V7C7 Part 3

“In fact, we have to care more to the elderly. In the human’s world, the old also like nagging. Young people usually can’t bear with it, and they would feel it a lot quieter when the old people leave them. However, they get old one day too, and they might find that their children stop listening to them. Then, they start nagging to get their children’s attention. Their children might get annoyed and start keeping a distance from them. They would then realize that their parents used to do the same…”


“Lin Xiang, you really make sense. Well, it seems that I will have to control my temper in the future. However, given your nice personality, people will surely take advantage of you.”


“No, I’d only be nice to nice people, but I’d be violent to those violent ones too. I won’t bully the others, but I won’t get bullied either. This is my principle.”


“It’s really good, but sometimes, you are forced to make decisions that you don’t want. Lin Xiang, you seem weak on the surface but you have a sort of energy that’s inside you. Let’s fight once. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” The Reiworth family likes to fight, and Lin Xiang already knew about it from Reidy. He smiled while shaking his head.


“Why not?” Remi didn’t understand why he’d refuse. Was he afraid to be injured?


Remi didn’t worry about being injured, as he’s still very confident of himself.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I won’t be able to control myself.” Lin Xiang’s words almost made Remi laugh. He patted Lin Xiang’s shoulder heavily and said, “Lin Xiang, let’s fight. We have to fight once. If you refuse, that means you look down on me.”


“Are you sure?” Lin Xiang also knew that Remi wouldn’t give up so easily, so he didn’t refuse.





“Lin Xiang, you are just not a human being.” Remi was slightly injured, lying on the ground with a dusty face, panting heavily.


“You are also very powerful.” Lin Xiang also suffered some skin injuries. Although it’s not serious, it still looked messy.


Just now, the two chose a flat field to fight. At first, neither of them used their full strength, they just tried each other. However, they started getting more excited and Lin Xiang had to almost use all of his power. And neither of them won.


Remi’s ability to control electricity was much better than that of Reidy, and he had a versatile fighting style. When Lin Xiang confronted him, he couldn’t take an advantageous position by close combat, and he was even suppressed. Then, he entered the wind speed state and Remi didn’t use the most powerful trick.


“Actually, you must have other abilities, but you haven’t used them, right?”


“No, this is all I have.” Lin Xiang shook his head. “You still want to lie to me?” Remi didn’t believe him, as Lin Xiang hadn’t used many skills, just his power and speed.


“It’s true.” In fact, Lin Xiang didn’t use the Dragon’s Roar, as its attack power was way too strong, he didn’t want to scare Reidy’s brother or he’d screw things up.

Naturally, Remi didn’t know that Lin Xiang knew how to use Dragon’s Roar, he only said so slightly regrettably, “well, you can. If you have other abilities, I will make you use full force and we’ll see which one of us wins.”


“Isn’t it nicer to tie?”


“No, you don’t know about this, there has to be a winner between us and the demons. Only the winner can survive.”


“We are just competing, it’s not a battle.” Lin Xiang stood up and stretched out his hand to Remi.


“Ha, that’s right, that’s right.” Remi held Lin Xiang’s hand and stood up, “damn it, I’ve hurt you.”


Seeing Lin Xiang in a mess, Remi was sure that his sister would scold him.

“It’s nothing. I used to fight all the time and I was more severely injured.” It was only a small injury of his skin, nothing serious for Lin Xiang.


“Really? Sometimes I also want to be a human being. At least they don’t need to live in this dangerous demon realm.”


“I will show you the human’s world if I can.”


“Ha, you said it, so don’t regret it.” Remi only took it as a joke, but actually, Lin Xiang could really do so and not let anyone else know about his identity.

Before returning to his exclusive lounge, Reggie took Lin Xiang to change his clothes. Lin Xiang looked good in any clothes. After he wore a set of spirit’s clothes, he looked like a noble spirit when walking on the street.


When they were back to the lounge, Lin Xiang’s outfit surprised Reidy. Apparently, she wouldn’t praise him openly, especially when she’s with her father. Since she dared not look at Lin Xiang, she hadn’t discovered his injuries either. However, Silent Water saw them, and she knew instantly that Lin Xiang and Remi had fought.


Knowing that Reidy was leaving, Reggie was very reluctant, but he couldn’t stop her, since she was already Lin Xiang’s spirit. There’s no reason to make him stay there forever. He only asked Reidy to see him from time to time. Finally, he said goodbye to Reidy reluctantly.


As it was getting dark, they stayed in the Thunder Castle for one night and would leave the next day.


Before leaving the Demon Realm, Lin Xiang was going to meet the daughter of Fire. After all, he promised the spirits of Delsa to bring them to collect resources on the Fireback Mountain.


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