V7C5 Part 2


“Since we have your guarantee, then we’ll believe him. Also, his spiritual power is so low, he can’t threaten us.”


“Yes. And he looks very kind, we believe him.”

“Yes, yes.”




The spirits there were all very passive and they could change along with the situation.

“Thank you, everyone.” Lin Xiang, who was silent from the beginning, said, “I can guarantee that I am definitely not that kind of person. If so, no, there’s no if. Whoever is still questioning me, please stand up, I am willing to explain to him.”


“Huh~A trivial human dared to shout here. This is a subsidiary city of the Spirits’ Country, Delsa. It is not a place for you humans.” A boy with black hair walked out from the crowd. He had a pair of charming eyes, nice facial features. In the human’s world, he would be a handsome guy. He was the eldest son of the mist family, Taroma who proposed marriage to Reidy two months ago.


“I don’t know, so, what suggestions do you have for me, spirit brother?”


“Everyone knows that human beings are evil creatures and the representation of greed. Since you are human, then…” When Taroma said so, he paused a bit before he continued, “Let me ask you, as the eldest son of our family, how am I supposed to easily trust you?”

The family of Taroma, the Terran family was not well-known in the Spirits’ Country. In order to enhance its status, the family asked Taroma to visit the wind family of Delsa City and proposed marriage to Wind Chimes. Taroma was unwilling at first, but for the sake of the family, he had to do so. After coming to Delsa from his own city, he instantly proposed to the Wind family, and he thought that he’d succeed at once with his good looks. Unexpectedly, Wind Chimes didn’t like him at all. Taroma didn’t give up and he still looked for Wind Chimes after a few days. He insisted after failing twice, and Wind Chimes decided to leave home and became a guest in Reidy’s home. Out of some reason, Taroma got the whereabouts of Wind Chimes and he went to look for her in the Thunder Castle. Once he did, he was attracted by the elegant style of Reidy and fell in love with her. After he returned home and discussed with his parents, they all agreed that he’d propose to Reidy.


Reidy had a bad temperament but Taroma didn’t mind. He liked her character and he really wanted to marry her. In the beginning, Reidy always told him to go away and even gave him electric shock. Later, Reidy grew tired of it and didn’t argue with him anymore. She couldn’t handle people that just wouldn’t leave. She simply stopped talking with him. However, Taroma thought that Reidy had been moved and he’d already taken her as the fiancée.


He didn’t expect that Reidy would leave just a few days later, and he was anxious to death. He helped to look for her with the Reiworth family, yet he couldn’t find her. Just now, his servant told him that Reidy was back, and he instantly informed Taroma. When he saw Reidy, he found that his “fiancée” was snatched by Lin Xiang and he was furious. He understood that the spirits usually stood on the side of the right one, so he deliberately started the speech just now to cause a mess. He didn’t expect Reidy to stop it altogether and he was a little shocked. He hadn’t seen Reidy in a while and she’d become so tough.

“You’re right. Why don’t you let me do one thing and test my sincerity?.” Lin Xiang understood that he had just arrived the Spirits’ Country, it would be unwise to offend this humanoid spirit. There must be a reason that made him that hostile. So, this condition was made to test Taroma’s intentions.


“Oh? Then please leave my fiancée.” Taroma didn’t expect Lin Xiang to have such a proposal, he instantly commanded Lin Xiang to do so.


After listening to Taroma’s words, Lin Xiang was stunned. Who was his fiancée?


Seeing Lin Xiang stunned, Taroma added, “that’s Sister Retty.”


Was it Reidy? Lin Xiang glanced at Reidy, who thought that Lin Xiang had misunderstood. She waved her hand and hit on the handsome face of Taroma, “you bastard. How many times have I told you not to call me any names? Who’s your fiancée?”


Taroma was beaten and retreated a few steps, covering his face and looking at Reidy with a pitiful expression, “I didn’t mess up, you didn’t object it before you left home.”


“If I didn’t tell you to stop, then you’d probably continue, right?”

“Yes.” Taroma nodded obediently.


“Then I can’t stop you at all. Since I can’t stop it, I wouldn’t bother anymore.” Reidy glared at Taroma who was standing next to her, and explained to Lin Xiang, “Human, I am not his fiancée, you have to trust me.”


“Silly, of course I know.” Lin Xiang stretched out his hand and pinched Reidy’s face. He secretly thought, who would want to marry you given your bad temper…


After seeing Reidy’s cheeks being pinched and she just coyly punched Lin Xiang, Taroma had his jawed dropped.


Originally, he found Reidy attractive when she got pissed off easily, yet he liked her even more when she acted coyly.


“Reidy, I’m telling you the truth. Please marry me, I guarantee you that I’ll give you happiness.” Taroma pleaded.


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