V7C6 Part 3



Reggie was in his sixties, but he looked only like a thirty-year-old uncle. This is because when spirits reached twenty, they would start growing more slowly. Reggie was shocked by the fact that Reidy contracted with a human being, especially with such a weak one. Later, after Remi explained everything, Reggie understood that Lin Xiang wasn’t a simple human being, as he could distinguish the magic of the spirits in seconds. He could also hit the ground with bare hands…


Reggie was very happy to meet her old friend’s daughter, Silent Water, and he praised her to be as pretty as her mother. He also started telling about the story in the past.


Paulie was the heir of the Water family and he became the patriarch. Although he wasn’t an excellent one, he wasn’t ordinary either. Under his leadership, the Water family was quite respected.

Seventeen years ago, Paulie met a mother and a daughter, who dressed very weirdly. They were unlike any of the residents of the Spirits’ Country. The mother was seriously injured, as did the daughter. There was a language barrier, and Paulie couldn’t communicate with them. They thought that Paulie was an enemy and tried to attack him. At that time, Paulie was very young and he had the highest power, yet he couldn’t win even the mother and daughter were heavily injured. At the end, he had to use much strength to defeat them. After he did, he didn’t kill them. Instead, he brought them back to Delsa.


One year passed quickly, and the mother with strong learning ability had already learned the language of the spirits. She came from a place called the sky outside the sky and she was the Queen of Fire. She was already 200 years old at that time, yet she looked only like a sixty-year-old. Could all the creatures in that place all look very young? No one knew.


The Queen of fire and her daughter were taken into the Demon City by the demon race. In order to avoid the capture of the demon race, they fled into a strange place. There was a peculiar power in that place, and those creatures of the demon race could not enter. The mother saw hope, so she took her daughter to flee. After walking for some time, she fainted because of her injury. When she woke up, she found that she had come to the Demon Realm, and she met Paulie.


Upon hearing this, Freed seemed to have thought of something. He thought that there must be some kind of relationship between the sky outside the sky and the continent there.

Initially, before the death of the God, humans had no evil thoughts. After the death of the God, there started to be evil thoughts and finally demons. When he started thinking about it, it kind of made sense. However, supposing that God came from the sky outside the sky or a place outside the sky, he created a new continent or led some followers to this continent, started a new life, used his power to isolate himself from the sky outside the sky. Later, because of his death, his influence disappeared and the creatures outside wanted to invade the continent after knowing it. Well…it just might be possible, especially with the sudden appearance of the crack that day, and that’s the Demon Abyss.


Freed thought that this possibility would indeed be high. After he and Yalide were born, there were already human beings and angels. God wanted to tell them to protect the human beings and angels well. At that time, nothing really caused threats to them…yet God still wanted them to protect the human beings and the angels, didn’t he already indicate that there would be demons later?



Freed and Yalide sacrificed themselves and sealed most of the powerful demons back to the Demon Abyss. Their seals only had an effect on the demons, the mother and daughter living in the sky outside the sky were brought back to the Demon City by the demons in an attempt to capture them. Finally, they escaped to a place where the demons could not enter, which was the Demon Realm of the other side…


Of course, this was only Freed’s conclusion. Although it was reasonable, it had never been proven. Freed could only prove it through the sky outside the sky. If he met his deceased friend, the fallen angel Satan, then he would understand it all.


After thinking about it, Freed continued to listen to Reggie’s story.

After learning the language here, Paulie asked her mother’s name. She was called Fire, as she was the queen of fire and her flames were extremely powerful. She couldn’t resist the water attack of Paulie and she’s much more powerful than ordinary fire spirits. Her daughter was called Fire Dance. Fire and her daughter lived here for another year, and got along well with the surrounding residents. One day, for whatever reason, Fire seemed to have gone crazy. She started killing half of the people in Delsa, Reggie’s wife died in that disastrous fire. As Paulie was close to Fire, he dared not hurt her, yet more spirits were also hurt because of that. Finally, he stopped Fire, who said to him, “I’m sorry, please take good care of my daughter.” She committed suicide afterwards.


At that moment, Freed almost knew what’d happened, but Lin Xiang was still confused. Why did the killing start all of a sudden? Could she really have gone nuts? But Fire didn’t seem to be someone who’d go insane before she died…Lin Xiang had become really interested to see the spirit from the sky outside the sky, and that’s the daughter of Fire – Fire Dance.



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