V7C12 Part 2


“Son, let me ask you, aren’t you a bit too weak? How could you be trapped by a water bubble?” Freed said sarcastically.


“I don’t want so either. I’ve used up a lot of dragon’s energy when I tried to save Toby, and I used it just now to release Dragon’s Roar as well, I don’t have much of that left now.” Lin Xiang was struggling inside the black liquid.


“If you don’t have much now, then you might as well use it all to get rid of these demons first.”


“I don’t need you to tell me. Just now, I wanted to focus to enter into the fire state, but this liquid seems to be invading my body and I couldn’t focus.”

“Oh~Although you have become a dragon human, you are still a human anyway. Well, I will help you this time, and you should solve it by yourself next time.” After Freed said so, Lin Xiang felt a surge of warm hair stemming his heart, spreading all over his body…


“At this point, you don’t need to look at that human anymore. He is trapped in the dark bubble and cannot come out, and after a while, he will be filled with the liquid in the dark bubble, and then, bang! Hahahaha! “The black water man said with a grin.


“Hey! Silent Water, aren’t you a water spirit? Why don’t you break its magic?” Reidy kept attacking the water cell with lightning, but there was no effect at all.


“I want to break it too! I want to save my master! However, the nature of this magic is different from mine!” Silent Water also attacked the water cell with water magic, but found that whenever her water touched that black liquid, it would be polluted and turn into black water.


“Hahahaha, do you understand now? For me, you are my nourishment. Really, I haven’t absorbed any humanoid water spirit for a long time. Um~~Your water is really pure~~” The black water man nodded happily when he saw the water cell expanding.


“Hey, Black water, we will use them as sacrifices.” The wolf demon reminded the black water man.


“Don’t worry, I just want a water spirit. Aren’t there still four other spirits?” The black water man slowly shrank the water cell, trying to absorb Silent Water of the same attribute.

“Silent Water, it’s trying to absorb you.” Reidy looked at the water cell getting bigger and she found it more dangerous.


“I know. But…”


Whenever two parties of the same attributes fight, only the strong side can win, and now Silent Water belonged to the weak side. If there’s no way for her water to purify the black liquid, then her water would turn black too.


“Silent Water! Can’t you do it like it’s doing, turn into liquid and getting into the ground?” Reidy had tried everything but she couldn’t break through the water cell.


“No, this liquid also exists underground.” Silent Water suddenly felt desperate. If she was really assimilated, then she would not see her master anymore. At this time, she looked at her master and found that Lin Xiang was emitting a red light, and the black liquid wrapped around him was constantly evaporating… With a “bang!” all the black liquid exploded.


After hearing the sound, the black water man laughed, “that human being is dead! Did you hear it? Did you hear it? Huh? How come the atmosphere suddenly rises?”


“Black Water! Be careful of that human!” After hearing the sound, the wolf demon thought that Lin Xiang was dead, and when he looked over, he found that the human who should have died was actually rushing towards his companion with flames all over his body.

“Eh?” At this time, the black water man also felt that something was wrong, he turned his head and a fist with flames hit it in the face!


“Bah~” The black water man with white smoke on his face flew out, and with a “Bang!” he broke several big trees.


“Huh~if I knew this earlier, I’d have entered into fire state long time ago.” Lin Xiang shook his head, regretting that he didn’t enter into fire state sooner. After he took a deep breath, he swept across the water cell with his hands and it hit right through the water cell.


“Bah~~~” A large amount of white smoke came out immediately, and it was evaporated in less than two seconds.


“Huh, you only know how to act handsomely. Although you really look a little handsome.” Seeing that Lin Xiang broke the water cell so easily, Reidy snorted, and she shouted at Lin Xiang, “why didn’t you show earlier that you’re so powerful? Did you deliberately do this to show how handsome you are?”


“Uh…” Lin Xiang scratched his head. He hadn’t thought about it this way, but what happened at the moment seemed to be it…Lin Xiang smiled apologetically, “sorry, I didn’t mean to do it on purpose. Let me fix this first.” Afterwards, he went to help Dusty.

