V7C10 Part 2

“Quick! Master Lin Xiang! Sister Reidy! We must leave here!”

“Stop yelling, we want to leave here too, but I’m not sure why we’re turning circles here.” Reidy couldn’t stand the way Toby was exaggerating things.


“No! I mean, we can’t rest here. Last night, I saw the horrifying three-headed wolf here.” Toby checked the surrounding environment carefully as he wanted to avoid being attacked by the wolf again.


“The three-headed wolf?” Lin Xiang immediately understood how the three neat bite marks came from. At first, he thought it was Toby who was driven crazy by the illusion. And that’s why he bit himself to wake up. So, it turned out that it’s a wolf which left the marks?


Now that he knew there was danger, Lin Xiang would not stay here. If it was just him, then he was completely sure that he could escape under the attack of the wolf, but since he needed to protect the girls, it’s a whole different story…


“Then go quickly.” Lin Xiang was about to carry Toby, but he refused.


“Master Lin Xiang, it is already a miracle that you could save me. I know that my body is very weak now. Bringing me will definitely drag you down. You should take good care of sister Reidy and the others. Although I can’t fight back, I can still be used as a bait to buy you some time.”

“Are you kidding? I have saved you, so I won’t let you die again.”


Lin Xiang didn’t say anything further. He carried Toby on his back. On the grassland not so far away, there’s a sound of branch getting broken.


Damn it, is it there already?


Dusty tried to listen carefully. And she was sure what she’d heard, she started staring at the place where the sound originated.


“Silent Water, Reidy, it’s here, take care of yourself, and protect Toby. Dusty!”


“Yes!” Dusty closed his eyes, and the surrounding soil floated up, forming a thin sharp edge. “Earth Blade!”


Dozens of earth blades flew towards the grass under Dusty’s control.


With a “swish”, a black shadow jumped out, avoiding the earth blade, and six pair of red eyes stared at Lin Xiang and the others.

“It’s a mutated wolf. Son, I have to remind you how fast it is.”


“Okay, Yalide.”


Lin Xiang didn’t care what it was mutated or not, the most important thing was to protect the girls at that moment.


At this moment, two more wolves came out of the grass.


“No way.” Lin Xiang was slightly frightened.


“Master, leave it to me. I have never fought since I became a humanoid spirit. My master had always been protecting me before, now it is Dusty’s turn to protect my master.” Dusty stood in front of Lin Xiang and stared at the wolves.


“Leave the other two to us, you take care of Toby.” Reidy and Silent Water also stood up.


“Well…then, please be careful.” Although Lin Xiang wanted to train the combat power of the girls, now that there was a chance, he started to worry.

“Don’t worry! Master!” Dusty ran towards the three-headed wolf, while Reidy and Silent Water also got ready to fight with the two other wolves.


The three-headed wolf was about one meter tall, it’s got very sharp claws, and each of its head was at least twice as large as that of ordinary wolves. It also showed very sharp teeth. When Dusty was rushing towards it, it also used the back legs to kick strongly and ran towards Dusty.


Dusty understood how canines attack. It wanted to bite her throat and gave a fatal blow. She squatted and hit the three-headed wolf in the abdomen with a straight punch.


The three-headed wolf wasn’t very clever. It screamed when being hit, and it quickly adjusted its tactic, trying to emit some black flames.


The fire ball condensed by the flames swiftly struck towards Dusty, “Earth Wall!” Dusty pressed the ground with her hand, and the ground in front of her suddenly protruded, forming a wall that blocked the fire. However, a crack was blown into the earth wall, and there were black flames attached to the earth wall, burning furiously.

“Wow!” The three-headed wolf howled up to the sky, and continued to run toward Dusty.


On the other hand, the two wolves facing Reidy were in great danger. As soon as they approached, Reidy immediately used a high-voltage lightning to give both an electric shock. They fell on the ground and couldn’t get up. There were currents all over their bodies. As for the two wolves fighting with Silent Water, the situation wasn’t good either, Silent Water used a water bubble to wrap it, and aside from breathing out bubbles and struggling, it couldn’t do anything else. Although these two wolves were little brothers of the other one, it still had quite strong attack power. It’s only that they had encountered enemies of a whole different level.


The three-headed wolf was still smarter than the two-headed wolf. Seeing that Dusty knew how to attack, it chose to fight from a far distance. It even used a different head and released a different magic. After Reidy and Silent Water saw it, they didn’t stop, as these wolves were of no threat at all. It’d actually be good to train Dusty a bit too. After Toby saw that Reidy could defeat the two-headed wolves so quickly, he finally learnt the difference between noble spirits and ordinary spirits. Apart from feeling a little inferior, he was mostly happy.

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