attractive, and Lin Xiang seemed to have seen her somewhere but he couldn’t recall when. Most likely, only beautiful girls could give such an impression.


Seeing Lin Xiang shocked, the girl smiled and her mouth became arc-shaped. She put on her sunglasses elegantly and covered her beautiful eyes. When the sunglasses were on her face, she really showed a unique personality.


“Uh…sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. Are you okay?”


The girl shook her head, “it’s okay.”


The girl’s voice was as beautiful as the sound of nature and as clear as a wind chime, and it’s unforgettable, just like her face.


“Oh, then I’ll go first.” After making sure that he hadn’t hurt her, Lin Xiang took the vegetables and was going to leave.


The girl was a bit shocked after seeing this. Could this guy not know her at all?


“Hey, wait a minute.” The girl shouted to Lin Xiang.


“What’s the matter?” Lin Xiang turned his head in confusion and looked at the girl.

“Don’t you…don’t you know who I am?” the girl asked.


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