V7C13 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C13_The battle is not over yet

After the demons escaped, Lin Xiang didn’t chase after them, but he returned to the girls. At this time, Silent Water was squatting in front of Fire Dance, checking her injuries.


“Silent Water, how is she doing?” Lin Xiang asked.


“Master, I am also not sure yet. Whenever I want to use water to get into her body, it will be evaporated…” Silent Water raised her head and looked at Lin Xiang, she was really helpless.

“Is that so…” Lin Xiang touched Fire Dance’s forehead, feeling that the temperature was normal, she should not be sick, and she probably just fainted.


“Hey, humans, won’t your hands get burnt?” Reidy asked curiously when he saw Lin Xiang placing his hand on Fire Dance’s forehead for a long time and she asked curiously. Just now, she was doing the exact same thing, yet she got burnt.


“Burnt? Why?” Lin Xiang’s fiery red hair slowly turned to black. At this time, he began to have normal human senses, and he could feel the heat from his palm. It’s indeed burning.


“Master Lin Xiang, your hair…” Toby already noticed that Lin Xiang was not an ordinary human being when he was in the illusion, especially when he just defeated the water demon with flames, he regarded Lin Xiang as a real master even more.

“Oh~ about that, it’s a bit difficult to explain.” Lin Xiang took his hand away and looked around.


“Master, are you looking for this sister’s house?” Dusty got out from somewhere and scared Reidy, as she thought that the demon was back.


“I’m looking for you.” Lin Xiang knocked on Dusty’s head, “don’t run around in the future. You must get my consent first if you want to check the situation around you.”


“Hehe, okay.” Dusty stuck out her tongue and continued, “master, I just found a house with flames not far away. It should be this sister’s home. After I put out the fire, I found that her house was almost destroyed.”


“I see…”


“Let’s not talk about this now, human, I’m so tired. Let’s find a place to rest, and see what happened to Fire Dance by the way.” Reidy said weakly, hitting her shoulders while looking for a place to rest. Although she shared a lot of magic with Lin Xiang’s magic power, when she released the magic, she still needed a certain amount of spiritual power. Now, Reidy felt a little tired.

“Is sister Reidy tired? Let me go to get some spring water. After drinking it, I can regain my strength. Perhaps if we give this to Fire Dance, she’ll be able to wake up. I think that it’s just nearby…”


“Wait, Toby, it may still be dangerous here, you should go back to Delsa first.” Lin Xiang didn’t know if the demons would come back, and Toby didn’t have any attack power. He was afraid that if some more powerful demons would come, he wouldn’t be able to take care of Toby.


“This can’t work. If it’s dangerous, then wouldn’t it be risky for master Lin Xiang too?”


“Just go back when I asked you to, why do you have so much bullshit? With your strength, you can at most deal with the demon who could only do delusional magic. If there’s more than one, you’ll just drag us behind.” Reidy said bluntly.


“But…” What else did Toby want to say? Reidy stared at him, “just return. Didn’t you hear me?”

“Okay, sister Reidy… Then Master Lin Xiang, sister Silent Water, sister Dusty and sister Reidy, you must stay vigilant.”


“You have to be mindful on the way back as well.” Silent Water nodded at Toby.


“Yes. I will.”


“Big tiger, goodbye.” Dusty waved her hand.

“Goodbye, sister Dusty.”


“Hurry up.”


“Understood, sister Reidy.” Toby bowed to the crowd and glanced at Lin Xiang who smiled and waved at him, he landed on all fours, turned and ran away quickly.


“Ha, he has become a tiger completely.” Seeing Toby running on all fours, Dusty was happy for her perfect humanization.


“Let him go, it’s full of burnt wood and ashes here. Go and see if there is any flat ground or grass nearby.” Reidy looked around and found that there was no place to rest.


“Yeah.” Dusty nodded. When she was about to explore further, she stopped, and said to Lin Xiang who was carrying Fire Dance on his back, “master, can I go and have a look?”


“Yes, but hurry up. It’s about 1 in the afternoon, and it is getting dark.” In the delusional world, it was already at night, but they came out, it was only in the afternoon. The reason is that the time change in the delusional world is relatively large.


“I’ll be back soon.” While Dusty said so, she leaped into the bushes.

“Wow~ It’s really hot by the way.” Fire Dance’s body was really hot.


“Hey, human, are you really not afraid of getting yourself burnt?”


“Burnt? No, it’s just really hot.”


“Won’t you get burnt?” Reidy touched Fire Dance and found that her body temperature was extremely high, just like flames.


“Oh~so you won’t get burnt even if she’s hot like this? Oh, I remember now, you can control the fire, and there should be no problem for you to control hers…”


“Master! There is a hill in front, it is very flat, and we can rest there.” Dusty, who was looking for a resting place, came back in less than a minute.


“Really? Then please lead us the way. By the way, did you find any water nearby?”


“There is some spring water under the hill.”


When they came to a hill behind the mountain, Lin Xiang put Fire Dance down, while Silent Water and Reidy followed Dusty to the hill to get some spring water.


“Freed, what’s wrong with her?” Lin Xiang sat beside Fire Dance, looking at the blood-red sun in the distance and asked.


“What more could it be? She’s exhausted. I figured that this fire spirit should have been fighting for a long time, and now her energy level is too low.”


“Ok? If that’s the case, isn’t it weird? Obviously, I was carrying her just now, and I didn’t replenish any magic power to her?”


“This is indeed a problem, son. My guess is that she is a spirit from the sky outside the sky, and she’s not the same as the spirits here. I feel her breath and energy are different from those of the water spirits.”


“What do you mean?”


“I don’t know how to explain it to you, the water spirits and their ancestors are humans, and they slowly changed into spirits after they arrived in the Demon Realm. But this fire spirit is different. Her ancestors are not necessarily humans. She may have slowly transformed into a human by some element. Her energy is not magic, but an element, so what she needs to replenish her energy is something with fire element.”

“Fire element?” At this time, Lin Xiang took out the red nuts in his pocket.


“Well, she should be able to recover after eating it, but, don’t you want to use it to save your sister Kaoru?”


“Well, we could buy some more.”


“Ha, right, you don’t have to pay for them, as your brother-in-law will.”


“Hey~ Remi is not my brother-in-law.” Lin Xiang said helplessly.


“Master~~We’re back with water~” Dusty was leading the way under the hill.


Lin Xiang looked down. Reidy, who had looked a little tired, had now regained her energy. And she was talking about something with Silent Water; who’s holding a floating water mass, replying to Reidy from time to time.


“Master, drink some water. The full name of this spring water is called Magic Spirit Spring Water. It can make you more energetic.” Silent Water handed the water mass over.

“I don’t need it, give it to her.” Lin Xiang pointed to Fire Dance.


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