V7C14 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons


Fire Dance put her hands on my shoulders and tried to push me back. I asked with a little confusion, “what are you doing?”


“I am performing the contractual ceremony.” Hearing what she said, I was stunned. And she took advantage of the moment I felt doubtful and pushed me to the ground.


“Ouch~” I fell on the ground and my back hurt a little. Really, what the hell did she want? Wait, was she saying that it’s a contractual ceremony?


“Are you performing the contractual ceremony?”


In my impression, one had to kiss to conduct this ceremony, so does it mean she’s going to kiss me?


When I thought of this, I subconsciously closed my mouth. Unexpectedly, Fire Dance didn’t kiss me, but…she’s taking off my shirt?


“Hey, what are you doing?” After seeing me being pushed down by Fire Dance, Reidy couldn’t take it anymore. She walked over and pressed Fire Dance’s shoulders.

“Obviously, I am performing a contract ceremony. He can bear my flame and is thus qualified to be my master. If the contract is signed, I can leave here, and I don’t need to be alone anymore.” Fire Dance shook her shoulders and shoved away Reidy’s hand. Then, she touched my face and she smiled at me, “listen to mother, it will be a bit painful at the beginning, but it’s okay, it’s a rare chance that I’ve seen you here, so it’s okay if even it hurts a lot.” After she said, Fire Dance sat up, and her red body was fully exposed in front of me.


‘Wow! Not bad, very perky!” Yalide was yelling again, but it’s true, they’re really perky.


Probably seeing me dumbfounded, Reidy immediately punched me in the chest. Thanks to her, I realized what was happening, but why did she hit me? “Hey, why did you hit me?”


Reidy didn’t respond to Lin Xiang, she scolded Fire Dance, “hey! What are you doing here?”


“I’ve already told you; I’m conducting a contractual ceremony. Also, don’t come and disturb us!” Fire Dance looked pitiful, and she stroked me. Her voice was so gentle, “does it hurt?”

Before I could answer, Reidy kicked me again.


“Why did you hit me again?” If she just wanted me to realize what I was doing, then what was this kick for?


“Can’t the contractual ceremony be done with just a kiss? Why did she need to take off your clothes? Also, did he ever say that he wants you to be his spirit?” Again, Reidy was talking to Fire Dance.


“Just a kiss?” After hearing the ceremony that Reidy described, Fire Dance looked at the sky with confusion, and shook her head, “it’s not like that, the ceremony requires a combination between a male and a female.”


“Combination?!” Not only I was shocked, but Reidy also screamed when she heard it.


I could clearly hear Dusty who’s not so far away, and she was asking Silent Water, “oh oh, sister Silent Water, what does it mean by combination?”


Silent Water answered with embarrassment, “Dusty, it’s better that you don’t know about this by now.” “Oh, then if that sister is not attacking us now, can we go there and have some fun?”


“Don’t go over, we will just add more troubles to the master.”


“Got it.”


After listening to Silent Water, Fire Dance was going to do something again. I squinted my eyes and tried not to look at her body. I also pushed her away.


“Don’t you want to contract with me?” After I pushed Fire Dance away, she frowned and looked at me.


“Uh… I don’t want to?” I responded a bit sarcastically, and I took off my shirt which was a little burnt.


Fortunately, under the guidance of Valarie, I had now learnt a bit of fire controlling skills. I could at least ensure that my clothes would not be burnt under the flame, but Fire Dance’s flames were just too strong, I still got burnt a bit. However, I could still cover my body, yet Fire Dance…well, at least I could still look at her for a bit, but since Reidy looked like she wanted to kill me, I had to look away.


“Hey~here you are.” I handed my clothes to Fire Dance.

Fire Dance didn’t take my clothes, she was acting as if she had been irritated, “you don’t want it…oh…then I’m still going to be alone…”


“Uh…Fire Dance?” I touched her shoulder.


“Alone…I’m going to be alone…yeah…I’m already used to it anyway…”


“Fire Dance?” I touched her again.


“Don’t touch me!” She yelled, and a fire broke out on her body, which shocked me and Reidy greatly.


“I’m still alone, I will still be alone!” There was a big fire on her body, and she was like a fire goddess, making us feel suffocated.


“Hey, Reidy, step back.” I stood up and blocking Reidy behind me.


What happened? Why was she reacting like this again?


“It isn’t because of you.” Freed didn’t sound friendly, he seemed angry.


“Because of me? What have I done? Because I gave her clothes?”


“She spent 15 years alone, and she’s very lonely, right? Now that there’s finally someone who can bear her fire, someone who’s suitable to be her master. As long as he could contract with her, she’d receive care and love again, but you rejected her, and her wish had gone to vain…”


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