V7C11 Part 2


“Huh?” The bear man raised his axe and looked at the black water man. At this moment, the girl yelled, and the dots of flame on her body rose again. There was a raging fire around, and the fire engulfed the raging demon.


“It’s so hot, so hot, damn it! Black water, hurry up and help.” Although this little flame couldn’t cause any harm to the bear man, he still couldn’t bear the pain caused by the burn.


“It’s really troublesome.” The black water man waved his hand, and there was black liquid coming out of the soil around the girl, and the liquid instantly extinguished the flames around the bear man.


“It’s so hot~” The black water man waved his hand again, and the flames on the surrounding trees disappeared.

With her last moment of strength, the girl’s attack failed. She looked at the black water man unwillingly, closed her eyes and fell to the ground.


“Damn fire spirit!” The flame disappeared, and the bear yelled at the girl who had fainted, grabbed the axe, and slashed at the girl.




“I’ve got it!”


A golden lightning fell from the sky and hit the bear man’s axe.


“Squeak~” The current rushed into the bear man’s body instantly, scorching him.


“There’s someone!” The wolf-like demon immediately released more than a dozen black wolves and ordered them to attack Lin Xiang and the others who were not far away.


“Master, leave it to me.” After Dusty finished talking, the surrounding soil floated up and turned into a sharp blade, stabbing at the wolves, and there was suddenly dust everywhere.


“The three humanoid spirits are not weak at all.” The meat ball smiled. Its black pupils glowed purple.

At this time, Lin Xiang saw that a group of demons emerged from there, rushing towards him.


“Son, don’t panic, it’s just an illusion.”


“I knew it even if you didn’t explain it to me.”


“Don’t be afraid, this is…” Before Lin Xiang finished, Toby the tiger man jumped into the bush next to him.


Lin Xiang didn’t know if he was scared, and he didn’t care about him anymore. He led the three girls to rush forward and got themselves right into the demon crowd.


“That human being is a bit weird. Normal people should feel scared.” The black meat ball had seen many humans and killed many. He didn’t expect that this young human being would be so indifferent to his illusion. Even if he was mentally retarded, then how about the three humanoid spirits next to him? And what about the tiger man, could he be the smart one then?


The meat ball was rather worried that his enemy wasn’t afraid of hallucinations. If that’s the case, then for the enemy, it didn’t have much attack power at all.

“Mist, you first deal with the tiger spirits hiding in the woods, Black Water, you can’t be killed, then you should be able to deal with two humanoid spirits, right?” The wolf-like demon pointed to Silent Water and Reidy, “don’t tell me that you’re afraid of the lightning.”


“So how about you greedy wolf? Don’t tell me that you have to deal with that weak human being.” The black water man laughed ironically.


“Of course. I’m always the second, right? And the first should always deal with more powerful characters, right? Hey! Bear! Are you dead? Get up quickly if you are not dead.” The wolf-like demon faced the one-armed bear and yelled.


“Damn it!” The bear man got up, looked at Lin Xiang and the others. His eyes were full of anger, he just wanted to kill the spirit emitting lightning at the moment.


“Bear man, you deal with the last humanoid spirit. With them, I should be able to remove the seal many times faster.”


“Wow!” The bear man picked up the axe, yelled and ran towards Dusty.


“Silent Water, Reidy, that black liquid will be difficult to deal with. You two can take turns to deal with it. If you can’t defeat it, then hold it back and wait until I save Fire Dance.”

“I’ve got it.” Both Silent Water and Reidy were a little excited. This was the first time they had fought with Lin Xiang. They didn’t want to drag Lin Xiang behind.


“Dusty, you deal with that bear man. Be careful, as its defense power is quite high, don’t get too close.”


“Got it!”


After Lin Xiang heard how the wolf demon assigned the tasks to his men, he did the same. It’s only that he was a little worried about Toby the tiger man, as his will power wasn’t strong enough, and the illusion-type demon could kill him by torturing him mentally.


“Toby! Listen, what you see is probably an illusion, you must not believe it.” Lin Xiang didn’t know where Toby was, so he could only shout to the surrounding area.


“Son, you are mine!” The wolf demon showed a weird smile and licked its fangs with his tongue.

“Oh~ Don’t be so disgusting, I won’t be able to bear it.” After Lin Xiang and the girls separated, he got himself ready for the wolf demon. In fact, Lin Xiang wasn’t afraid at all, it could at most release a few wolves and scare the others.


“Reidy, it’s of water properties, and your lightning should be sufficient to take it down.”


“I don’t need you to tell me! Thunder!” Several golden lightning fell from the sky.


“Huh! Is that the thunder spirit there? Hey! Let me ask you, can I cut you to death? I also want to kill that blonde spirit. I really hate fire and thunder.” The bear man held the axe with one hand and was ready to slash at Dusty.


“Well, no, if you slash me to death, then my master will be angry. Moreover, I don’t want to leave my master either.” Dusty showed an innocent smile and quickly avoided the bear man’s attack, “you just said that you don’t want to be burnt by fire? I am sorry, actually I can release fire magic as well.” As Dusty said so, she immediately created a fire ball and threw it to the bear man. It felt a bit painful, and its fur got burnt.

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