V7C4 Part 2

As he couldn’t find Reidy, rumors that Reidy was killed by wild spirits and demons were spread everywhere. Toby was originally a simple and honest tiger man. He thought he had caused the murder of Reidy and he had been unable to sleep well for the past two months. Now that he finally saw Reidy in front of him, he’s very emotional.


“Huh? These three are…Huh? Humans?” At this moment, Toby saw Lin Xiang and he face got darkened.


“What’s wrong with humans? He is my subordinate.”


“Subordinate?” Hearing that Reidy calling Lin Xiang her subordinate, Toby looked at Reidy full of admiration. As expected, as sister Reidy from the Reiworth family, she could even conquer the evil human beings. How powerful she was!


“Hey, don’t get in the way, I have to go home. Go on with whatever you were doing.” Reidy didn’t care what way Toby looked at her. She just wanted to return home soon.

“Yes, yes, I’m going to get some water first, sister Reidy, I wish you a safe trip home.” Toby bowed to Reidy, returned to the big container, lifted it and walked towards the direction where Lin Xiang was.


“Is he your friend?” Lin Xiang asked. He didn’t expect to see aliens that Qian Libing once mentioned.


“He’s not.” Rediy shook her head and took Lin Xiang and the others to Delsa. The spirits who went out to pick up materials all the way pointed at Lin Xiang and the girls.


“Isn’t that a human?”


“It seems so, I can’t feel that he is our kind.”


“Why are human beings here? And there seems to be three noble spirits beside him.”


“He can’t be a bad guy?”


“Probably not, he and the three noble spirits are laughing.”


“Let’s go and take a look.”

Gradually, Lin Xiang’s existence attracted many humanoid spirits of lower level, and they all followed behind the four and came to the east gate of Delsa.


The city guard saw a large group of spirits coming back from a distance, and looked at the sky with some doubt. It’s not dark yet, why would they return so early?


When the crowd approached, the guards discovered that there were four people leading, three of whom were girls who looked like noble spirits, and among the girls, there was a human…?


No way, now that there’s an evil human being, he had to notify the captain of the guards. One of the guards ran toward the garrison and the other tried to buy some time.


“Who are you guys?”


“Go away, your sister is going home.” Reidy said quietly. Reidy already felt annoyed, as she recalled how many questions she had to answer when she escaped, she didn’t want her return journey to be this troublesome again.


The guard immediately became angry when he saw that Reidy was so unkind, “this is the city of Delsa, not a place allowing you to do whatever you want.”


“I told you to go away.”


There are many humanoid spirits in the Spirit’s Country, but apart from the noble spirits, the rest of them weren’t very smart ones, just like Toby the tiger man, his intelligence level was quite low and he didn’t know how to lie.

“Bastard!” The guard was an electric humanoid. Any humanoid spirits who could become guards were all intelligent enough. He was furious about how Reidy insulted them. There was purple lightning in his hand and he wanted to attack her with Thunder Cut.


Reidy snorted disdainfully. She had never been scared of such kind of childish attacks.


This guy wanted to attack his spirit. Of course, Lin Xiang would never agree to it. Just when Lin Xiang was about to stop him, the captain ran over from a far distance and yelled, “stop!!!”


But the captain of the guards was still too slow. The guard had already slapped Reidy, yet he didn’t use full force. Lin Xiang grabbed it and flipped it outward. The lightning in the guard’s hand suddenly disappeared, the guard felt painful and knelt on the ground.


“Let go!” The guard did not expect Lin Xiang to move so fast, and with just one move, he couldn’t continue his attack. For guards who had never been in contact with the human’s world, he would never know that it’s only a simple capturing technique.


“Fool.” Lin Xiang ignored him, and asked Reidy, “aren’t you a very powerful sister? Why are the guards attacking you?”


“My family is in the center of the city, and has never left Delsa. It’s normal for the city guards to not know me.” Reidy explained to the guard who ran over after a while, “my father is Reiworth Reggie. And my name is Reisworth Reidy. So, do you know me now?”

If the captain of the guard answered that he didn’t know her, then Reidy intended to just run back home, as even explanation would be useless anyway.


“I know, of course I do. Sister Reiworth Reidy, we have been looking for you for over two months now. It is great that you are back now.” Two months ago, a thunder spirit escaped after attacking a guard. At that time, the captain was furious and wanted to close the city gate and let her die outside. Later, after knowing that the thunder spirit happened to be Reidy, the captain regretted his decision and sent his people to look for her under great pressure.  After searching for a month, he gave up. And he’s more than happy after seeing Reidy return.


The captain of the guard nodded and bowed to Reidy, then glanced at Lin Xiang, “this human being is…”


“Have I allowed you to call him ‘this human being’? It’s only me who can call him that. He’s my subordinate, you can just call him Master Lin Xiang.”

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