V7C11 Part 1

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Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C11_Battle (1)

“We are not humans, so it’s not correct to say that the less people there are, the better.” The bear demon corrected.


“Why are you struggling with this problem, now you should focus on this damn fire spirit.” The black meatball was speechless to this bear man, as its brain seemed to be like exactly like his hand – with only one nerve.


“The greedy wolf said that we’re human beings, but we aren’t.”


“Stop this! Hurry up and take her down for me! This fire spirit must be the first one to bleed. She killed so many of my brothers, I will not spare her!” The black meatball was furious and he suddenly felt something, “oh? What is it? Something breaking through my illusion?”


“Everyone is so active today. Am I late?” At this time, there’s suddenly a harsh voice from the ground, and a pool of black water gradually seeped from the surface.


“Black Water, you coward, finally you’re here?” After the meat ball saw Black Water, his wrinkled face relaxed a little bit. At this moment, he didn’t care what broke through his illusion, as controlling this fire spirit would be the first task.

“Forgive me, it’s so far here, and the barrier is so complex, it’s hard for me to get in.” The black pool gradually turned into humanoid with no outline, only shape, and black liquid flowing in the body.


“No more nonsense, now get rid of her quickly, my magic power is running out.” The wolf-like demon had been suppressing the flame girl’s attack, and whenever she wanted to rush over, he released black wolves to stop it.


“Oh, greedy wolf, it’s really rare for you to be in such a mess.” The black water man smiled.


“Don’t think that you’re so powerful, it’s just that you’ve got the wrong attributes. Let me tell you, you need to attack her quickly! Now that she’s running out of strength, and if you still can’t defeat her, then you might as well go to hell.”


“Ha~don’t forget, I’m the most powerful demon of Borg, and if I can’t beat any spirits, then how can I be the first one in Borg, right? The second greedy wolf.”

“Now, you can be as arrogant as you like, but you must get rid of this fire spirit fast. After the seal is removed, it’ll be our world then!”


“Yes, yes.” The black water man nodded, releasing a black wall of water to block the girl’s flame.


The black water shield that was hit by the flame burst out with black smoke. After a while, the flame disappeared, and the water shield turned into a waterspout and sprayed out, hitting the girl who was entangled by the black wolf.


Seeing the waterspout approaching, the girl gritted her teeth and held her palm against it. In an instant, the raging fire turned into a wall and it blocked the girl. The black waterspout hit the wall of fire and continued to smoke, but it did not evaporate. On the contrary, there was less and less fire.


The girl was panting with anger, there were drops of sweat, mixed with dust, sliding down her cheeks. She had been fighting these demons for almost a day. She couldn’t remember how many lower-level and intermediate-level demons have been killed. At the beginning, she still had the upper hand, but these lower-level demons died and new ones came, constantly weakening her magic power. In addition, these higher-level demons came again, and at this time she was fighting while feeling completely exhausted.

“Chh~chh~chh” The flame gradually disappeared, and the black waterspout passed through the fire wall. The girl dodged aside with difficulty, thinking that she had escaped, but the waterspout seemed to be wise enough and it rushed past the girl and turned back, hitting her in the back.


“Cough!” The girl spat out a mouthful of bright red blood. She wiped her lips and looked at the coming demon, her eyes got blurred.


“Ha! This damn fire spirit…you really can only control it with water attributes. Let me cut off her hand and see if she’s still so arrogant.” The one-armed bear man carried an axe and slowly walked towards the girl that still had a bit of flames on her body.


“Whatever you want, it’s fine if you don’t let her die immediately anyway, the removal of the seal requires her blood.” The meatball didn’t care about the incompleteness of the girl, it just wanted the seal to be removed as soon as possible.


“In that case, give me her thigh. After so long, I’m hungry already. I haven’t eaten any flesh of a humanoid spirit in a long time.” The wolf-like demon licked his sharp teeth.

“Huh? Wait, do you feel weird? There seems to have a human breath?” The black water man looked around.


“Can you still smell anything?” The wolf-like demon smiled. He didn’t expect that this demon without a nose could actually smell things.


“No, I felt it. There is my body around here. I can feel it.”


“I was just wondering why you would turn humanoid. It turns out that you put water around for surveillance? Well, don’t think too much, humans won’t come here.”


“Really, this feeling is really weird. There is also the breath of other humanoid spirits.”


“If yours is true, then we will be lucky today. We may be able to absorb a good soul, and we can also capture other humanoid spirits as sacrifices. Brothers, hurry up to ambush nearby. Brothers? Damn it. This damn fire spirit! Hey, I will chop her hand off, as she killed all of my men!” The bear man looked at the flames around the trees and the dead bodies of his men. He felt so angry and quickly rushed toward the girl, then grabbed her hair violently.

“Ah! So hot! So hot! Damn, you damn fire spirit!” The bear man raised the axe in his hand and aimed it at the girl’s head.


The girl looked at the bear man firmly, her eyes filled with hatred.


“Wait! I can see a human male, three females, and a male humanoid spirit. They are running towards us.”

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