V7C6 Part 2

“Her name is Dusty, and this one is Silent Water. By the way, she’s the daughter of my father’s good friend, Paulie.”


After listening to Reidy’s description, Remi opened his eyes wide and looked at Silent Water, stuttering, “you…you’re someone from the Water family?”


“Yes.” Silent Water nodded, “hello.”


“The Water family? Don’t they have no daughters? How come?”

“The one that Reidy mentioned is the daughter of Paulie. Is that the same person who refused to save people from death about a decade ago?”


“It seems like it. I remember that he has a daughter. Wasn’t he expelled from the Spirits’ Country? How come his daughter is here?”


When the spirits heard the name of Paulie, they started discussing.


Refusing to save them from death? What’s that about? Lin Xiang vaguely remembered that Silent Water’s parents were expelled because of one mistake…


Lin Xiang didn’t understand the relationship between making a mistake and failing to save people.

Silent Water didn’t look happy when the spirits were discussing about her parents. After Lin Xiang saw it, he yelled, “everyone, I am not sure what happened in the past, but that’s already in the past and we shouldn’t mention about it anymore.”


“What do you know as a human? That fire killed many of our compatriots.”


“Yes, right, if Paulie didn’t bring back the fissure that was cursed by the demon, and if she was killed in time when she went crazy, then Delsa would have become much more prosperous and populated.”


“Right, right.”


Thinking of the past, the spirits were a little emotional.


“Everyone. Be quiet! We’ve already said that we wouldn’t mention about it. Also, Fire already died…” Remi raised his arm and asked everybody to be quiet.


“But her daughter is still there. She still lives on the Fireback Mountain, and no one dares to approach her. Several spirits have been killed there recently! She inherited her mother’s curse.”


“Yes. Paulie is regarded as the fuse of the disaster, he is guilty, he was expelled, and now his daughter is here, it’s not okay for us.”

“Quiet, quiet.” Remi didn’t expect the spirits to have such a big reaction. Silent Water was almost crying…damn it, it’s all his fault. Reidy was to be blamed too, she shouldn’t have mentioned Paulie in front of so many spirits.


“Don’t bully sister Silent Water!” Dusty stood beside Silent Water, comforting her, and Reidy also knew that she had been wrong, and she was struggling to reason with the crowd. As for Lin Xiang, he also looked very upset, and he’d never shown such a horrible look before. He used all his strength and punched the ground. With a roar, it was like a big tree falling to the ground. The ground shook, and all the spirits became silent. They were apparently frightened by Lin Xiang.


“Shut up, all of you!” Lin Xiang withdrew his hand, the rubble on the ground spread out by his punch, and a crack like a spider web appeared under his feet.


It freaking hurt! Lin Xiang secretly shook his fist. However, even if he felt painful, he had to pretend to be cool.


Lin Xiang walked to Silent Water and hugged her. Silent Water was weeping, and he said, “it’s okay, Silent Water, they won’t expel you as long as I’m here.”


Silent Water calmly nodded, and replied with a bit of crying, “thank you, master.”


“Why do you still thank me, as you’ve called me master?” Lin Xiang smiled and stroked her head. Then, he said in a serious manner, “listen, all of you. I don’t know what happened in the past, and I don’t know why you hate Paulie so much. Let me tell you, Silent Water is my spirit, and Paulie is her father, I won’t let you insult them.”

“But…we lost our loved ones, do you understand our pain?”




“My parents were dead when I was young, can’t you understand? We should focus on the present and future, let the past stay in the past.”


“It’s easier said than done.”


“So, what do you want me to do so that you can forgive Silent Water?”


“Well…” Indeed, Paulie has been punished for making a mistake, but his daughter seemed to be right. After some discussion, the spirits came to a conclusion, “the Fireback Mountain has many resources, but as the daughter of Fire lives there, we are afraid to collect resources there. Since you said that we should let the past go, then please kill her daughter so that we can forgive Paulie’s daughter.”




“I dare not kill her, but I will enable you all to collect resources there.” Lin Xiang nodded, as he wanted to understand why the family of Paulie would choose to live outside.


After the shock brought by Lin Xiang, the spirits all believed in him now. After all, they all respect the strong guys. Lin Xiang was a human hitting the ground with bare hands and he managed to make the ground vibrate. With this strength, no one dared to look down on Lin Xiang. And he was even the master of Reidy, the daughter of Reggie.


After returning to Thunder Castle, Lin Xiang wanted to know what had happened in the past. Remi suggested to Lin Xiang to look for his father. After all, his father and Paulie were good friends, and he would know the real picture better. Therefore, he took Lin Xiang to another city in the Spirits’ Country, Ketudo, which was more prosperous than Delsa, and the spirits there were surprised at Lin Xiang’s arrival and wanted to attack him. After Remi and the assurance of the local city lord, the spirits accepted Lin Xiang as a human. After this experience, Lin Xiang once again felt the terrible greed of human beings. If human beings weren’t so greedy and terrifying, no spirits would be afraid.

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