V7C9 Part 3


When facing this kind of rarely visited places, Reidy didn’t dare to go ahead. She followed Lin Xiang obediently, and the leaves rustling by the wind from time to time made her extremely alert. Dusty didn’t feel anything, she still rushed in front. Before she left, she was just the most inferior dog, but now she was back to the Demon Realm, she became a humanoid spirit, and this made her very happy. It’s the same place but with a different perspective. She was wondering if her family would recognize her.


When she thought of her family, Dusty missed them a little bit, but the Demon Realm was so dangerous, she knew that the members of her family had low abilities and would definitely encounter some enemies…


“Dusty, turn left ahead.” Lin Xiang’s voice pulled Dusty back to reality.

“Yes.” Dusty responded. She shook her head and moved on.


Everything would be okay, as long as she could be with her master.




The more they went toward the Fireback Mountain, the more disturbed they felt. Lin Xiang and the girls walked through the grass before coming to a forest. The blood-colored sky, the old trees…the sky slowly darkened at this time, the roads were completely covered with weird weeds and they were bumpy. Silent Water firmly grasped Lin Xiang’s collar. She could only feel at ease once she did so. It’s the same for Reidy. She watched horror movies before and she felt like it was a path heading to demons.


The leaves were rustling with the wind, there were noises from crows from time to time, and the sky was getting darker and darker. Lin Xiang became a little worried. He also found it strange. He seemed to have been where he was some time ago, yet he felt like having turned in circles. Dusty used her nose to sniff and it was quite humid. There was a rusty smell and some grains in the air. What was that? Mist?


Dusty looked around and found that there was no fog at all, only luxurious trees.


“Son, it’s not good, I didn’t expect that you really walked into the trap of demons.” Yalide felt a little strange when Lin Xiang and the girls stepped into this woods, but he wasn’t sure if things were what he’d thought. At that moment, he realized that it’s a trap set by illusion-type demons.


“Illusion-type demons? A trap?”


Lin Xiang knew that he was lost and they had been turning in circles, but he hadn’t expected that it’s a trap set by demons.


“Yes, there are many kinds of illusion-type demons. I have not sensed the one that is trying to confuse you. Maybe it is not around here. You just have walked into the maze under it. ’


“And how should we break this?”


“It’s very complicated. I don’t know much about illusion-type demons. In short, you should let the girls calm down first. Then, we’ll find a way out, I’m sure that mazes like this usually have a way out.”




“Yes, no matter what kind of magic it is, it has its flaws. For example, with gold magic, you can make weapons out of thin air, but if the time exceeds the limit or the opponent’s gold magic is stronger than its own, the weapon will disappear. As for illusion-type magic, it can disrupt your brain and make you have hallucinations. However, if there is an extra powerful illusory magic, it can both disrupt your brain and create an illusory place, confusing those who aren’t sane enough…”


“Straight to the point.” Lin Xiang didn’t have time to listen to Yalide explain.


“Damn, how dare you talk to me like this. Humph! Well, according to the current situation, this illusion should be very powerful. Although it does not disturb your brain, it has created a special space. Just like a piece of paper, if you connect its head and tail, it becomes a circle, and if you use a pen to draw a straight line on it, then the straight line would connect again and become a circle, right? Now you are turning in that circle, and…”


“And the connection of that note would be the way out?”

“Now, I’m really upset. You used to be so attentive to listen to the others, but now you really like to finish the others’ sentences. I’d make you forgetful again, you know?”


“You should spare me with this. Don’t you know where the connection is?” Hearing that Yalide was going to make himself forgetful, Lin Xiang quickly begged for mercy. He didn’t want to be forgetful again. He would really like to remember what he’s doing at that moment.


“No, you don’t have enough dragon energy in your body. I am sorry that I can’t help you. If you have enough, then I can…”


“What is it to do with the dragon energy in my body?”

“You don’t need to worry about this. In short, now there is an opportunity to train your observation. You should grasp it. Freed once said that you may be in the top 20 in the school, but in the sky outside the sky, you may be nothing at all.”


“Oh~ I know.” Lin Xiang nodded silently. He would take it as a training then…


“Ah!!!” Reidy suddenly screamed, pulling Lin Xiang back to reality from his thoughts.


“Reidy, what’s the matter?” Lin Xiang asked hurriedly.


“There…” Reidy slowly raised her hand and pointed to the dense bushes on the side of the road. There was a dark red trace on the trunk, and on the ground, there was a little furry creature…and its whole body was covered with dried blood.


Lin Xiang opened his eyes wide and maximized his eyesight. Then, he vaguely saw a face of a beast, and it seemed to be the tiger man, Toby. What’s he doing here?


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