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Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C8_Wind Chime

As his daughter would leave the next day, Reggie immediately left the lounge, returned to Thunder Castle, and held a banquet. That night, everyone was celebrating Reidy’s return and the fact that she’d contracted someone.


The Thunder Castle was a very spacious place. It was decorated with many tables and tableware. Each table was packed with spirits. They all looked at Lin Xiang and the others on the master seat.


“Today marks the return of my daughter, Reidy. I’d like to hold her birthday party tonight, which was supposed to happen two months ago. I also wish her all the best for her contract!” Reggie stood up, raised the glass in his hand and drank it all in front of the spirits.


“Great! I wish sister Reidy a happy relationship with her master!” The spirits also raised their glasses and toasted to Reidy.


For the spirits, the contract was actually the same as the marriage. The contract proved that their sister was willing to stick to this man. Think about it, if she didn’t want to be by his side, who would want to contract him? So the spirits were simply excited for Reidy and genuinely happy for her.


“Really, you guys are so crazy about it.” Reidy lowered her head, blushed and peeked at Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang naturally didn’t know that having contracted to a spirit would be equal to getting married. He had always thought that Reidy did so simply because she treated him as family.


“Then, we also wish sister Silent Water and Dusty full of happiness after the contract.” Reggie did not forget that both Silent Water and Dusty had contracted with Lin Xiang, but he had to first bless his own daughter, right?


“Oh~~~” As soon as he said so, all spirits exclaimed. Many male spirits raised their thumb to Lin Xiang, showing their admiration.


They thought Silent Water and Dusty were just friends of their sister, that they were just accompanying her home and visited Thunder Castle as guests. They did not expect that these two beautiful, noble-like spirits turned out to be Lin Xiang’s spirits as well…even for famous nobles, the male spirits could at most marry two, but Lin Xiang contracted with three, and they seemed to be very close…this really made all the male spirits there jealous, they turned this feeling into the will to drink, and all of them raised their glasses and started drinking.

Although Lin Xiang did not drink, he could not reject the enthusiasm of the spirits and Remi, he also drank several bottles of dense forest wine in a row.


The dense forest wine was brewed from various fruits and medicinal resources of the forest. Although it was made of medicinal resources, it had no medicinal taste. Instead, it tasted sweet and not sticky, which is good for the body. However, it’s still alcohol. Drinking too much could still make one drunk, especially for Lin Xiang who’d never touched a sip of alcohol.

If he had no dragon energy, Lin Xiang might get drunk, but with the omnipotent dragon energy, he could still stay sane. He could drive out most of the alcohol. And he could still keep drinking with the spirits.

Some male spirits initially wanted to get Lin Xiang drunk, so they kept toasting to him, but in the end, they discovered that there’s no way to get him drunk, no matter how much he drank. Instead, they got themselves drunk. They all ended up lying on the table and fell into sleep. And they still asked Lin Xiang to drink even more.


Seeing Lin Xiang drinking so much wine, yet he didn’t even blush, Reggie started to like him more. He thought that men who could drink are more macho, and he even served Lin Xiang with some alcohol with higher concentration. In the end, he was still defeated by Lin Xiang in terms of alcohol holding capacity.

The Thunder Castle Hall was crowded with spirits. There was a girl with short, purple hair sitting next to a corner and she was looking at Lin Xiang curiously, almost like a scientist discovering a new material.


She kept staring at every movement of Lin Xiang – she watched him joking around with his spirits and drinking with Remi. Her red lips twitched and it showed an arch.


“Hey, human, don’t drink so much. Tomorrow we still need to go to Fireback Mountain.” Reidy sat beside Lin Xiang, and she hit Lin Xiang with her elbow.

“It’s okay, since they want to drink, I will drink with them.” Then, other spirits toasted to Lin Xiang, and Lin Xiang drank the wine very quickly. He thought that drinking alcohol was actually nothing difficult, except that it tastes a little strange, but it is no different from water.


“Hey, you would have fainted without us. Don’t think that you are that great, okay?” Yalide was very upset with Lin Xiang. He really liked to drink but he had no more opportunities to do so. He really loved the feeling of getting drunk, as he could temporarily forget everything.


“Oh, sorry~” Lin Xiang thought he was too confident of himself, so he didn’t drink any more.


Seeing that Lin Xiang stopped drinking, Reidy was thrilled. Apparently, he really listened to her, and she grabbed his hand in front of all the spirits.


“Oh~~” Some male spirits were heartbroken when they saw their goddess being so sweet to a guy. Taroma sighed when he saw Reidy’s happy face. He knew that happiness couldn’t be forced. And actually, he’s already much better than most of the human males, as they could have grabbed whatever they wanted without caring whether the girl’s happy.


After a while, many spirits got drunk already. They were all lying on the table. And the party ended.


“Lin Xiang, you kid…you really can drink…another day…we must drink…happy…you took my daughter away…Eh, don’t leave…you want to sleep so early? Come with me…Drink…” At this time, Reggie was already drunk, and he started to become crazy. If Remi wasn’t there to support him, he would’ve started sleeping on the floor.


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