V7C13 Part 2

Fire Dance had burgundy red hair, which was slightly darker than brownish red hair. The black robe she was wearing was now in a bad condition, revealing some of her pure skin. There was some dust on her thin face. She closed her eyes tightly and looked somewhat in pain.


“Okay.” Silent Water nodded quietly, then squatted down and slowly poured the water mass into Fire Dance’s body.


“Wait, you have to something in it.” Lin Xiang crushed the fire nut against the water mass. Unlike the nuts in the human’s world, there was no pulp in the nut. After being crushed, it turned into a red powder and fell in the water mass.


“Hey, human, what are you doing? Didn’t you plan to use it to save your sister Kaoru?” Reidy looked at Lin Xiang with some confusion.


“Fire Nuts are of fire attributes. Fire Dance now needs fire elements, so this should be able to make up for some of her lost energy.”


“Is that so? Don’t you usually have magical power flowing into someone’s body when you hug them? You already carried her for a long time, hasn’t she replenished some of her energy?”


“She is a little different from you. Let’s not talk about this first. Silent Water.”

“Yeah.” Silent Water responded, and she continued to control the water mass with red powder, forming a stream of water flowing into Fire Dance’s mouth.




“Look, her eyes are moving.” After a while, Dusty noticed Fire Dance’s eyes moving.


“Really, her lips seem to be having some color now.” Reidy also saw that Fire Dance’s lips had now turned light red.


“Her body temperature seems to have dropped a lot. Master, she should be waking up soon.”


“Yeah. I know.” Lin Xiang looked at Fire Dance in front of him with a sigh of relief.


Sure enough, what Freed said was correct. When she woke up, Lin Xiang planned to discuss with her about letting other spirits go there to collect resources, then go back to Delsa and buy another fire nut.


Lin Xiang thought about this plan secretly.

At this time, Fire Dance slowly opened her eyes, and her green-blue eyes shrank suddenly when she saw Silent Water and the others, there’s even a sense of killing in it.


Lin Xiang reacted very quickly. As soon as he felt the sense of killing, he immediately pulled away the three girls and moved away from Fire Dance. But there was already a big fire where Silent Water was standing at.


“Hey! What are you doing? Do you want to take away our lives?” Reidy was dumbfounded and yelled.


Fire Dance ignored Reidy. She got up quickly, looked at her pale hands, clenched them hard, and there’s suddenly fire all over her body; she’s ready to attack Reidy and the others.


Hey! What’s it all about? We’re your saviors!


Lin Xiang watched the oncoming fire and took a deep breath, “Huh~ha!” With his Dragon’s Roar, he blew the fire away.


Fire Dance was a little surprised by Lin Xiang’s defense action, she took a look at Lin Xiang and continued to attack.


“Did you make a mistake? We saved you, okay?” Reidy became angry, she tightened her fist and concentrated her lightning, threw it at Fire Dance furiously and shot a gold lightning over her.


Fire Dance waved her hand, and the surrounding flames rushed forward, blocking the electric attack.

“Silent Water, don’t just stand there, fight back quickly, that girl is attacking us.”


“But…The Shield of the Water God!” Before Silent Water said so, some flames were already flying over. Silent Water had to release the Shield of the Water God, “sister Fire Dance, we don’t want to attack you, please stop. Okay?” Silent Water said.


Fire Dance did not answer, she just continued to attack.


“Silent Water, did you see it? She just ignores you, hurry up and fight back with me. Human, you stay here.” Reidy rushed over afterwards, and there was an electric current in the palm of her right hand, “Thunder Cut!”


Fire Dance saw Reidy rushing over and controlled the surrounding flames.


“Water wall!” Silent Water released a water wall around Reidy in time to block the flames. Reidy also took the opportunity to rush out of the fire and slapped Fire Dance’s shoulders. Fire Dance suddenly flew out a distance. The powerful current paralyzed her body instantly.


“I’m telling you, I’m already being lenient. If you do this again, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Reidy supported her waist and stared fiercely at Fire Dance who was knocked down under the big tree not far away.


