V7C7 Part 2

“But we are already very human, right? We have hands, feet, and we can speak. It’s only that we can’t become noble spirits.”


“It’s probably a genetic problem. According to the older generation of spirits, their noble spirits have always looked like humans. And their intelligence is much higher than the average ones.”

Lin Xiang shook his head after hearing what the spirits were talking about. Since noble spirits used to be human beings, of course they looked alike. It’s already something that you’re looking like the way you are.


“How is it? Lin Xiang, what do you think of our country?” Seeing Lin Xiang looking around the buildings, Remi asked.


“I don’t have particularly any opinion. The trade system that’s available here is sort of like ancient times in the human’s world.”


“Ha. Although human beings are evil, their knowledge, technology, and system are way superior. We can’t imitate their technology, but we still can copy their system. After implementation, the Spirits’ Country has been more convenient to manage.”


“It’s true.”


“By the way, Lin Xiang, what do you think of my sister? If you just treat her as a fun spirit for fighting purposes, I will kill you now.” Then, Remi exuded a sense of murder. But would Lin Xiang be intimidated by him? No way. Lin Xiang smiled and said, “I didn’t know what Reidy thought of me before. I always regarded her as a spirit temporarily living in my house. When she met her master, she would leave. At that time, I treated her as my family. But now, after she became my spirit, she’s totally my family member now, and not just a spirit. You know what I mean?”


Lin Xiang’s expression was so serious. Although he was smiling, he was so genuine in his words and there’s also a strong sense of determination in his eyes. Remi immediately withdrew his sense of killing. He patted Lin Xiang’s shoulder, saying that he’s a different human being, and they arrived at a shop selling resources.


Although some words of the Spirits’ Country were marked on the shop, Lin Xiang could read them since Yalide was inside his body.

Seeing Lin Xiang looking at the store sign, Remi thought that Lin Xiang was illiterate, so he said, “this is a shop selling resources.”


Lin Xiang nodded and walked in with Remi.


The store was huge, and the owner was an old spirit. Lin Xiang took a closer look. This spirit evolved from a canine and it had white fur, wrinkled skin, drooping ears, and a pair of narrowed eyes. He looked at Remi, then at Lin Xiang and asked in a hoarse voice, “what do you want?”


“Fire nuts,” Remi replied.


“Fire nuts? Why do you want this kind of thing? Are you a thunder spirit?” Fire nuts are of fire attribute, usually, it would be fire spirits who wanted them.


“It’s not me, it’s him who’s asking.” Remi never asked Lin Xiang why he wanted the fire nuts, he just wanted to show him where to get them. This shows that Remi really trusted Lin Xiang.


“It’s like this, grandpa, a friend of mine was injured by the succubus. Her body contained the residual coldness from the succubus. The cold air continued to erode her body, so I really need the fire nuts to help her.”


“Succubus? Cold air? Who told you that you can use fire nuts to get rid of the cold air of the succubus?” The old canine shopkeeper heard Lin Xiang and was a little confused. He had run his shop for so long, and he’d encountered various spirits asking him for medicine, yet it’s really his first time hearing somebody looking for fire nuts to cure a disease.


“Don’t worry about that, do you have any fire nuts?” Reidy’s bad temper was rather inherited, Reggie also hated people who talked a lot of nonsense. He liked efficient people like Lin Xiang. Obviously, Lin Xiang gave a reason already and the old man still asked more questions. He could have been more direct and just answer if there were fire nuts or not. If there weren’t any, they would look somewhere else.

However, Lin Xiang respected the elderly, especially this kind of old spirits who had lived for hundreds of years.


“I have that, but I want to know if this method is feasible…”


“You don’t need to care about that, we’ll leave after buying them.”

“Remi, don’t be like this.” Lin Xiang patted Remi on the shoulder, and said to the old canine shopkeeper, “grandpa, I still can’t tell you whether it works, but I still need to try.” Although Yalide liked playing around, he still knew a lot about the Demon Realm as an administrator.


“Really? Great. My friend’s son can be saved then.” Lin Xiang’s attitude and words convinced the old shop owner. When he thought about it, he finally understood that this customer only knew about fire nuts, and he would naturally know its effects. This already proves somehow that it would work. It looks like his friend no longer needed to worry about his friend’s injury.


“Too much nonsense. Come on, give us one, how many spiritual coins?” Remi asked.

“I want to give you for free, but it is not an ordinary fruit. It must be found near the volcano…” The old shopkeeper began to explain where the fire nuts could be found. Remi was irritated and he hit on the table, “you’ve got too much to say! Just give me one and I’ll pay you whatever it takes.”


“This…” The old shopkeeper didn’t expect this spirit to be so easily irritated. On the contrary, the human being next to him was rather calm, and he started to admire him. He walked into a room and took out a cute, red fruit after a minute.


“I will only charge you the cost of it, that’s ten spiritual coins.” The old shopkeeper also learnt his lesson, and stopped saying anything more.


“Here.” Remi took out the spiritual coins from his pocket and put it on the table, handed the fire nut to Lin Xiang, and led Lin Xiang out of the store. The old shopkeeper looked at Lin Xiang and muttered, “human beings are not as terrible as they say…” After Remi stepped out, he started complaining, “that old man is too annoying. If you go alone, you’d have to waste a lot of time hearing him talk. I thought that you’d get annoyed too, and I didn’t expect you to have the patience to listen to him.”

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