V7C7 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons


“Uncle Reggie, where can I get fire nuts?” Ketudo is a city in which many spirits could cure their illnesses in the Spirits’ Country. There seemed to be a lot of herbs and they might find fire nuts.


Although Lin Xiang was interested in Fire’s daughter, he had not forgotten his original intention of coming to the Demon Realm, and that’s to look for fire nuts to save Suehiro Kaoru.


“Fire nuts? I don’t know about this. Remi, perhaps you can take Lin Xiang to the market and look for those.” As there were so many fruits or herbs in the Demon Realm, Reggie naturally didn’t know about them since he wasn’t a spirit specified in medicine.


“Understood, then Lin Xiang, let’s go, Reidy, stay here with father.”


Reidy looked at Lin Xiang, then looked at her father and nodded.


“Sister Silent Water, please stay here too. I also want to ask you about the condition of Paulie.” Reggie wanted to know more about his old friend. After all, he hadn’t seen him in 15 years.


“Um…” Silent Water looked at Lin Xiang.


“Silent Water, stay here. I’m just going to find some fruit. Dusty, you stay here as well and don’t run around.” After seeing Silent Water and Dusty nodding, Lin Xiang smiled at Remi, “Remi, I don’t have money and I might need you to pay.”


“You kid, you kidnapped my sister and didn’t give us anything. Now you want me to pay? What’s all this about?” Remi also laughed and patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder. He walked out of Reggie’s lounge. Remi didn’t hate Lin Xiang, as he’s not as greedy as other human beings. All in all, Lin Xiang didn’t really pay attention to the spirits there, no matter how they looked. If it was another person, he would have tried to get possession of all of them.

After seeing Lin Xiang and Remi out, Reggie looked at Reidy kindly, “Reidy, you’ve been too naughty. I admit that I was not always home, and I didn’t have much time for you even if I was. But you should know how much I love you.”


“Huh…how come you never talked to me like this?”


“Given your temper, how could I be close to you and tell you what I think?” Reggie asked.


“Humph~” Reidy snorted, asking Silent Water and Dusty to sit down.


“Yeah, you…anyway, all three of you have chosen a human being as your master, and this is really…the human is so weak, I think even the lowest demon can scare him away.” Reggie showed a disdainful look.


“My master is not weak, he is very strong.” “My master is very good.” “You’re not allowed to describe him as weak.”

The three girls were unhappy when Reggie talked bad about Lin Xiang.


Reggie burst into laughter, “look how nervous you are, that Lin Xiang does have a certain extent of charm and strength.”


“What do you mean?”

“I just want to test your reaction. I wanted to say how you’d react by saying that he’s weak. I didn’t expect your reaction to be so strong. Hmm…This is beyond my expectation, and it proves that he didn’t force you to contract him. ”


“Who isn’t… he just forced me to contract with him… I didn’t take the initiative to contract him.” Reidy stuttered.


“Hahaha. Reidy, your character still hasn’t changed. Initially, I was worried about your temper and wonder who could bear with it. I was thinking to match up you and Taroma, but I guess there’s no need now.”


“Well, just stop caring about this kind of things.” Reidy blushed when Reggie said so and she punched him in the chest.


Reggie pretended to be coughing. After seeing how nervous Reidy was, he started laughing again. Reidy punched him some more after knowing that she’s been tricked, and although she looked angry, she was actually happy to be close to her father again. It made her feel like she’d return to her childhood.


Seeing Reidy ignore him, Reggie touched her head, and said quietly to Silent Water aside, “is Paulie doing fine?”


“Yes, thank you, Uncle Reggie, for your concern. Uncle Reggie…about Reidy’s mother…” Silent Water believed that the death of Reidy mother was related to her parents’ late action.


“Ha~don’t think about things that make you unhappy. It’s not your parents’ fault. Reili is good friends with Fire and your mother. Fire went crazy, and she wanted to save her friends and blocked her deadly fight against the spirits. They were killed from the attack. However, the spirits who launched the attack later put the blame on Fire and your parents. In fact, regarding the disaster of Delsa, the residents there are all at fault.” Reggie didn’t seem to care on the surface, yet he secretly mourned for his wife’s death. The reason why he didn’t return home often and was outside all day was because he was worried that fire-type spirits would appear again. After all, that fire was disastrous, if Paulie didn’t react at that time, she might have already escaped under the combined attack of the two patriarchs.

————In the market.

Ketudo was the most prosperous city in the Spirits’ Country, as many outstanding spirits that could heal were born there. They were expert in curing diseases, since spirits got sick too, so they often went to Ketudo for treatment, making it the first city in the country.


The town has issued an announcement regarding Lin Xiang’s visit of the city. The local city lord had already made it clear that Lin Xiang would not pose a threat to them. Therefore, Lin Xiang, who was on his way, would not face any harm aside from being checked out by spirits all the time.


In fact, spirits were also very curious about humans, otherwise they would not develop towards the human form. It’s just that humans have done too many bad things and they stopped trusting them.


“Is that a human? He looks like a noble spirit.”


“That’s why they are called the noble spirits. Once we become like them and have their level of intelligence, we’ll become noble spirits too.”


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