V7C14 Part 2

“Well…” Indeed, that’s the case. If I were you, I wouldn’t be able to stand it too. However, would it be really suitable for me to be her master?


“Fire Dance, calm down, I can take you away from here, I…”


“I’m still alone…I’m still alone…Isn’t there anything wrong with being alone? Being alone…Being alone…” Fire Dance raised her head and I could see her tears, which evaporated right away once they fell. I wasn’t sure why I felt sad. I wanted to be her friend and gave her some care too.


“Fire Dance, I’ll take you away from here. Fire Dance?” I could see how empty her eyes were, just like someone who’s given up fighting for her destiny, someone who’s lost her soul.

“Anyone who approaches me will die.” There was the cold voice of Fire Dance, and I could hear how emotionless her voice was.


“Wait, I can take you away…Hey, Reidy, step back quickly.” I quietly patted Reidy’s head.


“Human…I…” Reidy seemed to have thought of something.


“Step back, she might attack us later.”




“Step back right now.”


Finally, Reidy backed away and I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t want to see her hurt.


“Fire Dance, I can really take you out of here.”


“It’s useless. It’s useless!” Some powerful energy burst out from her body, just like before.


Why did things turn out to be like this? If I just had considered a bit more clearly…

I managed to escape from her flames, then I rushed over and hugged her again. Afterwards, she kept punching my back, and there were more and more flames.


I could feel her soft body and her perky breasts.


No, no, all evil thoughts must go away now!


“Listen, Fire Dance, neither of us know whether I’m destined to be your master, so, you should look for your master after I take you away from here…”


“It’s useless. If there’s no contract, then I can’t leave here. I beg you, contract me and take me away? I don’t want to stay here, I want to be back to Dumuyat. If you don’t allow me, it’s ok. I want…I want…I don’t want to be living alone in that wooden house again. I don’t want to hear those accusing voices once I close my eyes. My mother is not a bad person, they want to attack her first…” I felt complicated after hearing her weep.

I patted her shoulder gently and said softly, “then stay with us, we will chat with you, then you will no longer live alone here, you will live with us in my house until you have found your master; you will no longer hear those nasty voices. If anyone scolds you, I will knock him down. Although it’s our first time seeing each other, please believe me, okay?”


After listening to me, I could feel her body trembling slightly, and the surrounding flames gradually changed. Then, Fire Dance suddenly pushed me away, grabbed my shoulders and kissed me.


“Huh!” The flame had changed into a raging fire. I looked at Fire Dance in shock, and she also looked at me with her eyes widely open. Some sort of red energy was surrounding us. After a while, the energy disappeared, and it turned into a light and flew onto her arm, forming a flame-like mark.


Did I just contract her?


I couldn’t believe it. What happened? I remember that she’d kissed me suddenly…although it’s her who made the move, I did contract her finally…


Fire Dance’s warm and soft lips left me, and she said to herself, “I didn’t expect that only a kiss would do…”



“I don’t have to suffer anymore, my mother. There are not many men in the world who can withstand my flames. Even the Demon Baron can’t do it. You can ignore my flames and you are thus qualified to be my master. Please, please don’t abandon me. I just don’t want to be alone. Can you fulfill the promise that you just made and take me away?”




“Hey, let’s not drag around here anymore. You’ve already contracted her, just take her away then.”


“It seems that this is the only way.” But is it good to make a contract with me? I asked myself more than once, Silent Water, Reidy and Dusty were all willing to contract with me, why is this? Freed told me that it’s because they all like me, but what about Fire Dance who just saw me once? Is it just because I had fire energy and I could defend myself against all damages brought by fire? Well, let’s not think about this anymore. Like Yalide said, let’s not drag around here anymore. I’d already contracted her.

“Can you?” Fire Dance asked again.


“Yes!” I smiled at her.


No matter what, she’d become my spirit, and I’d get to know her in time.


I picked up the clothes from the ground and handed them to Fire Dance. She looked at it and put it on. She was about 160cm tall, and my shirt could just reach her thigh. Fortunately, it was a rather big one…


Turning around, I found that Reidy was looking at me with a smile, while supporting her waist, but I could feel the anger behind that smile…


“Uh… sorry?” Although I didn’t know what I did wrong, I still apologized.


“Huh~ It’s not your fault. I pity her a bit too. However, why does every spirit want to contract with you? You’re such a pervert, and it’s not reasonable.”


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