V7C11 Part 3

“I’m going to kill you!!!” The bear was furious and went harder to attack Dusty. It’s just that Dusty’s agility and its clumsiness formed a sharp contrast. “Toby, here, hurry up, let’s get out of here.” In the bushes, Reidy took Toby by the paw and wanted to take him out of the place.


“Sister Reidy?” Toby the tiger looked at Reidy in surprise.


“What’s the matter? Hurry up, let’s get out of here.” Reidy’s expression was so charming.


“But, you just…”


“Listen, even if you run away, I still like you.” Reidy said softly in Toby’s ear.


“Really? Then please go to hell.” Toby showed his sharp claws and stabbed Reidy’s stomach. “I admit that I like sister Reidy, but it’s not a romantic kind of like, more like an admiration! Reidy, in my eyes, is a proud and self-centered girl, not someone fake like you!”


“Bastard, you are just a tiger.”


“That’s better than fallen creatures like you! You demons!” Toby slapped “Reidy”, which then turned into mist and vanished in the air.

“You demon who uses illusion magic, thanks to your care in the forest just now. If it weren’t for Master Lin Xiang’s intelligence, perhaps we would never get out of that place.” After Toby saw “Reidy” disappearing, it rushed forward to one direction.


Just ten minutes ago, after the three-headed wolf and the two-headed wolf were killed, and when everyone was trying to figure out how to get out of the forest, Lin Xiang suddenly started wondering why the wolf hadn’t attacked him before, yet there would be wolves at this time of the night? It kind of proved that a seemingly dangerous place could be the safest, and since there were wolves, it showed that there’s a breakthrough. Afterwards, Yalide could feel the existence of demons in front of them, and there were spirits fighting. Lin Xiang instantly knew that Fire Dance was in danger and instantly rushed forward with the spirits.


“So what? You are still a useless trash! You were scared by the hallucinations just now, and in the eyes of sister Reidy whom you admired, you’re exactly a coward.” “Reidy” stood in front of Toby and said mysteriously.


“Whatever you say!” Toby the tiger tried to catch “Reidy” in mist state and rushed out of the forest. He also carried Fire Dance who was lying on the ground.


“It’s burning!” The high temperature remained on Fire Dance’s body. Toby had just touched her, and his fur was instantly burned. He immediately took away his hand without carrying her.


“Ah…whis…” Reidy snorted painfully, as she was stabbed in the arm by a black ice block. She covered the wound and looked at the black figures in front of her in disbelief.

“Silent Water, what’s the matter?”


“I don’t know. Even if I divide the water in my body into pieces, it is impossible to clone it into something exactly the same.” Silent Water released the water shield, and it blocked the ice blade released by the black figures.


“So, is that it? That’s the illusion?” Seeing that some ice blades piercing through the water shield but it couldn’t hurt her, Reidy immediately understood something.


“I see.”


The meatball originally thought Toby would be the weakest one and it wanted to confuse him. It brought him to his side and wanted to kill him with some weapons nearby, but it did not expect Toby to not fall into the illusion. At the end, the meatball had to ignore him and released illusional magic to the others, as confusing the enemy would be its biggest use.


“Hey~hey~this is not a joke, right?” There were hundreds of wolves in front of Lin Xiang. He looked at the black water man in the distance, and he surely knew that many of them were hallucinations. There were many wolves and all of them looked the same. How to tell which one of those were illusions, which ones weren’t? Could he make them line up and let them bite, see if it hurt? No way! Lin Xiang used the Dragon’s Roar instantly, devouring these wolves with flames.

“What!? This guy is a fire dragon? No! He is a human, it can’t be a dragon, so why?” The wolf demon originally thought that this weak human would be killed by his wolf under the effect of the meat ball illusion, never had he expected that this human could do dragon’s roar…It avoided the coming fire and walked to the side of the black water man, “hey! Change that person! That man is very evil, just now, I had no idea how many wolves I’d released, and he all kicked them to death…right, he kicked them to death, and you know what? His strength is just as impressive as that of bear, and he can release fire as well.”


“Fire? Okay, I’ll be here then.” After hearing that Lin Xiang could release fire, the black water man knew that he couldn’t defeat the wolf demon.


“Huh? Why doesn’t your attack hurt?” The bear man hacked awkwardly. With the support of the illusion of meat ball, he looked like Avalokitesvara in Dusty’s eyes. He had a lot of hands and his attacks were also incredibly rapid. Then, when Dusty was surprised, she was slashed but it didn’t hurt.


“Who did it? I’m sure you can’t take my full blow. It wasn’t me who hit it just now, it was done by mist. You were just hit by an illusion.” When the bear man demon heard that Dusty didn’t feel painful, he was quite unhappy.


“I see. No wonder it’s like that. Then, can you tell me which hand is yours?” The wolf man initially just had one hand, but it now looked like there were many in Dusty’s eyes.


“Look! I raised it up. Have you seen it?” The bear man raised his hand high.

“Oh~so this is the one.”


“Yeah. You have to look at this. You don’t have to worry about the others. If you are hit by this hand and this axe, you will definitely be killed.”


“Really?” After knowing which was the original body, Dusty continued avoiding the bear man’s attack.


The black meat ball looked at Dusty and it was suddenly speechless. That damn big bear really only has one nerve. Under normal circumstances, would you tell the opponent which one is real and which one is illusional? The meat ball shook its head. Suddenly, it saw Toby rushing forward and scratching it, getting its skin injured.


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