V7C5 Part 1

chapter 2/10 For November 2020

Simple Life of Killing Demons



What’s so special with this human being? How could he convince Reidy to contract him?


Oyi looked at Lin Xiang up and down for a moment, his height was about the same as Master Remi, but not as handsome as him. Apart from his appearance, Oyi really couldn’t see Lin Xiang’s ability. However, she believed that there’s a reason why Reidy would do so. She bowed to Lin Xiang, “Nice to meet you, master Lin Xiang. Sister Silent Water, sister Dusty, nice to meet you too.”


Lin Xiang smiled, nodded and said hello. Silent Water politely bowed to Oyi and said, “auntie Oyi, nice to meet you.” Dusty also did the same.


“You don’t need to call me auntie, just call me Oyi.” Since two spirits that looked like nobles greeted her, Oyi was quite happy. However, if they happened to be real noble spirits, then she couldn’t take it.


“By the way, Oyi, is my father back?” Reidy hadn’t seen her for so long, and she guessed that he must have been outside again.


“Master didn’t come back…” As soon as Oyi said so, Reidy shook her head, “I knew it.”

“No, no, no, sister, the master cares about you very much. For more than two months, the master has not given up looking for you. As he is too tired, he’s now resting in Ketudo City.”


“Huh?” Reidy didn’t expect that her strong father would get exhausted, and she went speechless.


“Sister, you don’t have to blame yourself. Master will definitely return home often after this incident.”


“No, I don’t plan to stay at home, I am planning to visit the sky outside the sky with this human.”


“The sky outside the sky? Where is that?”


“Oyi, you don’t know about it. Anyway, I’m actually here today to say goodbye to you, I’m now living in the human’s world.”


“What? Sister, there are all human beings.” As soon as Reidy said so, the spirits around them started discussing.


In the eyes of the spirits, human beings are inexcusable, they arrived at the Demon Realm to hurt the spirits, then brought them back to the human’s world as slaves. If the Spirits’ Country wasn’t located in a relatively remote place in the Demon Realm, all the citizens would have been captured to the human’s world long time ago.


“Yes, human beings are really disgusting.” Reidy recalled the attitude of those upper class people when she first went to school. And she remembered how angry she was when Terayama tried to kiss her forcefully.



“Grandma Oyi, in fact, human beings are not all evil, there are also human beings who are kind as master.” Silent Water added.


“I know this, after all, it is the master chosen by sister. But sister Silent Water, didn’t those crazy human beings try to capture you when you walked out on the streets?”


“Yes! But he is dead.” At this time, Reidy’s facial expression had gotten better, and she’s really glad that she’d met Lin Xiang.


“The human’s world is so horrifying.”


“Yes, yes, humans are evil creatures.”


The spirits all exclaimed.


“No, my master is very good.” Dusty hugged Lin Xiang’s arm and stared fiercely at the spirits who looked at Lin Xiang with malicious eyes.


“Maybe he’s just pretending. Since the Reiworth family has brought us a human being, perhaps Delsa is going to be wiped away by the humans.” There was suddenly a voice behind them.

The spirits there weren’t very clever. After hearing about such risks, they immediately acted defensive towards Lin Xiang. In their eyes, the extent of danger far exceeded demons. Usually, dragons wouldn’t enter their territory, and it would be fine even they were disturbed.


“Yeah, yeah. Humans are evil creatures, and we should drive him out of Delsa.”


“Yes, yes.”


“Drive him away.”




“My master is not such a person, Silent Water can guarantee it.” After seeing the spirits’ reaction, Spirit Water hurriedly defended for her master.


“Yes, my master is really different from any other human beings.” After Dusty arrived at the human’s world, she ended up in a construction site and she suffered a lot there. After escaping from it, she was bullied by human children, it’s her master that had saved her and brought her home. Could anyone else do the same?


“Calm down, everyone, sister’s master is definitely not that kind of human being. Please calm down.” Oyi’s voice seemed weak when facing the group of spirits shouting to expel Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang had no words. In the crowd, he saw a man with black hair and sharp eyes looking at him. He did not shout like the other spirits, but he was just looking at Lin Xiang with a smile. It looked like that he was the one who just said something.


“Shut up, you all!” Reidy yelled, her voice as loud as thunder, and it instantly overwhelmed the voices of the other spirits. The weaker spirits even fainted on the ground because she was too loud. The thunder energy emitted from Reidy was too strong and it made people uncomfortable.


Everyone got quiet after she yelled; only the lightning on her body continued to emit noises.


“Lin Xiang is not such a person. I can guarantee in the name of Reiworth, that my master isn’t that kind of person!” Reidy’s voice was very strong and determined, showing how much trust she had for Lin Xiang.


After listening to Reidy, the spirits all looked at each other. Reidy even used the name of her family as guarantee. The noble spirits cared about their reputation the most, as the status of their family would lower if their reputation was hurt, they might even get expelled from the Spirits’ Country. The last thing they wanted was to live in the horrifying outside world after leaving Spirits’ Country.


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