V7C4 Part 1


chapter 1/10 for November 2020

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C4_First time to Delsa


“Human, I can’t do it anymore. I’m so tired, let’s take a rest.” After a certain distance, Reidy who’s leading the way said to Lin Xiang pathetically.


“Uh…well, no problem.” Lin Xiang nodded.


Although Reidy was a spirit, she’s still a little girl. She had to rest for a while, and Lin Xiang wouldn’t say no.


“Huh? Don’t you want to go anymore?” Dusty, who saw Reidy stopped near a tree, asked and stopped as well.


“Do you think everyone is like you, or the damn human? You both never get tired.” Reidy complained.


After walking for so long, Reidy’s clothes were soaked with sweat. Silent Water was a water spirit, and although she didn’t sweat, she also looked tired. However, Lin Xiang and Dusty looked completely fine.


“I get tired too.” Lin Xiang wiped the sweat from his forehead and sat down next to Reidy.


“Go away, go away, it’s hot to death.” Reidy pressed Lin Xiang’s arm with her tender and pale elbow.


“Oh.” Lin Xiang moved his butt and sat a little apart.

“Does the master get hot as well?” Silent Water sat down beside Lin Xiang, touching his forehead with cold hands to cool him down.


“It’s okay. It seems that it’s also summer in the Demon Realm.” Lin Xiang secretly thought that Silent Water’s magic could come to handy, since it could cool him down.


“Summer? It’s indeed summer. The annual strong spirit contest held by Deli Temple would take place soon.” After seeing Silent Water helping Lin Xiang to cool down, Reidy felt a bit jealous and she grabbed Lin Xiang’s warm hand.


Lin Xiang didn’t have any reactions, he only asked, “what is the contest about?”

“The Spirit Palace is the highest jurisdiction of the Spirit’s Country. The Spirit King dominates the power of the whole country. Although it is the highest jurisdiction, the Deli Temple is not restricted by it. It is located in the Deli Mountain behind the Spirit Palace. When dealing with the outside world, the great Spirit King must obey the words of the elders of the Deli Temple. The elders there have powerful abilities, and every year, they select the winners in the contest for guidance and training. As long as they are trained by the guidance of the spirits, their strength will be dramatically increased.”

“Is that so?”


A few birds flew past the blood-red sky from time to time. Lin Xiang and the girls waited for a while before continuing their journey.




“Dusty, turn left ahead.”




After walking for a while, Reidy got tired again. It was already noon. Lin Xiang chose a grassland where he could rest and sat down beside a tree.


“Master, Sister Silent Water, Sister Reidy, are you thirsty? I’m a little thirsty, can I go to the neighborhood to find some water?” Dusty saw Lin Xiang sitting down, and thought that it’s time to take a break too.

“Sure, I’m a bit thirty too. Dusty, you need to pay attention to the surrounding environment and don’t go too far.” Lin Xiang reminded her.

“I understand, Master.” Dusty quickly ran into the bushes after getting Lin Xiang’s permission.


“Hey, human, aren’t you afraid that Dusty will be in danger?” Reidy looked at the disappearing figure of Dusty with some worries.


“It’s okay, there are no demons around here.”


“How do you know?”


“Well, don’t bother about it.” Lin Xiang smiled. Yalide was a demon administrator, he could at least sense the devil’s breath within one kilometer.


“Huh, you’re just trying to be mysterious.” Reidy knew that Lin Xiang, knew much more about the Demon Realm than the spirits in the local area, and she firmly believed in what he said.


After a while, Dusty rushed out of the woods, biting a cyan fruit in her mouth, and holding one in her hand, “Master. I found water, but I can’t take it back as I have no container. There is also this sour and delicious fruit near the water source.” Dusty handed the fruit as big as an apple to Lin Xiang.

“Oh? Really?” Lin Xiang stood up and took the fruit. After Yalide checked it for a while, Lin Xiang handed it to Silent Water and led them out of the woods.


After drinking some water and eating some fruit, Reidy felt that she’d had enough rest. Lin Xiang led the three girls to continue the way. After some time, Reidy seemed to regain her memory of the path.


“This seems to be the Hundred Fortune Forest around Delsa.” As soon as Reidy said so, a tiger man of about 2m high approached them, there’s a big container on his broad shoulders. After seeing Reidy, he was shocked, then he ran over her.


“Sister Reidy? Sister Reidy? Is it really you?” There’s little excitement in his voice.


“Who are you?” Reidy took a step back when seeing the tiger man leaning over.


“Toby, I’m Toby, Sister Reidy.” The tiger man called Toby said so.


“I don’t know you, or do I?” Reidy didn’t recognize anyone called Toby.


“Two months ago, when you tried escaped, you hid under my plank?” Toby didn’t really mind that Reidy had already forgotten him.


“I vaguely remember…” Reidy thought for a while and she seemed to have recalled something. She then asked, “what’s the matter then?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I was just very surprised, you know? After you left, the people said that you were killed by the demons outside. Have you realized how regretful I was? I really regretted for not telling the guard the whereabouts of you, and I thought that I’d harmed you. Now that I’ve seen you coming back, I’m really…really…”


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