V7C3 Part 2

“Who…Who are you?” Lin Xiang remembered that he had seen the girl somewhere, but he really couldn’t recall it exactly.


“You really don’t know me?” After hearing Lin Xiang’s answer, the girl couldn’t believe her ears. The sunglasses on her face slipped down from the bridge of her nose.


“I really don’t know you, have we seen each other before?” “No, it’s our first time seeing each other.” The girl shook her head.


“Oh, then it’s okay. Goodbye.” After that, Lin Xiang strode forward. The girl was looking at his back blankly and she murmured to herself, “strange, he’s obviously wearing the uniform from Pillar Nofu Academy, how can he not recognize me?”


——At home.


“You were too slow! What were you doing?” Reidy asked in the hallway.


“Me? I didn’t do anything, what’s wrong?”


“You still asked me what’s wrong? We thought you could catch up, and we deliberately walked more slowly. And you still couldn’t catch up with us.” Reidy pinched her waist and said in anger. She was irritated, as she deliberately walked more slowly and waited for him. The guys on the streets looked at her and Silent Water strangely, and she really hated that.

“Uh… I just met a strange person. Okay, Reidy, I’m sorry that I’m back late.”


“Humph~” After hearing Lin Xiang’s apology, Reidy felt a lot better. She turned away and returned to her room.




“So there is a place called the sky outside the sky?” After dinner, Lin Xiang told them about what he was talking with the headmaster, and Reidy was a bit shocked.


“Yeah, I didn’t expect it either.”


“Then Master, when you go for the trial, for the title of exorcist, will you bring us?” Dusty asked, as she really wanted to tag along.


“Well, I don’t know, maybe not. After all, it’s too dangerous over there.”


“Dangerous? Then why do you want to go? Is it really important to get the title?” Reidy asked him.


“Well…” Lin Xiang scratched his head, “I don’t know. I’ll decide then.”


“Please be more serious.”

“Reidy, no matter what, we have to respect our master’s decision, you know?” Silent Water said so, and she was sitting on the side and cleaning up the dishes.


“But…” Reidy looked at Lin Xiang and her eyes were full of worries. It turned out that there were even more powerful demons in another space, then human beings might be in danger…


“Let’s. Not. Talk about. Sky. Outside. The sky. You will. Go to. Demon Realm. Tomorrow. Right.” After eating the hamburgers, Valarie wiped her mouth, drank a cup of tea and looked really relaxed.


“Yeah. You will go with us tomorrow, right?”


“Yeah. I’ve left. Demon Realm. For too. Long. I have to. Guard. The territory.” Valarie nodded.


“Is that so? Then let’s go back together.”


“Hey human, I have to go home once. I haven’t been home for a long time.” Reidy thought of Oyi and wanted to go back and see her. “Okay.” Lin Xiang nodded, maybe it would be easier to find Fire Nuts in the Spirits’ Country.


“You’re making it sound so simple, do you have a way to go to the Demon Realm?” Reidy heard from people at home that from the Demon Realm to the humans’ world, you need to look for a weak spatial structure for the teleportation magic to work. Moreover, teleportation magic was not so easy to master, and Silent Water’s mother only learned teleportation magic after more than 20 years of research.

Of course, the spirits, after being contracted, could use the teleportation magic to be transferred to the master. It only worked when it’s their master.


“Yes, you will know tomorrow.”




After getting up in the morning and having breakfast, Lin Xiang took the girls to the woods near his home.


“It might be dangerous later. I’ll go with Valarie first. Then, use the teleportation magic to get yourselves transferred, okay?” Lin Xiang still remembered going to the Demon Realm. He went there twice, and both times were horribly tough. The first time he fell into the water, and he almost fell and got killed the second time. Fortunately, there were many trees where he fell.


“I don’t want it.” Reidy was the first to object.




“Why is it dangerous? It’s just the Demon Realm. Are you telling us that where you’re going is the nest of the demons”?


“That’s not the case, it’s just that there is a certain extent of danger. Just listen to me and come later.”


Seeing that Lin Xiang was so serious and that Silent Water didn’t object, Reidy nodded, “okay then.”

“Yeah.” Lin Xiang replied, using Yalide’s ability to cut the space, forming a rift. Valarie was initially without any facial expression, and she opened her eyes widely after seeing this. Her mouth also became O-shaped. After Silent Water and Reidy saw it, they looked shocked as well. Only Dusty didn’t know what’d happened, as she felt like she’d just seen a dimensional rift.


“You really are. Strange. Human.” This was Valarie’s feedback for Lin Xiang.


“Ha, it’s okay.” Lin Xiang waited for Silent Water, “wait a while, Silent Water will go there first, you all probably have to wait for about five minutes, okay?” As they would land on a lake, Lin Xiang decided to let Silent Water go there first. He didn’t want Reidy and Dusty to get choked by the water.


“Okay, I see.” Reidy waved her hand.


“Remember.” Lin Xiang reminded once more. Then, he held Valarie’s hand and walked into the rift.

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