V7C10 Part 1

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Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C10_Illusion (2)

“Jing, stay here, don’t go anywhere.” Lin Xiang walked towards the bushes.


“Human, wait. Don’t go there, who knows what that might be?” Reidy didn’t have the vision of Lin Xiang after humanization, and she didn’t know that it’s Toby the tiger man. Just now, she just found the surrounding environment weird, and when she looked around, she found that there was dried blood on a trunk in the bushes, and when she looked down, it looked like an animal’s corpse. She was frightened and screamed. Since there was blood, it already indicated that the animal was injured and there was danger.


“It’s okay, just pay attention to your surrounding area.” Lin Xiang turned his head, smiled with determination at Silent Water and Reidy, watched the surroundings vigilantly, and walked towards Toby.


The blood-colored sky gradually turned to grey, and there were thin dark clouds around it. Lin Xiang and the others were in a dense forest that was constantly circulating. Silent Water was slightly disturbed by this, and Reidy was afraid as well. On the contrary, Dusty wasn’t really bothered, as the most important thing would be her master being there. The only thing that she was afraid of was being dumped by her master.

Lin Xiang wasn’t sure if Toby was killed, he lifted the branch carefully, and slowly approached.


“Hey, hello, Toby, can you hear me?” Lin Xiang had a rather good impression of Toby, as when Reidy returned, Lin Xiang saw how happy he was, and he also found him reassuring.


Toby the tiger man didn’t move, the fur all over his body was glued together with dark red blood, and there was a slight demonic energy in his body. The wound on his body seemed to be scratched by some sharp claw, and there were three neat bite marks on his arm. “Hey, Toby.” Lin Xiang walked to him and squatted down, and found that he was still breathing slightly, but it also seemed that he might disappear at any time, and he was obviously dying. What’d happened?


Lin Xiang asked himself secretly. Did Fire Dance do it? At this time, Lin Xiang remembered that the spirits in the city had said that several of them disappeared and were killed recently. And that could be some kind of magic caused by demons…well, let’s not think about it, let’s save Toby first.


Toby was more than two meters high and he weighed more than one hundred kilograms, Lin Xiang immediately lifted him up on his back and quickly returned to the roadside.


“Silent Water, hurry up and heal him quickly.” Lin Xiang put down Toby the tiger, Silent Water squatted down without saying anything, and she released water magic to clean the wound.

“Hey, human, it seems that I have seen this creature somewhere before…”


“It’s Toby whom we met yesterday. Do you remember that tiger man?”


“Tiger? Toby?” Reidy took a serious look, and found that the wounded animal was indeed Toby the tiger man.


“Why is he here? I remember that he used to sell Spring Water, why did he come to the Fireback Mountain?” Reidy was puzzled.


“We can only know once he gets up. Silent Water, is he alright?”


“Not so good. He lost too much blood. He is too weak now, and his internal organs are injured…” The water magic of Silent Water had penetrated into Toby the tiger. She was quite sure of the physical condition of Toby.


“It’s not good.”


“How about if I give him some blood, master?” Dusty asked.


“Give him some blood? No, we can’t do so if the blood type doesn’t match.” Also, can blood be given so casually?

“I see…”


“It’s dark now, let’s find a place to rest.” Lin Xiang didn’t tell the girls that they were in an illusion created by demons at the moment. He didn’t want them to be worried.






When they came to a relatively empty place, Lin Xiang put Toby down. He asked Freed a moment ago if they could convert dragon energy into healing energy, and if they could use it on the others. Freed affirmatively answered him yes, but he might not succeed. However, for the wounded, like Toby, who’d lost so much blood, the rate of success was still quite high.


Lin Xiang put his hand on Toby. Freed tried to control the dragon energy to heal Toby. Reidy felt somewhat cold, so she and Dusty broke a tree nearby and made a fire.

Needless to say, the dragon energy is a powerful thing. With the timely cure, Toby’s eyelids started moving and he’s about to wake up.


“Huh? His eyes seem to be moving.”


“Dusty, don’t make a noise, just watch it.” Reidy was very surprised by Lin Xiang now. Is there anything that he can’t do?


Toby gradually opened his eyes, his light-yellow eyes rolled around, staring at Lin Xiang, and he said in a hoarse voice, “master Lin Xiang?”


“Well, although I know that it’s not the right time to ask you this, why are you here?”


“I…” Toby sat up with difficulty, he said hi to Reidy and looked around. Then, he suddenly exclaimed, “be quick! You must leave now!”


“Eh?” Lin Xiang was a little confused after Toby yelled. He also wanted to leave, but he hadn’t found the way out yet.


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