V7C4 Part 3


“Yes, yes. Master Lin Xiang. Could you please let go of my men?”


“Yes.” Lin Xiang nodded and released his hand. After the guards said Reidy’s name, the resistance of the subdued guards obviously subsided. He was not worried that the guards would counterattack.


After the guards were released, they knelt down to Lin Xiang and the others, “we’re sorry, sister Reidy, sorry, master Lin Xiang. We’re really sorry for being impulsive.”

“It’s okay, Reidy was just being too harsh.” Lin Xiang wasn’t an unreasonable person. In this matter, Reidy was the one who’s at fault. If she had stayed a bit more patient, then the guard wouldn’t start attacking.


“Humph~” Reidy snorted with dissatisfaction.

“Thank you, thank you.” Although Lin Xiang’s words didn’t work for the guard, since Reidy didn’t say anything further, it meant that she agreed to them. He hurriedly stood up and squeezed himself into the team.


“Then, sister Reidy, since you’re here, do you want to go home directly? Master Reggie and Remi are very worried about you.”


“How can someone stop here and want me to go back at the same time?” Reidy felt that the guard was stupider than she’d expected.


“Sorry, sorry, I will retreat immediately. Hey, don’t block the city gate and let sister Reidy enter.” The captain of the guards shouted, and the hundreds of guards standing by the gate were all lined up in two rows, giving way to a path.


“Let’s go, go to my house.” Reidy said, leading to the city gate.

After walking past the city gate, Lin Xiang found that the sky there was no different than that of human’s world. Both were blue. Lin Xiang, who was used to the blue sky, certainly didn’t like the red sky outside as it looked uncomfortable.


Many spirits followed behind for the excitement because of the arrival of Lin Xiang, a human being. After all, some of them had already lived for a hundred years but had never seen any human beings. Now that Lin Xiang was here, they only wanted to see how he looked like for curiosity.


“This is a human being, hmm…actually not that good-looking” A lizard-like spirit said with his tongue out.


“Not really, but human beings seem to be very smart.”


“Smart? Is he as smart as I am? You brought me two flowers yesterday and one today, so now I have three together. See how smart I am, can he calculate it?” The pig-like spirit said.


“With your level of intelligence? The noble spirits can manage the number of items in the entire city. Can you manage it? Some noble spirits are not as smart as humans. You pig brain.” His companion said sarcastically.


“Yes, some people despise the arrogant attitude of the noble spirits, but in fact, they have every right to have this attitude, as they are the most capable, the most intelligent, and they’re the reason we’re having such a peaceful life.”

After walking for a long time, Lin Xiang and the girls attracted more people to look at them, and they soon arrived at a big iron gate.


Looking in from the gate, there was a park with some flowers and grass, a fountain with chairs, and a large stone road leading directly to a castle.


The structure of the castle was no different from some luxurious castles in the human’s world. It was about ten stories high. The first floor was about two hundred meters wide, and the area decreased with each floor. The top floor was about 100 square meters, and there was a striking lightning sign on the top floor. It seemed to be Reidy’s home, the Thunder Castle.


Spirits kept coming out of the Thunder Castle, and the spirits that came out looked just like human beings, with some slight differences, unlike Silent Water who looked exactly like a human being.


Among the spirits that were walking out, there was one that looked like an old woman. There’s grey hair in her black hair. After seeing Reidy, her hollow eyes suddenly became wet and her voice was trembling, “sister Reidy? You’re back finally?”


“Well, Oyi, I’m back.” The reason why Reidy returned was indeed to see the old spirit that had brought her up. She immediately walked over and hugged Oyi. Oyi’s hands were shaking and she stroked Reidy’s head, “you’re finally back, it’s good that you’re finally back.”


“Oyi, don’t cry, there is nothing to cry about.” Reidy patted Oyi on the back. At this time, she seemed to realize that she had been away for so long and had not contacted her family ever since. And even if her father didn’t care about her, Oyi would still do. Also, Oyi didn’t have grey hair before her departure. When Reidy thought of this, her eyes became wet too.

“I thought I’d lost you. And now you’re back in good shape, how can I not to be happy?” Oyi wiped her tears, “sister, you know what? After you left, I worried day and night, and some people told me that you were eaten by some wild spirit…”


“Okay, Oyi, aren’t I back now? See.” Reidy let go of Oyi and jumped a few times, indicating her that she’s been doing fine.


“Yes, yes, sister is back. Right? These three are…” Oyi calmed down and noticed Lin Xiang and the two others.


“Oh? This is Silent Water, this is Dusty, this is Lin Xiang, my…my master.” When Reidy introduced Lin Xiang as her master, her voice was as low as a mosquito and her cheeks blushed.


“Huh? Master?” Oyi didn’t believe her ears. Has sister contracted with a human being?


“Yeah. However, it was him who insisted that I’d become his spirit, and I had to say yes. It’s not me who’s willing to.” Reidy said with guilt.


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