V7C12 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C12_Battle (2)

“Damn it, I don’t know how to do close combat.” After the meat ball was scratched, it looked very painful. The illusion magic was not effective anymore, and it’d already lost its attack power. It hurriedly released some smoke and blocked Toby’s vision, while trying to escape…


“Break●Thunder Wall!” The electric current flickered in Reidy’s hands, and a thunder wall formed by high-voltage electric current swept through hundreds of wolves in front of her. Those wolves created by the illusion magic weren’t hurt at all, yet those called by the wolf demon had all turned into dust.


“What’s going on!?” The wolf demon couldn’t believe his eyes at all. It’s already surprising that the human being knew how to use the Dragon’s Roar, and now this humanoid spirit knew how to release magic to such a great extent…well, it’s still fine, as I need to see how much more magic power you have! The wolf demon again called a few black wolves and mixed them into the wolves created by the illusion magic. Anyway, the water spirit was just looking at the human and had no intention to interfere. It was going to stall time with Reidy and see who could last longer. At this time, the few hundreds of black wolves created by the illusion magic suddenly disappeared.


“Hey! Mist, what did you do?” Seeing the illusion magic disappearing, the wolf demon looked at the meat ball and saw that it was defeated by a tiger man. It immediately released mist and block the tiger man’s vision.

“Mist, you’re always saying that the others are cowardly, it’s actually you who’s a coward! Look at how your illusion magic failed!” The wolf demon was so furious that it gritted its teeth.


“First take care of yourself, you disgusting demon. Thunder!” Then, there was golden lightning being shot down in turns.


“Damn it, I hate spirits who attack from a distance.” The wolf demon tried to hide everywhere. It wanted to find opportunities to fight back, but it couldn’t get close to Reidy. If it could, then it was sure that Reidy wouldn’t be its opponent!


“Human, you are unlucky that you see me today.” Even if the illusion disappeared, the black water man was indifferent. It was the most powerful one among so many demons. It’s a demon that would not be suppressed by environmental conditions and attributes of its opponents.


“Oh? Really? But after so long, I don’t see you having any impressive skills.”


After the wolf demon and the black water man exchanged opponents, Lin Xiang found that this black water man was much more powerful than the wolf demon. The wolf demon had no other skills at all except to release some wolves. There’s nothing to be afraid of. However, for this black water man, no matter how he tried to fight, it seemed to be an illusory existence, it seemed to have no real feeling and wouldn’t get injured either.

“Have you not found it yet? Hahahaha!” The black water man had no clear profile on its face. Apart from listening to the sound, no one could tell whether he’s laughing or not, and no one could tell either what he’s looking at.


“What do you mean?” Lin Xiang was puzzled. Aside from spraying some waterspout, the black water man had no other actions at all, it was just letting Lin Xiang attack as much as he wanted. Was it actually laughing or…


“Master!” Since Lin Xiang fought with the black water man, Silent Water has been looking at Lin Xiang. She knew clearly the power of the water attributes and she didn’t want Lin Xiang to get hurt. She always felt that something was wrong with the monotonous attacks of the black water man. Now that when the black water man smiled, she looked at her master again and found that Lin Xiang’s fist and shoes were covered with a layer of black liquid, and it was gradually spreading…


“What’s this?” Lin Xiang also noticed the black water liquid on his hands and feet at this time. He shook it very hard, but he couldn’t shake it off, as it stuck to him firmly.


“Son, since you now have these dark bubbles, you’re officially done. Don’t worry, it may be painful at first, but slowly, you will feel at ease and be happy.” The black water man let out a sharp laughter. Without caring about Lin Xiang, he rushed to the side to help the wolf demon.

“Wait!” Seeing that the black water man rushed to help the wolf demon, Lin Xiang raised his foot and tried to stop him, but his foot seemed to be stuck and he couldn’t use his strength. He looked down, just to find out that his body was already wrapped in a black liquid, and the liquid also gradually moved upward.


When was he attacked? I remember that I wasn’t hit…or did it climb onto me when I attacked it?


“Silent Water, don’t come over, you have to be with Reidy, I…Guru~Guru~” Lin Xiang was completely covered by the liquid while he wanted to continue.


“Master!” Silent Water wanted to help, but now that the black water man was running over, Reidy couldn’t handle it herself…


“Really, what is this human doing? Silent Water, hurry up and help him.” Reidy released the thunder, and a golden lightning fell from the sky, hitting the black water man who had just arrived.


“Hahahaha~ It doesn’t hurt, greedy wolf, were you even suppressed by such a thunder spirit?” The black water man who was struck by lightning seemed to have not been affected at all, and he was laughing in a disgusting way.

“Don’t be so proud yet. I’ll leave it to you here, and I will help the big bear.” While the wolf demon said so, it rushed to the bear who was being hit by Dusty and Toby.


“Heh~rubbish. Ah~ I haven’t eaten for a long time, and I need some food, you will become a part of my body, right?” The black water man said so, and there was black liquid on the ground surrounding Silent Water and Reidy, quickly forming a translucent wall, trapping Silent Water and Reidy inside.


The black water man was originally a huge water man. The reason why it had become like a human is because it divided its body into many parts. It set up traps nearby, and used water to trap its enemies anytime and anywhere.


“Hey, that big tiger, sister Silent Water is in trouble, aren’t you going to help?”


“I also want to, sister Dusty, but this demon is too powerful.” Toby approached the wolf demon in his speed. While he was about to attack, he found that his claws couldn’t break through the skin of this bear demon. Although the bear demon was not scratched a bit, it could still feel some pain, and he was really annoyed with pain. He took an axe and started slashing frantically at Toby.


Toby feared that if he went forward, he would gather the demons together, making them more difficult to deal with.


“How could this be…” Dusty saw that her master was now wrapped in bubbles again, and there was nothing she could do. She now hoped to be able to rescue Silent Water and let her find a way. That’s because Dusty remembered that Silent Water had used similar magic tricks when she was in school. “Tiger, be careful!” Dusty noticed that two black wolves were rushing toward Toby quickly.

Toby heard Dusty shout and jumped away instantly. The two wolves failed in attacking him.


“You greedy wolf! What are you doing? I can handle them!”


“You with only one nerve, when can you kill them just at your speed? Don’t talk nonsense, we should finish this quickly!” Now that the wolf demon saw that the opponent liked close combat, it seemed to know more about what it had to do.



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