V7C3 Part 3


Since he returned from the Demon Realm, Lin Xiang knew that Yalide could control the path of the rift. He asked Yalide to set his destination as the big lake where he first arrived in the Demon Realm, so that he would not be injured when he landed there.


After entering the rift, Lin Xiang and Valarie immediately slid down in the black, slide-like spatial membrane. “It’s really dark here.” Although Valarie hadn’t been to the spatial membrane, she was not afraid at all. She held Lin Xiang while releasing a ball of flames with the other hand.

“Yeah, it’s always dark here.”


The dragon flame brought a ray of light to the dark space. And as there was no light before, Lin Xiang hadn’t seen what the spatial membrane was like. Now, under the illumination of the dragon flame, he saw that under his butt, there was a layer of something similar to a transparent water membrane, and below the water membrane, some black substance was flowing underneath. Yalide told Lin Xiang that with that substance, demons couldn’t get to the human world easily.


“Have you been. Here. Many times…?”


“Not many, just twice. Do you remember the last time I met you in Fire Dragon Valley? That was the second time I went to the Demon Realm.”


“I see. Oh. Light. Underneath.” Valarie saw a stream of light under her feet.


“It’s almost the exit, Valarie, hold your body tightly.”


“Oh.” Valarie let go of Lin Xiang’s hand and hugged her body after sliding out of the spatial membrane. The strong light prevented her from seeing what was below, but Valarie knew that whatever it was, Lin Xiang would never hurt her.


“Boom!” With a noise, Lin Xiang and Valarie fell into a lake and water splashed more than ten meters high. Lin Xiang did not feel any physical pain this time, he was only a little sore and numb, and he quickly surfaced. He waited for a while and saw that Valarie was gone.

“Valarie?” Lin Xiang shouted.


Wait, Valarie’s a fire dragon and she couldn’t be in the water…damn it!


When thinking of this, Lin Xiang immediately dived into the lake. The lake was not polluted like in the human world, it was very clear. Lin Xiang dived for some distance and saw Valarie sinking with bubbles in her mouth and her eyes were closed.


“Damn, why don’t you tell me this, Freed?” Lin Xiang blamed Freed for not reminding him that Valarie could not get into water. Although he wasn’t so forgetful anymore, he couldn’t know everything in the world.


“Hey, unless it’s fatal, otherwise we won’t notify you. Just like an eagle, when the young eagle grows up, the mother will take it off the cliff. This does not mean that the mother is cruel, but it’s to let the young eagle learn to fly. You are a human being. You are going to learn through mistakes, right?”


“So you think that you’re right? If something happens to Valarie, I won’t forget you.” Lin Xiang tried to swim faster, and soon grabbed Valarie’s fiery arm in the bottomless lake. He tried very hard to take her upstream.


“Guru~” There was a wave of fluctuations from the bottom of the water, and Lin Xiang could feel the lake around him rippling. This was not caused by his own swimming, but something else was swimming. Just below myself.


What was coming?

“It’s the gigantic creature that Freed mentioned last time.” What the hell, what sort of giant creature could make the lake tremble like this?


“The Island Whale.”


“Are you lying? Aren’t all whales swim in the sea? This is a lake.”


“Don’t use the common sense of human to define the Demon Realm. It is normal for island whales to live on this large lake. Didn’t you find that the lake is so deep? It is perfectly possible to accommodate an island whale.”


“Then why didn’t the whale chase us last time?” Lin Xiang felt that the flow under the water was more obvious.


“If you sleep at home and are suddenly awaken, and you also find a stranger in your house, what do you do?”


“Of course I’d beat him up. Wait…I think I swam to its territory?” Lin Xiang seemed to get what Yalide was trying to say.


“Yes, so son, you’d better hurry up.”

After Yalide said so, Lin Xiang grabbed Valarie’s waist and quickly moved upstream. He was getting nearer to the surface of the lake, but Lin Xiang used his peripheral vision and he saw something giant under him opening its bloody mouth, releasing a suction, and the surrounding water was sucked in. The suction pulled Lin Xiang into the mouth of the island whale.


Although Lin Xiang swam with a lot of strength, he still flowed towards the big mouth of the island whale at a certain speed. He’s farther and farther from the surface of the lake, and closer to death.


Oh my God, they were definitely going to Hell this time. Lin Xiang started to find it hard to breathe, and he needed oxygen after so much movement under the water. Also, Valarie just passed out. It’s not looking good.


Suddenly, a blue light appeared, Silent Water had felt the emotional fluctuation of Lin Xiang and she instantly transferred herself over.


Silent Water was a spirit of water attribute, and she could live anywhere with water.  As soon as she appeared, she grabbed Lin Xiang’s hand at once and went upstream against the current. Then, her other hand turned around in the water, and a water tornado quickly hit the island whale’s mouth. The island whale was huge and it got thick skin, it also had remarkably high defense power. The water tornado didn’t work for it and it continued to move forward unhindered.


However, its suction didn’t work for Silent Water either. That’s why Silent Water could quickly pull Lin Xiang out of the lake and got to the shore.

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