“You still said that you didn’t do it on purpose!” Reidy looked at Lin Xiang’s back and scolded, “Silent Water, you have to be more careful! He does it for us to fall in love with him. Silent Water, Silent Water?” Reidy shook Silent Water who’s still in a daze.


“I… I don’t think so.” Silent Water stared at Lin Xiang who’s fighting, and she blushed lightly.


“You…ah~” Reidy shook her head, and she suddenly pushed Silent Water down, “be careful!”


A cloud of black liquid with a mouth flew out from the place where the black water man was, and it opened his big mouth toward the water. Some black thick liquid was scattered around. Reidy pushed Silent Water down, and she was hit by the black liquid.


“Damn, I don’t believe it! I don’t believe that flames can hurt me!” The black liquid roared, and it flew towards Lin Xiang, “it’s you, right? Are you part of the illusion magic? You must be created by Mist to scare me!”


After punching the bear man, Lin Xiang turned his head when he heard the sound, and found a cloud of black liquid coming back towards him, it also opened its mouth widely…


“Master!!!” Dusty attacked the wolf demon with a soil blade, and suddenly saw a mass of things swallowing her master…


“Sure enough! It really is an illusion! It really is an illusion!!!” The water ball that swallowed Lin Xiang kept flying in the sky, looking thrilled.


“Hey, bear, look, isn’t that the original form of Black Water? That human being is really something, since he could force it turn into the original form.”


“Ah~~It’s so hot, so hot!” The bear man patted the flames on his face and looked to the sky, and said unwillingly, “the human that caused me pain was actually killed by Black Water! How horrible!”


“Hey, that’s our enemy. The sooner he dies, the better, right?” The wolf demon sighed. The bear man obviously had some issues with his brain, how could he manage to join as an ally?


“Has master Lin Xiang been eaten?” Toby looked at the black liquid flying in the sky stupidly, and he found it unbelievable.


“Hahahaha! Sure enough, since Black Water is invincible! I am invincible!” The big mouth of the liquid opened and laughed loudly. Afterwards, it floated in the air, facing Dead Water, and it said, “is this your master? Don’t be kidding! He’s such a weak human! Come on, hurry up, let me eat you, then you can be…Ah!!!” Before it said the word “together”, there was suddenly a red light inside its dark body.


“It hurts! It hurts! What is this? Anything that I eat will become part of my body!”


“Then it depends on what you are eating. You planned to eat fire when you’re water? Don’t be kidding!” It was the voice of Lin Xiang, and with a loud bang, the black liquid exploded and Lin Xiang fell from the sky with flames all over his body. He landed steadily.

“Damn it, Freed, don’t make such a disgusting idea in the future.”


“If we don’t do this, you couldn’t have eliminated it completely. ‘When the black liquid mass opened its big mouth. Lin Xiang could have fled, but Freed told him that he had the best chance to kill the demon, so Lin Xiang could only swallow it in his stomach and be wrapped by that disgusting black liquid.


“Hey, is Black Water dead?” The wolf demon looked at Lin Xiang in disbelief. He didn’t expect that the immortal Black Water, which could turn defeat into victory, which could swallow all humans into its stomach, to be wiped out so easily.


“Wow! Human! Come on! Fight to the death with me, I can guarantee that you will not be able to take my blow!” The bear demon rushed towards Lin Xiang with an axe. At this moment, several black wolves bit its hair and dragged it away abruptly.


“Such a bear with only one nerve. Black Water is the most powerful demon in Borg. Although I am the second, there is no way to compare with it. We are not the opponent of that human being.” The wolf demon grabbed the bear man’s hand and ran towards the woods.


After seeing that the demons were trying to escape, Lin Xiang immediately chased them up. Suddenly, a large group of demons sprang out of the woods.


What happened? Why would there be so many demons here again? Anyway, the most important thing is to protect everyone now.


Lin Xiang punched the demon nearest to him, but that demon was like a ghost, and Lin Xiang’s fist penetrated through it.


Was it an illusion?


After Lin Xiang reacted, the large group of demons disappeared. And he also couldn’t find the two demons anymore.

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