V7C8 Part 2

“Dad, go back to your room and sleep. Don’t get crazy here.” Reidy was a bit angry after seeing her father like that.


“Okay, when my daughter grows up, she will run away with the others…Lin Xiang…he can control my daughter…”


Seeing what Reggie was thinking, Remi dragged him away, “Dad, you are drunk, let’s go. I will take you to your room to rest. Don’t drink so much when you are sick.”


Seeing Remi and Reggie leaving, Reidy shook her head, “Lin Xiang, ignore my father, he is like this. He usually looks serious, but if he lets go of everything, he’s just like a child.”


“Heh~” Lin Xiang smiled, and said to the girls, “Silent Water, you go to sleep also.”


Silent Water knew that the host of the night was Reidy, and that’s why she didn’t speak at the banquet. Dusty understood it too.


“Okay. Good night, Master.”


“Master, let’s sleep together.”

“Well, good night. Uh…let’s not sleep together. ” Lin Xiang almost fainted after hearing what Dusty said. There were still a few female servants next to him. Lin Xiang could hear very clearly what they were discussing – something about how dirty human beings are.


“Well, Dusty, you are sleeping with me. The bed in my room is very big. The three of us can sleep together. I am referring to Silent Water, not you.”


“Uh…” Lin Xiang was speechless, thinking that there was nothing wrong with him.


Lin Xiang followed the servant to the room prepared for him. And the three girls went to Reidy’s room.


The rooms in Thunder Castle were no different from the superior rooms in ordinary hotels. The floor was very clean, with a soft big bed, a large wooden desk, two chairs, and some books. There was also a large window next to the bed for those who couldn’t sleep or those who just wanted to stay up for the scenery outside.


After closing the door and sitting on the soft big bed, Lin Xiang suddenly fell on the bed. That day, he was exhausted. He encountered island whales in the lake. He swam desperately in the water and consumed some energy. After walking for almost a day, he arrived at Delsa. After he came, he had a fight with Remi and drank wine. Although he was not drunk, he was very exhausted physically and mentally…Thinking of what happened that day, Lin Xiang fell asleep in a daze. At some point, a scented breeze blew in from the window. Lin Xiang felt that someone pressed and pinched his face with his hand, then pressed his chest again, pressing down all the way…

Lin Xiang opened his eyes abruptly, and there was a pair of tired eye staring at him, seeming to be surprised at the fact that Lin Xiang had woken up. However, after a brief moment, the person smiled and said in a low voice, “In fact, there is no difference between a human being and a noble spirit.” The girl had a beautiful face, nice features and some messy short hair. It looked as if she’s sleepy. The girl was wearing a yellow loose dress, showing her cleavage. She was looking up from below from the direction where Lin Xiang was lying, and it was a great scene. She started moving down her hand which was placed on Lin Xiang’s stomach before. Lin Xiang was shocked, and immediately grabbed the girl’s hand. The girl felt a little painful and yelled coyly, “Ah~”, which gave him a numb feeling. She said somewhat coyly, “you’re so rude, but I like it.” Afterwards, she pinched Lin Xiang’s muscles.


“Who are you?” Lin Xiang quickly pushed her hand away and sat up.


“Wind Chime. I’m from the Wind family. I live in Wind Castle, not far from here.” After Lin Xiang pushed Wind Chime’s hand, she became more interested in Lin Xiang, and she even looked a little slutty.


“Wind family, Wind Chime? I don’t know you, do I? But I seem to have heard of this name…” Lin Xiang recalled having heard the name in the banquet.


“Your name is Lin Xiang, right?”


“Yes. Is there anything I can help you?”


“Nie~Do you want to do something cool with me?” Wind Chime licked her mouth, trying to sound tempting.

“Huh?” Lin Xiang couldn’t respond to for a while, she took Lin Xiang’s hand directly, put his hand on her big chest, and moaned. She looked at Lin Xiang like a slut and made him shocked. He instantly realized what’d happened after Yalide yelled, and he quickly withdrew his hand.


“What the hell are you doing?” What the hell is this woman doing? Why did she come to my room in the middle of the night? Lin Xiang jumped out of bed and kept a distance from her.


“Me? I just want to study the difference between a human body and a spirit.” Wind Chime pressed her hands on the bed. The Devil Realm had gravity. The two masses of flesh on her chest were swaying, and Lin Xiang swallowed saliva as he watched. .


She was wearing a pair of yellow shorts, showing her pale thigh. She had noticed that Lin Xiang was looking at her legs, and she immediately grinded her thighs, she almost made Yalide urge Lin Xiang to rush forward.


Lin Xiang was a normal guy and he would have reaction towards this too. He was speechless.

“Hehe~” Wind Chime smiled softly, Lin Xiang felt a fragrant surge of wind blowing towards him. Then, Wind Chime came to Lin Xiang’s side, she held Lin Xiang’s face, and said in a warm voice, “as for me, I am very interested in humans. Today I knew that there is a human coming to Delsa, so I want to come and see you. After seeing you, I want to get close to you, but I have never had a chance.”

Xiang remembered that there was a girl who kept looking at him at the evening banquet. Was it her?


Lin Xiang found it a little hard to breathe because of the pressure on his chest, and he took two steps back. He was not so narcissistic to think that Wind Chime would be interested in him, “why do you want to approach me?”

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