V7C8 Part 3


“I am, I am very interested in human beings. After seeing you tonight, I went home and laid in bed and couldn’t sleep, so I came to look for you.”


“Then why do you come out in pajamas?”


“Uh? What’s the problem with it? Anyway, let’s do something fun together.” Then, Wind Chime rubbed her hands and squeezed her chest, making Lin Xiang’s nose almost bleed. And Yalide almost ignored Lin Xiang and changed into a human form.


“I don’t want…” Lin Xiang considered for a long time, then refused.


“Ahh~ don’t refuse me so quickly. Men and humans are all interested in girls’ bodies. Although I am a spirit, my body structure is exactly the same as human women. Are you not interested in my body?”


“I just…” Lin Xiang looked at Wind Chime’s body, swallowed his saliva, tried to control his interest and said, “goodbye!” Then, he rushed out the room and escaped.


Wind Chime stared at Lin Xiang’s blankly, then put her index finger to her lips and licked it, her cheeks flushed and she smiled, “humans are really interesting.”


“Excuse me, Master Lin Xiang, what’s wrong with you?” Seeing Lin Xiang ran out, the servant thought Lin Xiang needed something.


“Is there any room here? I’m going to sleep in another room.”


“Huh?” The servant was stunned, and shook her head, “yes, there are, but they haven’t been cleaned up. You can’t sleep there.”


“Is there a room where I can sleep in?”


“The servant’s room is ok. May I ask if master Lin Xiang is dissatisfied with your previous room?”


“Uh…do you know Wind Chime?” Lin Xiang thought for a while and finally asked the spirit.


“Yes, it’s sister Wind Chime from the Wind family, what’s wrong?”


“She is in my room.”


“Huh?” The servant was startled when she heard this, “she didn’t do anything to Master Lin Xiang, did she?” Wind Chime has always been weird. Although she was the eldest sister, she had never set a model for the others. And she always played tricks on the others.

“Uh…” Lin Xiang shook his head, and couldn’t help but recall Wind Chime’s soft skin and big breasts…

“It’s fine. Let me go and ask her to leave.” The servant came to Lin Xiang’s room, and she found that there was no one inside. There’s the light of the moon outside the window, and the curtains fluttered with the breeze.




“Ha…huh…” Lin Xiang yawned and sat up lazily from the bed. He opened the window and watched the scenery outside. After being disturbed by Wind Chime, she didn’t show up anymore. That’s a good sign, or he wouldn’t have slept well. By the way, how could any girl be that daring? Was she that curious to human beings? Weren’t they all scared of human beings?


“Master! Good morning!” When Lin Xiang looked out the window in a daze, Dusty ran in, she jumped onto Lin Xiang’s bed and hugged him from behind.


“What’s wrong?” Lin Xiang asked.


“I just miss my master. I don’t feel well if I don’t see my master in the morning.” Dusty rubbed Lin Xiang’s back with her face.


“Uh… okay.” Lin Xiang thought for a while, it was true, Dusty used to sneak into his room every night, and would see him after she woke up in the morning. This time, it was probably because the castle was too big, so she didn’t know where to look for her master.

“Master, master, last night, why did Silent Water and Reidy say something such as they really like their master?” Dusty’s words moved Lin Xiang, as it’s a normal reaction for everyone.


“They…what’s wrong with them?” Lin Xiang was only excited for a moment. After thinking about it, Reidy seemed to only regard himself as a subordinate? As for Silent Water…well, it would be great if she liked him as well, but she probably only perceived him as a master…


“Sister Reidy had never encountered someone stupid like you, you even bumped your head while climbing a tree…”


“Hey~hey, is that what they said about me?” Lin Xiang was speechless, as he did not expect Reidy still remembered about that incident.


“Isn’t it? I saw sister Reidy smiling very happily at the time.” Dusty blinked and looked at Lin Xiang with big eyes.


“Ok, ok, It counts then.” Okay, if they all took me as a joke.


“Well, she also said a lot more, but I don’t remember exactly. Sister Silent Water really likes her master being gentle. At that time, after you saved her and carefully treated her wound, and when you fed her noodles, she had a feeling that she’d never have before.”

“Oh? Really?” Lin Xiang was a little happy when he heard that, would Silent Water really be in love with him? If it wasn’t that kind of love for a master, then it might be a romantic feeling…he felt excited just by imagining it.


In fact, Lin Xiang liked Silent Water a lot. She was the first humanoid spirit he met. She was gentle and careful, and had super learning ability. She helped him in many things and gave him a kind of warmth like a family…


“Really~And she…”


When Lin Xiang tried to listen to Dusty, a quiet voice rang out from the door, “Dusty, have you come down for breakfast with your master?”


“I’m calling him. Master, let’s not talk anymore. Silent Water might be okay, but once Reidy knows that I have told you everything, she’ll beat me up.”


“Ha~alright.” Lin Xiang laughed after Dusty said so.


“Master, what is it that made you so happy?” The door wasn’t closed, and Dusty walked in gently.


“Master…” Dusty looked at Lin Xiang worriedly, she was a little worried that her master would sell herself.


“It’s nothing, I just think the environment here is very nice.” Lin Xiang lied, and he didn’t even blink.


“Yes, Silent Water thinks exactly the same. If you go to Reidy’s room, you’ll find that the environment there is even more beautiful.”


“Oh? Really? Let’s go if we have a chance. Now, let’s go to Fireback Mountain after breakfast.”


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