V7C3 Part 4

After Lin Xiang got out of the lake, he took a deep breath of fresh air. He sat on the shore while watching the island whales spewing water. Just now, Lin Xiang hadn’t seen the appearance of the island whale clearly, but now he could.


The island whale, like its name, was as big as an island, as it had been dormant underwater for a long time, some plants grew on its upper back. If it stayed still, it really looked just like an island.


“Freed, you bastard, isn’t this a fatal mistake? We were almost eaten alive.” Lin Xiang scolded.


“Son, do you understand anything now?” Freed asked.


“What?” “If it weren’t for the water spirit, you’d have died by now.”


“Yeah, and wasn’t that your mistake?”


“It seems that you still haven’t got it. You would have died without the water spirit. Don’t you understand that the power of a human being is limited, and he can only become stronger with the help of his partners?”




“So, in the future, don’t prevent them from fighting just because you’re afraid of them getting hurt. If you continue to be like this, then not only you’ll die, but you’ll also break their heart. You understand?” Lin Xiang nodded.

“Well, it’s good that you understand now. The sky outside the sky is an unknown place, and it’s even more dangerous than the Demon Realm. Aside from possessing really great power, you’d better ask for help when needed.”


“Got it.” Lin Xiang was silent, and Freed knew that he’d already started thinking things over.


The island whale saw that the tiny creatures which had disturbed its sleep and intruded its territory getting back to the shore, it returned to the lake. It ate several times per year and that day happened to be the day when it ate. After it dived back to the lake, it started eating some big fish living deep down the lake.


“Silent Water, fortunately, I have you.” After seeing the island whale getting back to the lake, Lin Xiang thanked Silent Water who’s taking care of Valarie. He had understood something, that he shouldn’t try too hard if he couldn’t do it.


“No, this is what Silent Water should do. Master, the fire dragon drank too much water and she passed out.” While Silent Water said so, she pressed the stomach of Valarie. “Cough…Cough…” Valarie vomited several mouthfuls of water and slightly opened her eyes.


“Valarie, are you okay?” Lin Xiang sat beside Valarie and looked at her while blaming himself. If he chose lava instead of water, then Valarie wouldn’t suffer so much.


Valarie shook her head and got up. Suddenly, there’s fire all over her body, and white smoke came up as well. Lin Xiang was shocked, thinking that she must be angry. However, the next second, she put off the fire. She was just making the water on her body evaporate.

“Water. I always. Hate. No matter. How strong. I am. I am. Powerless. When. I’m. In the water.” Valarie recalled the powerless feeling after she fell into the lake and sighed. Then, she looked at Lin Xiang and said, “I. Am. Ashamed. I need. To go. Back to. Fire Valley. You can. Call me. Or. See me.” Afterwards, the petite figure of Valarie started walking to a direction.


“Yeah, I’ll come and see you.” Lin Xiang understood that once they arrived the Demon Realm, it’s time to part. He couldn’t take Valarie to the Spirits’ Country or he’d cause more chaos. The citizens there firmly believed that dragons were evil creatures.


“Oh. Remember. To bring. Snacks.” Valarie turned around and reminded Lin Xiang. “Haha, I will.” Lin Xiang laughed happily. Comparatively, Valarie had become more humorous. At least she could make jokes now.


After watching Valarie disappearing in the woods, Silent Water started to squeeze water out of Lin Xiang’s clothes, “master, the fire dragon is actually quite nice.”


“Yeah, Silent Water, not all dragons are brutal and murderous, at least not Valarie.” Lin Xiang sighed. At this time, Reidy and Dusty transferred themselves through teleportation magic.

After knowing that Lin Xiang was almost eaten by an island whale just now, the first thing Reidy did was to scold Lin Xiang. How could he provoke such a wild and heavy spirit like the island whale? She only stopped scolding him after finding out that he didn’t do it on purpose. Then, she led Lin Xiang and the others to the Spirits’ Country.


“Actually, this is the first time that I’m out here, so…” When Reidy was about to go to Delsa, her hometown, she realized that she didn’t know the way.


“Uh…” Lin Xiang was silent for a moment, then he asked, “is there any place that you know that’s near Delsa? For example, a forest or a lake.”


“Oh, now you’ve reminded me, there seems to be a forest nearby that’s called hundred forests or something…” Reidy couldn’t recall the name.


“Is it the Hundred Fortune Forest?”


“Yes, eh? How did you know?” Reidy was a little surprised to learn that Lin Xiang would know about it as a human.


“Well, you don’t need to worry about it. Just follow me then.” Lin Xiang started leading them.


“You are so arrogant, I will teach you a lesson when I’m back to the castle.”


In fact, Lin Xiang knew the way as there’s a map of the Demon Realm in Yalide’s brain. Although it’s a map from one thousand years ago and it didn’t show the villages of the spirits, some places’ names were unchanged. At that time, he saw Reidy in a forest that’s not so far from there, and since she ran away from home, Lin Xiang knew that she didn’t live so far away. After Reidy mentioned about the forest, Yalide found it immediately. According to the map, the Hundred Fortune Forest was about 100 meters away from where they were.

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