Fire Dance looked at Reidy blankly, and slowly got up. On her body, there was still electric current flashing from time to time.


“Do you want to surrender or what?”


Fire Dance didn’t say anything. She slowly closed her eyes, then suddenly opened them, and with a “ho~” sound, a raging fire broke out behind her. The fire soon surrounded her body. The surrounding temperature suddenly rose dramatically. The big tree behind Fire Dance turned into ashes immediately. The trees looked as if they were old, and as if all the water had been evaporated.


“Hey, aren’t you kidding?” Reidy took two steps back. She could feel the terrifying energy around Fire Dance, and if she was touched by the flame, she would probably be destroyed.


“No matter who it is, as long as you get close to me, you will die!” Fire Dance said coldly. The special clothes on her body gradually melted because of the high temperature.


“Freed, what happened to her?”


‘I’m not sure either. Maybe she has lived outside alone for a long time, her heart and spirit are closed, and she has no sense of security for anyone, thinking that everyone only wants to hurt her…”


“But Silent Water has already made it clear that we are not her enemies. ”

“Son, don’t be too naive, would you believe in strangers? With her current body using such powerful moves, I think she wants to die with you. ”


“No way?” Lin Xiang was shocked and frightened when he heard this.


“Oh~ Anyway…Hey! Don’t stay there anymore! She is rushing ever, if she touches your spirits, they will surely die.”


When Freed reminded him, Lin Xiang immediately realized what could happen. He saw Fire Dance rushing towards Reidy.


“Reidy, get away!” Silent Water quickly released three water walls blocking Fire Dance, but unfortunately, but before she approached, the water wall with amazing defensive power was already evaporated.


“Damn it, you asked for it! Thunder!” Although Reidy was worried about the flames of Fire Dance, she was never afraid to fight and would never retreat in the face of challenges. She waved her hand, and several lightning bolts fell from the sky. Although they all hit Fire Dance, there’s no harm caused to her.

Oops, she’s coming!


Reidy realized that it’s not going well, and she felt scared. At this moment, she saw a figure running towards Fire Dance, and her sense of fear suddenly vanished, which was replaced by a sense of incomparable comfort. However, the next second, the sense of comfort disappeared, and she wanted to beat that figure up.


It’s so hot!


This was Lin Xiang’s first feeling. And he felt cold the next moment.


Lin Xiang, who ran towards Fire Dance, had to hold her because he didn’t know what to do. The moment he touched her, he felt incredibly hot, but when he get hold of Fire Dance, her clothes had all been burnt, and Lin Xiang was hugging a cold body.


This was a strange feeling, just like his front body being in ice and snow, while his back body being in a blazing furnace.


“Hey, can you please listen to us?”


Fire Dance couldn’t believe that this human actually hugged her, and he even hugged her hard, and he didn’t turn to ashes. Her eyes opened wide in Lin Xiang’s arms, and they were full of disbelief. Gradually, the flames changed. She raised her head and looked at Lin Xiang, she said with her trembling, cold voice, “you…who are you?”

“Me? My name is Lin Xiang.” Seeing that Fire Dance had no intention of attacking, Lin Xiang let go of her, and immediately found that there were two things protruding in her chest area. He immediately hugged her again. He wasn’t feeling it seriously just now, and he didn’t know what these two soft protruding things were, but he’d completely understood it now. He swallowed his saliva secretly.


After seeing this scene, Reidy got furious and she wanted to bite Lin Xiang. Do you really think that you’re so powerful to be able to withstand that level of flames? You think that you are so powerful, so you deliberately let go of her and hugged her again, indicating that she’s not a threat to you, right? Do you think that it’s cool to hug a girl without clothes on?


Squeak ~ The lightning in Reidy’s hand was ready.


“Lin Xiang…” After Fire Dance uttered Lin Xiang’s name silently, she raised his head and looked at Lin Xiang’s clear eyes, “my name is Fire Dance. Since you can resist my flames, it proves that you are my master. Mom is exactly like this.”


“Eh-” Lin Xiang was startled by what she said. She was an enemy of him just now, and now she has become his spirit?!


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