V7C9 Part 2

“Yes, Reidy is really amazing.” Lin Xiang patted her on the head. He didn’t expect her to be so kind. If it was before, he would definitely receive an electric shock first. Reidy had really changed a lot.


“You just know now? Well…I’m suddenly hungry now.”


“Oh? Come on, let’s go eat.” Lin Xiang knew very well that Reidy wanted him to comfort her, and she wanted to be asked to join for breakfast.


“If you insist, then I’ll join you.”


“So, I accidently injured my hand many times.”


“I still remember. And I thought you were just learning to cut vegetables. I didn’t expect you to learn so fast.”


“Actually, I can only cook two dishes. I don’t have the crazy learning ability of Silent Water, and I don’t have your culinary skills.”


“No, you can learn how to cook in a short time, even if it’s two dishes, it’s already great.”


“Of course, who do you think I am?” After Lin Xiang praised her, Reidy became very proud.


Hearing Reidy’s voice, Reggie raised his head and saw that his daughter was coming back with Lin Xiang smiling, as if nothing had happened. He couldn’t believe his eyes.


They were both men. How come he made her angry all the time but Lin Xiang could make her return to her good mood in an instant? It’s not fair…Reggie’s her father. All in all, his daughter had grown up, and he understood that it’s normal.


“Oh? Honey, hurry up and sit down to eat, the kind of egg fried rice tastes pretty good.” Remi secretly gave Lin Xiang a thumbs up. He’s really extraordinary.


“Of course, because I made it.”


“Oh, don’t be so disgusting, okay? It’s just that I’m leaving, didn’t I already do the same last time? If you are like this, then I won’t return after I leave.” Before departure, Reggie was crying while saying goodbye to Reidy, and he reminded Reidy to take care of herself. For the first time, Lin Xiang found out that uncle Reggie could be so clingy.


“Okay, okay.” Reggie was scared by Reidy, and he immediately stopped.

“Lin Xiang, take good care of my sister.” Remi didn’t say much, he was not as sentimental as Reggie, because he felt that since his sister chose Lin Xiang, it proved that she thought Lin Xiang could protect herself.


“Yeah. I’ll take you to the human’s world for some fun when I have time. I believe that you will like it.”


“Ha~don’t be kidding. How could I go to the human’s world? I will definitely be arrested if I do.”


“No, you won’t. See, Reidy was there too. If you want, I’ll take you there.”


“Really?” Remi thought for a while, indeed, he was eager to see the human’s world.


“Yeah. Really.” Lin Xiang nodded.


“Okay! Let’s go next time. It’s getting late. If you want to go to Fireback Mountain, you must go as early as possible.”

“Fireback Mountain? What are you doing there?” Reggie was a little puzzled when he heard Lin Xiang and the girls were going to Fireback Mountain.


“The spirits refuse to forgive Silent Water’s parents, and some even reject her, so I promised them to talk to Fire Dance living on Fireback Mountain, so that she could let the spirits collect resources there.”


“No, don’t go. Fireback Mountain is very dangerous, and I’m sure Fire Dance won’t ever listen to you.”


“How can I know if I don’t try?”


“I still recommend you not to go, although Fire Dance is not as powerful as her mother, she’s still very strong. Spirits are a kind of peace-loving creatures. As it was her mother who went crazy, not her, the patriarch kept her for life until one day… wait, could it be…” Reggie seemed to think of something, he was startled, and he looked at Lin Xiang up and down, and he looked at the three girls and nodded, “well, go ahead then.”


“Eh? What’s the matter?” Lin Xiang felt very strange. Just now, Reggie told him not to go there, how come he changed his mind all of a sudden?

“Nothing. This year happens to be the 15th year. You are the first human being visiting. I believe that you can convince her.”


“Eh? Can you make it clearer?”


“Well, you can go anyway.” It looked like Reggie wasn’t going to elaborate more. And Lin Xiang had stopped asking as well. He just led the three girls and headed to Fireback Mountain.


Remi asked Reggie, “dad, what is it?”


Reggie looked at Lin Xiang’s back and shook his head with a smile, “son, it seems that Lin Xiang is not a simple person.”


“So what’s the matter?”


“Do you remember the patriarch’s prophecy about Fire Dance?”


“Prophecy? He said that 15 years, there would be a human being…Could it be…”




“Hey, human, do you really know where the Fireback Mountain is?” Reidy asked after leaving Delsa.


“I know.” Lin Xiang nodded.


“Really, why on earth are you so familiar with the Demon Realm?”

“Do you believe me if I tell you that I have a map of the Demon Realm in my mind?” Lin Xiang pointed to his head.


“The hell I believe you. Can you store a map in your head? It’s okay if you don’t wanna tell me.” Reidy didn’t believe such a thing.


“Heh~” Lin Xiang smiled and said nothing. Although he didn’t have such a map in his brain, Yalide did.

The Fireback Mountain was located 20 miles northwest of Delsa. It was a bit remote. The road was not as spacious and clean as the surroundings of Delsa. Instead, there were a lot of weeds growing on the side of the road, and the ground was full of leaves. It felt people not a lot of people would pass by.

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