V7C9 Part 1

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Simple Life of Killing Demons


After cleaning himself briefly, Lin Xiang found that Reggie and the others had been sitting there waiting for them. He scratched his head embarrassedly and sat on the dining table, “I’m sorry to make you wait.”


“Nothing, we often need to wait for Reidy.” Reggie smiled.

“Huh? What do you mean? Hasn’t Reidy been here some time ago?” Lin Xiang found it a little strange, wasn’t Reidy already there?


“Ha, I mean, usually Reidy wakes up very late. She usually skips breakfast and goes straight to lunch…”


“Dad, don’t talk nonsense, just eat your food.”


“Ha~well, I am not talking nonsense. I must say that Reidy underwent big changes, since you started waking up early and you even cook us breakfast. It looks like that a spirit’s character changes too after having a master.”


“Don’t you want to eat anymore?” Reidy glared at Reggie, as if she was about to swallow him.


“Okay…” Reggie was still afraid of his daughter’s temper, but he didn’t understand why his daughter’s temperament would be like this, since his wife was so gentle and always nice to everyone.

Reggie picked up the spoon and starting eating the breakfast in the bowl, sighing from time to time, “it’s really delicious.”


Spirits generally don’t eat food. They only need to absorb elements with the same attributes as their own and replenish their energy. However, as it’s a special day, Reggie and Remi all started eating human food.


Lin Xiang looked at the Japanese breakfast on the table, his eyes flashed. He picked up the chopsticks, took a bite, and exclaimed, “well, it’s delicious~ I didn’t expect to have such a nice breakfast here. Thank you. Silent Water.”


As soon as he said this, Reidy’s smile at Lin Xiang froze. Silent Water also looked at his Lin Xiang in embarrassment, and said awkwardly, “master, this…”


“I’m full. You guys carry on.” Reidy put down the fork that she’d just picked up, stood up and was about to leave.

What happened? Lin Xiang looked at Reidy in confusion.


‘Can you be more stupid? Obviously this breakfast was made by Reidy, OK? Freed sighed.


“What?” Lin Xiang reacted just now, no wonder Reidy had such a reaction.

“Reidy, Reidy! Don’t go, does it really matter who made the breakfast? Hurry up and sit down and eat together.” Reggie glanced at Lin Xiang sadly. He secretly thought, son, my daughter cooked for you and why did you compliment someone else? If you weren’t my daughter’s master, I’d have burnt you to hell already.


“I said that I’m full.” Reidy ignored Reggie’s words and walked out of the dining room. Lin Xiang stood up blankly, watching her leave.


Now he was dumbfounded for a while, completely unaware of what he could do.


“Lin Xiang, I don’t want to blame you, but you really hurt my sister. Haven’t you seen how much she was looking forward to it? She was so happy when she heard you saying that it’s delicious, sigh…” Remi sighed.


“I’m very sorry, I’ll go take her back now.” Lin Xiang felt very uncomfortable. He could understand Reidy’s feelings, and he pulled away the chair and ran after her.


“Silent Water, is your master so dumb?” Reggie asked.


“Yes. But we all like my master.”


“I know about it, of course, but I’m not sure if Reidy can take it.”

“If she can’t bear it, she won’t stay with her master. Don’t worry, uncle Reggie, her temper comes quickly and goes quickly.”


“What? Last time, I don’t know when, I promised her to bring back a good Thunder Crystal, and as I was too busy at work, I forgot about it. Then, she’d ignored me for the whole week.” Reggie seemed to be really worried about her daughter’s temper.


“Perhaps she does it to a different person. Don’t worry, my master will bring her back soon.” Silent Water smiled and continued eating the breakfast prepared by Reidy.


Well, Reidy’s cooking skills have improved a lot.




“Reidy, Reidy, wait, I’m sorry, I was wrong. I don’t know that you made the breakfast.” Lin Xiang found Reidy on the stairs of Thunder Castle.


“I don’t know what you’re doing. Anyway, your Silent Water always makes everything nice, and everything bad is done by me.” Reidy snorted and continued walking upstairs.


“Reidy, really, I was surprised by how delicious the breakfast was. I didn’t know that your cooking skills are that good.”


“No matter how good it is, your Silent Water is better. Let go, don’t hold me, what is it to do with you whether I eat or not?” Reidy tried to shake her hand off held by Lin Xiang, and became impatient when she couldn’t. She turned around and stared at Lin Xiang with her light blue eyes.

“No, it’s just as delicious as Silent Water’s, that’s why I thought that it’s her who made it.”

“Really…is it really as delicious as hers?” Reidy knew that she had been practicing secretly, and Lin Xiang hadn’t noticed. If he found it delicious, then it’s normal that he thought it’s Silent Water who cooked it.


“Yeah. You’ve mastered the technique completely. Reidy, you really surprised me.” Seeing the change in Reidy’s expression, Lin Xiang quickly said what was in his mind. It’s true that he was surprised. Reidy used to know nothing about cooking, and she managed to learn so well in just one month.


“Huh, it’s nothing surprising. Is it strange that I can cook? You know, I’m very powerful. It’s true that I don’t know about certain things, but it’s just a matter of me learning it or not.”


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