V7C10 Part 3


“Do you think that only you can release fire balls and I can’t?” After Dusty said so, she made a fire ball in her hands and threw it towards the three-headed wolf, which also produced a fire ball and it bumped with the one of Dusty, causing black and red flames all over the place.

Since having contracted with Lin Xiang, Dusty knew that she had fire attributes in her body, but she just didn’t know how to use it. When discussing how to control fire with Valarie, she got to learn to use fire magic. Although she was not controlling fire at that time, she was already able to convert the magic power in her body into fire to attack the enemy.


“Gu—-” The three-headed wolf looked at Dusty with grinning teeth. It didn’t expect this human being to have fire magic in addition to earth magic. Had it not been ordered by its owner not to kill its prey, it would have been desperate to pounce on it and start biting.


“Dusty, hurry up and finish it.” Reidy felt that if she had the chance, the three-headed wolf would have been electrocuted long time ago.


“Understood!” Dusty suddenly merged herself into the earth. When the three-headed wolf was shocked by the disappearance of it, there was a hand stretching from its legs, dragging it into the ground.


The three-headed wolf struggled, biting its hand, and with a clattering sound, its teeth shattered, and it was instantly pulled into the ground with a whining noise. After a while, a piece of the ground slowly bulged out, forming the appearance of Dusty.

“Awesome!” Lin Xiang was both happy and surprised for the beautiful battle of the three girls. He was already sure of the ability of Reidy and Silent Water, but Dusty’s ability really made him beyond surprised.


“Hehe, master, my performance is alright, huh??” Dusty stretched out her head and asked Lin Xiang to reward her. Lin Xiang touched her head while praising that she’s the best.




“Huh? My three-headed wolf died??” A wolf-like demon said with disbelief.


“Yes, it did. Son, don’t be distracted. You should defeat this damn fire spirit soon.” A black thing flew toward them and avoided the fire bird, and it yelled at the wolf man.


“I want to defeat her too, but she’s just too powerful.” The wolf-like demon created a few black wolves that looked like gas, and they all rushed toward the young girl with fire all over her body.


The girl waved her hands, and the flame instantly swallowed the black wolf. The wolf-like demon was unwilling to accept it.

“You greedy wolf, why isn’t Black Water coming? We’ve been fighting her for a day. Almost all of Borg’s brothers are dead. If this goes on, we will be like the gang of “Memories”. And the whole army will be wiped out.” A one-armed bear man took an axe and slashed at the girl.


“Those fools hunted the daughter of the Red Dragon Venus, and they’re actually looking for their death. We are only killing spirits. This humanoid spirit is rarely seen in the suburbs. It will be a waste not to treat her as a sacrifice. Now she killed so many of our brothers, if we don’t take her down, we’ll be the bad ones.” The wolf-like demon looked at the girl playing with flames and it was obviously not happy with the situation.


“But you see, so many brothers have died now because of this humanoid spirit.”


“Then are you saying that you want to escape?”


“I don’t have this idea. It’s just that almost all our brothers are dead.”


“Those guys with such low level of intelligence…it won’t be a pity even if they do. Once the seal is lifted, it will be our time to shine. At that time, let alone the human’s world, we might even invade the sky outside the sky.”


“No more nonsense, you two bastards! Hurry up and pay attention! Once Black Water shows up, I won’t spare it!” A black ball was shaking and it emitted some black mist, blocking the girl’s vision.

“Is that guy scared?” The wolf-like demon showed a filthy smile, then created a few black wolves. The black wolves plunged into the mist and attacked the girl.


At this time, the girl was already covered with wounds. Seeing the black wolf coming again, she burst out flames all over her body. The flames wiped out the black wolf at once, and the surrounding mist disappeared because of the flames.


“Bastard! How dare you provoke this kind of horrifying humanoid spirit! If you didn’t tell us that there was a humanoid spirit here, and if you didn’t say that it’s easier to bully her alone, then none of our brothers would die! Although it’d be a wonderful idea to have her as a sacrifice, she’s simply too dangerous. We might as well kill those animal spirits as sacrifice, and I’m sure that even we kill five, or even ten, it’ll be just as good as her alone! And our brothers would never die!”


“Okay, Mist, now that they’re dead, just let them be. It’d be better for us with less people anyway.” The wolf-like demon created a few more black wolves in an attempt to decrease the magic power of the girl…


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